American Standard Champion 4 Review

Working out in the medium price range is the Champion 4, another great model from American Standard but one that focuses on traditional design rather than modern. This is a big plus for users that are ready to get a new toilet but don’t like the newer designs and features of one they haven’t tested yet. Besides keeping it simple, the Champion 4 has one of the more fitting designs for homes that don’t have overly fancy interiors. It comes in multiple colors and is an ADA approved appliance, making it accessible and usable to anyone that wants to buy it. The surface of the toilet also has a beautiful finish that is resistant to a lot of the things that plague older toilets the longer they are used. Expect for either finish you choose to continue to maintain that color, even years into the life cycle of the device.

[amazon_link asins=’B0015BAO18′ template=’ImagesLeft’ store=’toiletguide-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c7d7533a-5a8f-11e7-a9ab-01041a3dd909′]Like most American Standard products, the cut down on the price by not included unnecessary accessories with the core product, which drives the price down and keeps it that way. Rest assured that this is the lowest priced toilet of its kind in the current category. Durability of this toilet is at the top, with a great and well known finish that coats it and protects it from many things that ding up toilets while they are in your bathroom. Testing of the toilet has been extensive, and it is 100% ready and has no defects or bugs that will make you regret the purchase. American Standard is a great company that stands behind their products, and the Champion model is one of the more respected in their lineups. If you need something that doesn’t go out of its way to be fancy and just gets the job done, this the Champion 4 is your best bet.

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Key Features

Flushing power is the biggest feature with this toilet, and through a lot of testing it is able to move a mass 70% larger than industry standards. The days of your toilet clogging and backing up on your ends with this purchase. And anyone that has cleaned up a mess that an underpowered toilet causes knows full well how infuriating it can be. When an independent test was ran on the power of the Champion 4, the MaP test showed that the Champion 4 received the highest rating at 1,000 grams, which is an exciting achievement for the brand and company. This is one of the highest marks in the industry, and it ensures that you won’t have any issues with flushing. To provide even more confidence in its power, the company flushed a bucket of golf balls down the Champion 4 and it went down just as easy.

Without wasting water, the toilet can deliver a cleaner flush in less than a second. This is due to the 4 inch piston action accelerator flush valve that pushes water into the toilet three times faster than the standard 2 inch valve. Even if you move up in size it still has an impressive showing, flushing twice as fast as a 3 inch flush valve and 1/3 faster than a 3 ¼ inch flush valve. It’s truly a powerful beast that gets out every inch of power that it can when needed and can dump 360 degrees of water into the bowl in no time. Per flush it consumes 1.6 gallons of water which would be the heavy option on the dual flush for their other model.

The Champion 4 has the largest trapway in the industry at 2 3/8 inches which makes it capable of moving a 40% larger mass than a 2 1/8 inch trapway and 70% when compared to the industry standard 2 inches. With a large siphon trapway like that there is little chance that something can go wrong with the operation of the unit.

Sometimes our toilets don’t stay as clean as we want them even if we clean them every day. With EverClean Surface technology American Standard has a finish that is resistant to several forms of bacteria and prevents growth that causes bad odors and stains in your bowl. I opting for the white color it will remain that way years from now thanks to the technology, and all without you having to do heavy cleanup duty every day. Bacteria, mold and mildew will all have trouble forming on the fine antimicrobial finish of this toilet and its interior.

An included warranty lasts a full decade, the longest offered by the company. This proves they back this product and the mechanics, and it also helps that it is built from the ground up to be ADA compliant. The height requirements are met with the 16 ½ inch seat height and all without sacrificing comfort when using it. Also included are 2 color matched bolt caps to complete the installation.

Things to Know

The product uses Vitreous China as its enamel coating for both the white and linen colored models. This is one of the finer finishes you will get on a toilet from the company, which is why it is priced a little higher than their other products. Weight is 119 pounds with dimensions of 32.1×30.5×20.9 inches, so make sure to do the measurements in the bathroom where it will be placed before ordering. The same model is available from the company that is not ADA compliant and is round rather than elongated. If you’re used to the round shape and you like the features of this toilet you can always order its twin brother.

Buyers that need to add extras to the toilet to make it compatible should note that the clearance between the seat bolts and the tank is not even 1.5 inches. There is some wiggle room to play around and get some things done, but most modifications that are height dependent will have a bit of a problem. So while the toilet is ADA compliant, it lacks a lot of compatibility for mods that would make it even more attractive to elderly and handicapped users. If you’re still interested in an elongated toilet and will replace a round toilet you have, it’ll fit on the same base, usually without any type of problem.

Best Comparison

Sticking with the same company, it compares well to the Cadet 3. The Cadet 3 is priced lower by a lot and comes in a lot more colors than the Champion 4. This makes it great for multiple bathrooms that have a specific theme, and it is still ADA compliant but is not elongated. The toilet seat is included, but where the Champion 4 wins out is with the sheer power that it uses to get rid of waste, and all with an efficiency of a smaller toilet. Even though the Cadet 3 is also easy to install, power users will definitely want to stick with the Champion 4 so that there are no surprises coming back up from weak water handling.

Price Changes

It hasn’t really dropped a lot in a past year or so, and buyers can expect for that trend to keep as is since there isn’t anything happening this year with this model. If the Champion lineup continues to grow then it’s possible that there will be some new price drop, but that isn’t expected to happen any time soon. If this toilet catches your eye then purchasing it now while sock is strong would be a good idea.

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Sometimes it is all about the power, and not about how pretty something is when it is doing it. That is why the Champion 4 is the way to go if you want to get things done right. It won’t disappoint no matter what you throw at it.