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American Standard Champion 4 Review

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American Standard has earned a name for the design and manufacture of top quality toilets at prices considerably below that of the competition. The Champion Collection is no exception. The collection includes a number of stylish, contemporary toilets in elongated and round, two-piece and single piece, right height and regular designs to suit every taste. These toilets are designed to offer comfort, low maintenance, efficiency and high performance. All boast the quiet but powerful Champion flushing systems, and all come with an extended ten-year warranty. In this article, we review some of the best toilets in the American Standard Champion range.

American Standard Champion 4 Review

1. American Standard 211AA.104.020 Champion PRO Toilet

American Standard Champion PRO

  • High Efficiency Toilet (HET)
  • Meets EPA WaterSense« Criteria
  • Trade exclusive tank
  • Why we like it: The vitreous china from which the bowl and tank are molded is glazed with American Standard’s patented EverClean surface. 

This toilet, in classic white, is on the lower end of the mid-price range. It nevertheless has a number of excellent features. It is a two-piece toilet with an elegant softly curved tank, a shape that mimics the front curve of the seat, giving it a stylish finish that will add elegance to your bathroom. The silver actuation lever is mounted on the right-hand front curve of the tank.

The elongated bowl is higher than the standard toilet height, reflecting rather the height of a regular chair making it is a lot easier for taller people and for the aged or disabled to sit on or stand up from the seat. It meets the height requirements of the American Disabilities Act so it is suitable for use in public facilities and the workplace.

The vitreous china from which the bowl and tank are molded is glazed with American Standard’s patented EverClean surface. This finish restricts the growth of mildew, molds and bacteria that can lead to discoloration and odors. The glossy surface is easy to clean and will retain its good looks for years.

The flushing system uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which will save twenty percent of your water use with every flush. This US Environmental Protection Agency has awarded this product WaterSense certification.Despite using so little water, the toilet has achieved an astounding 1000 MaP score. The Maximum Performance MaP test score is a measure of the efficiency of the flush.

The large glazed trap way and four-inch flush valve are the biggest in the industry. During an independent test, this flush system evacuated up to seventy percent more waste than other comparable toilets. The patented PowerFlush rim cleans the pan with a full 360⁰ rinse.

The installation is simple as it has a standard twelve inch rough in and the kit sports the American Standard Easy Fit Tools, which keep the bolts upright during fitment. The bowl to tank connection is simple. The toilet comes with all the working parts, but the seat must be purchased separately. This product has a  generous ten-year warranty.

2. American Standard 211BA004.020 Champion Pro Toilet

American Standard 211BA004.020 Champion Pro

  • Low consumption (1. 6 gpf/6. 0 Lpf) toilet
  • Trade exclusive tank
  • Power Wash rim scrubs bowl
  • Why we like it: The tank and bowl are molded from vitreous china and treated with the patented EverClean surface.

In the lower mid-price range, this classic white product differs only slightly from the one above. The two-piece tank and bowl follow a similar stylish shape. This product has a round bowl to accommodate smaller bathrooms. It is also a Right Height product so sitting ad standing is easy. It has a chromed metal trip lever mounted to the right front of the curved tank.

The tank and bowl are molded from vitreous china and treated with the patented EverClean surface. This high gloss finish will help to restrict the growth of mildew, mould and bacteria that can cause discoloration and bad odors. It will also retain its sheen and good looks for years.

The Champion flushing system has a MaP score of 1000, an industry benchmark. This toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It is gravity fed with a super large four-inch flush valve and a generous 2 3/8 glazed trap way. This toilet will never clog. The 8”x 9” water surface will help to keep the bowl clean. A bigger water surface also dispels odors. The PowerFlush rim thoroughly cleanses down the full extent of the bowl at every flush. The toilet comes with EZ install tools but no seat. The product is covered by a ten-year warranty.

3. American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Toilet

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4

  • ADA elongated one piece toilet
  • Vitreous china
  • 100 Percent factory flush tested
  • Why we like it: With the Champion 4’s ability to move mass 70% larger than the industry standard with an industry high 1,000 gram bulk removal rating, this becomes the best flushing toilet on the list and firmly puts itself in the #1 spot. 

This sleek one-piece toilet is available in either white or linen. One piece toilets are more expensive than two-piece toilets. Many people are happy to pay more for them as there are fewer cracks and crannies on these toilets so they are easier to keep clean. This toilet has a comfortable elongated seat.

The seamless tank and bowl molded from vitreous china has been coated with the EverClean Finish that shrugs off bacteria, mildew and mould that can cause discoloration and odors. The glossy finish looks good and will continue to do so for years. It has a chrome activation lever which is front mounted.

This product boasts the American Standard Right Height seat, somewhat higher than a regular toilet and therefore easier to use.This is an ideal toilet for the ageing and for those suffering from injuries. It is ADA compliant.

Like all toilets in the Champion range, this toilet features the Champion flush system.In independent tests, it scored an astonishing 1000 MaP an industry benchmark. This toilet can flush away seventy percent more waste than most other toilets. It uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

The gravity-fed flush system has a four-inch patented flapper-free flush valve, an oversized fully glazed trap way and siphon assist in the jetted bowl. All toilets are 100% flush tested before leaving the factory.

This product has a standard twelve-inch rough-in and is easy to install.It is very heavy so you may need assistance to lift it. The seat is not included in the toilet kit and must be purchased separately.American Standard supports this product with a ten-year limited warranty.

Best Features

The Champion Flush

In independent flush tests, the Champion flushing system managed an industry best of 1000 MaP. To really put their product to the test the manufacturer put a bucket of golf balls into the pan and flushed. The balls disappeared down the trap way with no clogging.

The effectiveness of a gravity fed flush is dependent on the flush valve and trap way. Champion flush technology has a patented four-inch flush valve which releases water into the bowl with three times as much force as a regular two-inch flush valve. The piston action of the valve pushes the water with force so that it increases speed as it is released into the bowl.

The patented PowerWash Rim sends pressurized water into every section of the bowl ensuring that everything is washed down. This system boasts the largest trap way in the industry and it is fully glazed for hygiene and durability.A larger trap way ensures that more waste can be removed with a single flush. This is a toilet that will never clog.

Water Efficient

The Champion range offers two water efficient options, 1.6 gallons of water per flush or the high-efficiency 1.28-gallon flush. Both are equally effective in removing waste due to the cleverly designed flush technology. The 1.6-gallon toilets do however have a bigger water surface which many people prefer.

Glossy and Clean

Champion toilets all have the EverClean glaze on all external surfaces of the toilet including the inside of the bowl. The EverClean high gloss finish is easy to wipe down, no rubbing required. This is a permanent glaze with anti-microbial features which curb the growth of mildew, mould and bacteria that can cause discoloration and odors. EverClean will keep your toilet looking glossy and new for years.

Quick and easy Installation

These toilets have been designed for easy installation and all of the tools that you need to do the task are in the box. There is no need for wrenches or to cut bolts off. You save money on the installation as you don’t have to hire a plumber to do the job for you. The twelve-inch rough in is standard. Installation should take you less than an hour.Easy installation instructions with illustrations are in the box.

Best Warranty in the Industry

All Champion toilets are backed by a ten-year warranty. You won’t find better in the industry.One year is the standard.

Things to know

American Standard has been around in its current form from 2007. It was created with the merger of Elijer and Crane Plumbing. The company has some of the most affordable product on the market, offering many top features and great styles. It is known for producing top quality products that are backed by the longest warranty in the industry.

American Standard keep their prices below comparable product in the market by streamlining their product lines. They offer sleek and stylish designs but avoid some of the quirky styles and gaudy colors that the opposition offer. This no doubt helps them to keep inventories down and simplifies production processes. These efficiencies will result in cost savings which they pass on to the customer.

Everything that you need to get the toilet up and running is included in the box. The exception is the seat that you will have to order separately. Every Champion toilet is flush tested before it leaves the factory. All have a ten-year warranty.

Best comparisons

The closest comparison with the Champion range of toilets is the TOTO  Drake 2-Piece toilet. Also, ADA compliant due to its higher seat profile, this two-piece toilet is treated with the SanaGloss glaze TOTO’s answer the American Standard EverClean glaze. The standard twelve-inch rough-in is the same as the Champions.

Although not as large as those on the Champion, the flush valve and trap way are well above average. The flush technology also makes use of siphon jet technology to ensure that the water is propelled into the toilet for a quiet yet effective flush. American Standard also has some options for those looking for toilets for older homes and you can read our 10 inch rough in toilet review here and learn more about that.

Personal Opinion

Champion toilets have the best flushing technology on the market today. The EverClean finish truly sparkles and the higher profile seat makes it a comfortable place to sit. The Champion is a little more expensive than some of American Standard’s other product, but you will using this product for years so you could spend a long time wishing that you had spent a little more up front. Let’s face it with a ten-year warranty the manufacturer expects this toilet to be part of your home for a long time. Champion toilets are among the highest rated toilets available so combined with some excellent features and competitive price there are plenty of reasons to choose American Standard Champion toilet.


American Standard offers superb quality backed by an unmatched ten-year warranty. These toilets have a quiet but powerful flush and style and features which you could get from other brands but at a price.

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