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American Standard 2004.014.021 Champion-4 Elongated One-Piece Toilet

American Standard shows how good they are with the Champion 4, another addition to the long running Champion line. This medium priced toilet is all in one piece so that the customer doesn’t have to deal with cracks in the design collecting bacteria. That is one of the many reasons that the all in one toilet is becoming so famous, and to add to that it also costs less to manufacture and ship. The surface of the toilet was built to withstand that same bacteria, and any additional growth from other corrosive substances. With the many designs and colors this model offers, rest easy in knowing that they will retain their excellent finishes even years after the purchase.

One of the powerful flushing systems available makes its return with the Champion 4, and features new improvements on the original model along with some tight adjustments in areas that needed it. One flush is all that’s required to rid the bowl of any materials, and it does it in one powerful motion while cleaning at the same time. Stains will have a tough time collecting under these conditions and odors that usually creep up over time are nonexistent. American Standard is big about pushing the fact that they are American made and in the United States. A lesser known and more important fact is that the company is actually green friendly, and does a good job of not putting harmful emissions back into the environment. This is also the 4th iteration of their most popular line, the Champion. Fans of the original will have a real awakening if they missed out on version 2 and 3, as the 4th version is a huge leap forward in toilet technology.

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Best Features

The elongated Champion 4 is sold in white, linen and bone. This may seem like slim pickings in terms of variety and color, but on closer inspection each color has a very distinct look that will satisfy the majority of bathroom environments. Playing around and matching up the colors should be a good exercise before making a final purchase with the color you want. Normally the Champion line isn’t known for its looks, but the mild changes made to the colors marks a bold new approach in where the line may be heading.

King of the features would have to be the flushing system, which contains the industry’s largest flush valve and trapway. For the customer this means a more powerful and faster flush, with lightening quick refill time. The extra power doesn’t impact the noise level, and this model does the best job out of all of the previous ones of keeping the noise to a minimum without sacrificing power. For more in-depth analysis of the difference between a Champion 4 and a standard toilet, the Champion 4 is capable of moving mass 70% larger than the industry standard with an industry high 1,000 gram bulk removal rating.

Have confidence in knowing that this toilet is capable of flushing a bucket full of golf balls and not clogging up. This is about the only toilet you can have that kind of faith in that won’t break the bank. With the flushing system achieving the max MaP possible for bulk removal, the company took it a step further and incorporated the built in mechanics to work with the design. This means that the water power is especially strong not only because of the basic engineering, but also because of the design.

Looking at the 4 inch accelerator flush valve by itself doesn’t seem like much. But when you put it together with the rest of the premium features of the toilet, it becomes one of the many killer features. Starting by being another industry leader as the biggest valve available, the purpose of it is to keep the bowl clean with each flush. Water enters the bowl quicker than the standard toilet, fully eliminating streaking and all of its remnants. When the water enters the bowl, it comes in with authority and is pretty much pushed in rather than falling in. That makes the water more powerful coming in than many toilets have going out.

Building on the popularity of the Everclean surface, the Champion 4 applies it to both the inside and outside of its design so that the growth of bacteria that causes mold, mildew, stains and odor is inhibited. That means less work for you when you’re cleaning, and a toilet that looks brand new even years after the original purchase. If by chances none of this rings true, then just use the 10 year worry free warranty. American Standard has broken a lot of records by being ‘largest’ and ‘most powerful’. But where the focus should be on is their incredible decade long warranty that covers both residential and commercial installations. That includes the china and tank rim, from top to bottom. It is an incredible bargain that gets overshadowed by the other great features in the product.

Things to Know

Inside the box you’ll also find two color matched bolt caps that should help you get started with the install. The toilet weighs 117 pounds and the dimensions are 32×29.8×21.1, and it only comes in elongated style. Lovers of the round will have to look elsewhere for a similar model to the Champion 4. Gallons per flush is a huge 1.6, showing that the unit is no joke when it comes to the management of powerful water within the product. When purchasing a compatible toilet seat there are many options, but always get one that matches your current style.

Rim height is very high, and sits at around 15.5 inches from the floor to the rim. Seating should be comfortable for all age ranges, even though it isn’t considered a universal one size fits all. Consumers with low water pressures in their home will have no problems using the toilet. In fact if configured correctly it will easily get around the low water problem, showing efficient performance increases. Rough in is the industry standard 12, and is the minimum so plan accordingly if you have different.

Best Comparison

Anything in the Champion series. It’s about the best the company has to order, and each iteration is more powerful than the next. There is a slight efficiency change in 2 and 3 that may interest some customers, but so far the most popular ones have been 1 and 4. Since the prices are about the same for all, if you happen to find any of them on sale then it’s best to grab them when you can.

Price Changes

As stated before these are a steal whenever they go in stock. The problem is that the specific color stock are rare because they continue to be hot items. Powerful toilets are always great buys, even when the market sometimes trends to being more efficient than powerful. Stock for all of the Champion series is strong, although you may have issues when trying to pick out certain colors. If you have your mind set on purchasing this brand then you may want to pick it up while it’s available.

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Why change a good thing? The Champion series has been going for a long time, and continues to get better with each new upgrade. Every time you think the company can’t improve on their already great product, they add another one to the lineup that amazes everyone. Purchasing anything from the Champion lineup is sure to give you positive results that will change your idea of what a good toilet should be. American Standard does have a pretty diverse lineup if you look at some of their other models, but the Champion is just so good. Make sure to pick one up if you want a powerful toilet.