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American Standard Cadet Pro Right Height Toilet Review

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Not everyone is blessed with a large bathroom. For some, there’s only a narrow slice of room for the toilet in your bathroom. Thankfully there are several models of compact toilets if you’re looking to save space. The American Standard Cadet Pro is one of them. With a width of only 17-3/8 inches, this toilet can squeeze into nearly any space that you need it to.

Product Overview

On top of being skinny, this toilet will also save you money by saving you money. As a high efficiency toilet, it only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush (4.8 liters). Because of this low volume of water it uses, it is fully EPA compliant with the WaterSense criteria.

This model uses the American Standard PowerWash system to maximize the flushing power of that small amount of water. And with the vitreous china EverClean coating, the non-porous surface doesn’t allow solid waste to get a grip on the sides. This model is one of the top rated toilets, earning a 1000 gram MaP score. The rim of the bowl is 16-1/2 inches from the floor meaning that it is also fully ADA-compliant for the elderly and mobility challenged.

American Standard 215BA.104.020 Toilet

  • Cadet« Flushing System
  • Vitreous china
  • 4.8 Lpf/1.28 gpf
  • Why we like it: On top of exceeding many expectations and standards of typical compact toilets in the market, it offers consumers the least amount of cleaning maintenance thanks to tits EverClean porcelain surface. 

What is a MaP Score?

A MaP score is a rating given by a testing company that was founded in 2003. Essentially, they wanted to test toilets to see how effective they were without relying on a manufacturer’s arbitrary claims. They came up with a standard of testing that goes like this:

● Using a soybean paste to duplicate the mass and effect of real world solid waste, they start with a 250 gram sample.
● They add in toilet paper and flush to see that everything is removed without leaving anything behind.
● If this is successful, they increase the soybean paste mass by 50 grams and test again.
● They keep doing this until they reach 1000 grams or the toilet is no longer able to remove the entire sample without residue or some component failing.

That means that when a toilet has a 1000 MaP rating, it means that it is capable of clearing over two pounds of solid waste at one go. If you’re interested to see how your current toilet measures up, the MaP standards are all kept at their website here. To date, they have tested over 3000 makes and models of toilets and published the results.

How Much Can a High Efficiency Toilet Save?

When you look at high efficiency and dual flush toilets, one thing that often comes up is how much money you can save by using them. First you have to consider that an average person will flush the toilet five times in a day. For a family of four then, that’s 20 times per day, or 7,300 flushes per year
The EPA did not regulate how much water a toilet should use until 1994. So if your toilet was made before then, you can estimate that each flush uses about 5 gallons of water. So, the math works out to this:

● 7300 flushes per year @ 5 gallons per flush equals 36,500 gallons per year
If you change to a high efficiency model like this American Standard Cadet, you’re only using 1.28 gallons per flush. So the math looks like this:
● 7300 flushes per year @ 1.28 gallons per flush equals 9344 gallons per year

That’s an overall savings of 27,156 gallons of water per year. That’s an incredible amount. And for real world savings, the average cost of water in most cities is anywhere from $8 to $15 per 1000 gallons. So that 27,156 gallons of savings translates to $216 to $405 that you will keep in your pocket.

Additionally, if you move to a high efficiency model from a toilet that was made pre-1994, you will likely qualify for several tax benefits. You can also apply the cost of installation and the toilet towards an overall energy savings credit as well. That’s a lot of savings for you and your family.


● Powerful and efficient flushing system uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush
● ADA-compliant seating for the elderly and adults makes sitting and standing up easier
● 3-inch flush valve for maximum flushing power
● Uses PowerWash system to clean away everything
● Slim design means it will fit nearly anywhere


● Does not come with a seat
● ADA seat means that it may be difficult for young children to use


If you’re looking for a slim toilet that will fit in a narrow space, the American Standard Cadet Pro is a good choice. With a narrow width of under 17-1/2 inches, you can find space for this toilet nearly anywhere. With the high efficiency design and PowerWash flush, you know that you’re going to save water and not have to worry about the toilet failing its job.

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