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American Standard 2922A104.020 Townsend Vormax Right Height Elongated Toilet Review

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Every person is different, but there are some things that every human needs; one of those things is a toilet. And if you need to have it, you might as well make it a good one, right?

Product Overview

The American Standard Townsend Vormax is certainly a good one. It’s packed with features that make the simple, everyday activity more comfortable and efficient, and can also reduce your water usage. You can even choose whether you want your trip lever on the right or left side! This sleek, elegant appliance uses cutting-edge technology to produce forceful power-flushing action and still conserve water – it uses 20% less than the standard toilet. Basically, it has what consumers look for and what sellers try to develop: the height of both power and efficiency, at a price that’s not terrifying to look at.

American Standard Vormax 

  • VorMax flushing technology
  • 1. 28 gpf/4. 8 lpf
  • Ever Clean surface
  • Why we like it: This toilet uses 1.28GPF, which means it uses 20% less water—while also keeping your toilet bowl nice and clean in between regular maintenance cleanings.


The American Standard Townsend Vormax seems to be practically created to stay clean. It incorporates several features that give this impression.

Ever Clean surface: The surface of the toilet is made with the purpose of keeping away bacteria, mildew, and mold.
● Clean curve rim: The inner rim of the toilet avoids the problem of dirt and build-up hiding out of sight where it usually does.
● VorMax flushing technology: The incredibly powerful flush gives the bowl a thorough cleaning every time it is flushed; it cleans twice as well as regular toilets. Instead of having multiple spouts around the edge of the bowl, it has one large one that sends the water around the bowl in a powerful jet.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to put too much time into keeping your bathroom clean, this toilet may be the option for you. While you still need to keep up its basic maintenance, you’ll find you don’t need to stay on top of cleaning it nearly as often as you would most other toilets. Even in White, it retains its glossy sheen and keeps germs at bay – this may be a good option if you have kids at home.

Flushing power

What’s a toilet for if not to be flushed? When considering product options for toilets, you’ll want one of these super flushing toilets that can perform its primary function at the top of its class. Here’s why the power-flush American Standard Townsend Vormax is a candidate:

● The right height elongated siphon action bowl produces a flush full of both power and efficiency; one flush, and the bowl is cleaned completely
● It has dual injection flush valves – this gets more water from the tank into the bowl when flushed
● It’s high-efficiency with ultra-low consumption at 1.28 GPF (the standard is 1.6 GPF).

The Townsend Vormax doesn’t skimp when it comes to the force behind the flush, but it also isn’t wasteful. The perfect blend of power and efficiency make it a great option for the environmentally conscious consumer, or someone who simply doesn’t want high water bills.

Other features

The great features of the Townsend Vormax don’t stop with its ability to stay clean, its flushing power, or its water efficiency. Believe it or not, there’s more:

● It comes equipped with a slow-close seat and cover, which avoids both potential injuries and that loud toilet seat “slam”.
● EZ-install tools are provided so that you can easily set up and install the toilet yourself.
● It is WaterSense certified, showing that the EPA determined it to be a water-efficient appliance.

Altogether, the Townsend Vormax packs in a lot of good extras that give it an edge over others. It may not be the fanciest or most technologically advanced toilet, but it has all the small things – and some bigger ones – that make it a winner.


● Powerful, forceful flushing action due to VorMax flushing technology, elongated siphon action bowl, and dual injection flush valves
● Highly water-efficient, with an ultra-low consumption rate of 1.28 GPF
● Ever Clean surface that resists bacteria, mildew, and mold
● Clean curve rim that eliminates a major hiding space for dirt and bacteria, decreasing your cleaning time
● VorMax flushing technology keeps the bowl clean by forcing a jet of water around the bowl to hit every spot
● Slow-close seat and cover to avoid slamming
● Contemporary design that looks lovely in almost any bathroom


● On the more expensive side as far as toilets of its kind go
● Can be difficult to assemble and install


If you want a good, better-than-average toilet but aren’t ready to invest in something really expensive, the American Standard Townsend Vormax may be what you’re searching for. It has the look and style of a traditional toilet, while its functionality is truly revolutionary and modern. It’s a great way to save water on an everyday basis without sacrificing your toilet’s functionality, and to reduce the buildup of potential dirt and germs in your bathroom.

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