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American Standard Compact Cadet 3 Review

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For the number of times people use the bathroom, it makes sense to have a toilet that will get the job done every time. There are critical factors to consider when choosing your next toilet, and not all toilets are created the same. Are you looking for a compact yet highly efficient toilet that you can count on? The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 is a compact toilet that fits in most bathrooms and comes with features that make this the perfect choice.

Product Overview

The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 is the perfect choice for people who want a compact toilet that will fit nicely in even the smallest of bathrooms. Don’t count this out for larger bathrooms, though. Although advertised as a compact toilet, the height of the bowl and elongated toilet seat make for a comfortable toilet.

American Compact Cadet 3 

  • Compact, elongated design
  • 1-piece construction
  • Color: White
  • Why we like it: With a capacity of 1.28-gallons, this two-piece toilet has a water-saving flush, using almost 20% less than existing toilets on the market. 

The Compact Cadet 3 comes with a highly efficient, ultra-low consumption system that is certified by the EPA WaterSense program. Low consumption means less money out of your pocket when the water bill comes and better water efficiency during its lifetime.

Those with smaller bathrooms usually have to settle for the smaller round bowl to make the toilet fit. The advantage of this toilet is bringing in the best of both worlds. The compact style of this toilet fits into the size of a round front space while offering an elongated compact bowl. This compactness allows you to save space and still have a more comfortable elongated bowl.

The final feature of this toilet is the EverClean surface. This unique toilet surface prevents the growth of bacteria, stains, mold, and mildew. Combined with the PowerWash system that scrubs the bowl clean with every flush, you can save your time and energy during routine cleaning.

Significant factors to consider in a toilet

There are a few significant factors to consider when choosing a new toilet. Use this list of considerations to make choosing a toilet an easy process.

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing a toilet:

● Efficiency - Creates less water usage, which lowers your water bill and chemical usage.
● Ease of use - Some toilets are more accessible to use than others.
Comfortability - No one wants to be irritable when using the toilet.
Sleek design - Your toilet will last a long time and should look great.
● Ease of cleaning - Some features make toilets more manageable to clean than others.

Considering these factors while searching for your new toilet makes the choosing process much more manageable. Make a list of what is most important to you about your toilet and use this list of factors as a guide.

Ceramic toilets are easy to clean.

There is no doubt that ceramic toilets are easy to clean. What makes this ceramic toilet even easier to clean is the combination of the PowerWash system and EverClean surface.

PowerWash system

American Standard’s PowerWash system does a better job at cleaning your toilet with every flush. The powerful system makes for a clean toilet while keeping your toilet to a low amount of water consumption.

EverClean surface

The EverClean surface is what makes the PowerWash system work even better than it already would. If you’ve ever used a classic toilet bowl, you already know how much mold and mildew and stains of all sorts begin piling up. Even when you can’t see it, you can smell it, and odor-causing bacteria causes this.

The EverClean surface of this toilet prevents both visible stains and invisible bacteria from building inside your toilet and combined with the PowerWash system makes it easier to clean. You won’t have to use as much water or as many chemicals when you routinely clean this toilet.


Compact design - This thin design works great for small and large bathrooms alike and features a compact elongated toilet bowl to save space and look great.
● One-piece toilet - One-piece toilets are easier to clean and have a sleeker appearance.
● Performance - This toilet has the best MaP (maximum performance flush score) of 1000 grams.
● WaterSense certified - WaterSense approved the Cadet 3 for high performance and water efficiency.
● Stain and bacteria prevention - The combination of the PowerWash system and the EverClean surface fights stains and bacteria with every flush.
● Great height - The 16.5-inch height is designed for comfort and ease of use.
Multiple options and colors - This toilet provides the choice between 3 colors and whether you want the flush trip lever on the left or right side.
● Toilet seat included - The Compact Cadet 3 contains a slow-close seat that never slams.


● While the compact style of this toilet works great for smaller bathrooms, some might prefer a larger toilet bowl.
● Some people prefer a two-piece toilet with a taller tank.


When you take the size of this toilet and consider the power and efficiency it provides, it makes this toilet a great choice. If you are looking for a compact toilet that does a great job at saving space and cleaning itself, the American Standard Compact Cadet 3 is a solid choice.

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