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American Standard Glenwall VorMax Wall Hung Toilet Review

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When you’re looking at something a relatively new as a wall mounted toilet, it can be difficult to separate what you need with what is available. That’s why we have a whole slew of wall hung toilet reviews. This American Standard VorMax Glenwall toilet is a great base model with some additional features that will definitely improve your quality of life.

Product Details

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, American Standard is a well-respected brand that consumers have come to trust. This wall mounted toilet continues that tradition, offering a high quality and durable option that will be great for wherever you want to put it.

American Standard 3447101.020

  • Right Height elongated
  • EverClean Antimicrobial Surface included
  • CleanCurve rim
  • Why we like it: This toilet is by far one of the easiest to clean—on top of its easily accessible design, this toilet also features its extremely powerful VorMax scrubbing action.

Like most wall mounted toilets, the Glenwall is a great fit in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. And because it is wall mounted, just because the room is small doesn’t mean things will be difficult to clean. You can access the floor underneath of course, but the toilet also comes with an antimicrobial coating and a special rim that keeps dirt from hiding and building up.

Another feature that helps keep things sparkling is the VorMax flush. This causes water to swirl completely around the bowl from the top to the bottom. That means that nothing gets left behind. And because it works with a 1.6 gallon per flush in-wall tank, you can save water with every flush.

Keep in mind that this toilet does not come with a lid, seat, or the necessary tank and mounting carrier. But it does come with the mounting bolts and hardware you need. And if you want to upgrade, it can fit right into any standard American Standard Glenwall mounting.

What to Know When Installing a Wall Mounted Toilet

When you’re installing a new wall-mounted toilet, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first few things have to do with your wall and how it is built.

● Know if you have 2x4 or 2x6 wall studs. The two different types of studs will determine what type of carrier you will need to buy.
● If you have an older home, you may need to completely reframe that section of the wall
● Be prepared to pay a bit more for this part than you might think, as you have to remember that the carrier has to support the weight of the bowl and the weight of anyone who is using it.

The next bit of information has to do with the plumbing. If you’re upgrading, remember that you have a floor mounted waste drain. That needs to be moved so your new wall mounted toilet can discharge to the back and the wall. This move can also be expensive, as you may need to install a completely new line.

What Can Go Wrong With A Wall Hung Toilet

It’s not fun to think about what could go wrong, but there are two major issues that are commonly seen. First is that the bowl feels loose when you sit on it, and the second is that there may be a leak.

Both of these can be traced back to improper installation. Whether it was because the mounting bolts were not tightened to the appropriate torque or they were mounted improperly, those can cause that squishy bouncing feeling.

For a wall leak, that points to an improper plumbing connection. While you might be able to stand a loose toilet for a weekend while you wait for a plumber, a leak is an emergency that requires immediate attention. That’s because if the leak goes into the wall, it can cause even more damage to that wall that can leak down into floors underneath, or pool and damage your slab.

The best thing you can do in the event of a leak is to turn off the water to the toilet and not use it at all until the leak is repaired by a professional plumber.


● CleanCurve rim prevents dirt from hiding and forming a buildup
● EverClean Antimicrobial surface keeps interior sparkling clean between regular cleanings
● VorMax flushing action swirls water around bowl from top to bottom, enhancing flushing action
● Easy to clean underneath and around the bowl due to wall mount design


● This comes with the bowl only
● Installation can require an extensive remodel


As a base model with some superior additions, the Glenwall VorMax is a great choice for when you want to see what all the fuss is about with wall hung toilets. The addition of the antimicrobial surface and the enhanced flushing action make your life easier when it comes to cleaning. If you still aren’t sure about wall mounted toilets, we have a wide range of reviews and helpful guides to get you on the right track to the toilet that’s right for you.

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