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American Standard H2Option Siphonic Review

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This low priced American Standard model is available in a variety of sizes and colors and for customers that are looking at the high end the best rated toilets, this model will fit their bathrooms perfectly. With all of the options available, it’s not surprising to spend a couple of minutes deciding what looks best for you. There aren’t a lot of extras in this model like in other models as they seem to operate with ‘a what you see is what you get’ motto. Even without the extras this is still a great value at a really low price for toilets.

American Standard 2887.216.020 H2Option

  • Elongated two piece siphonic action
  • Dual flush toilet
  • 12in rough in
  • Why we like it: It is a WaterSense-certified model and is very good on your water bill compared to a traditional toilet. 

The rough in size is pretty standard for the industry and won’t hang you up with weird measurements. With some of the more modern toilets being released today, a rough in size that doesn’t fit the standard could mean extra work. With this step avoided, customers can look forward to a quick and clean installation. Buyers that want a toilet that doesn’t destroy their water bill will love this model, as it is built to be very good on water. Multiple flushes won’t be an issue, as the mechanics are powerful enough and don’t suffer from the same issues of older toilets that get stuck in the flushing motion. Opting for a newer look, the push button flush takes full form with this creation and looks great due to the extra focus the company added into it. This certified toilet not only works great, but looks pretty good if you just want something that doesn’t eat up the bathroom scenery. At the current price it is a major steal, and should bring you plenty of happiness throughout its lifetime in your home. If you are looking for high-rated flush toilet for more power the H2Option is a great option.

American Standard H2Option Siphonic Review

Best Features

The dual flush system is one of the H2Option’s biggest achievements, and the main reason for considering this model. This feature saves you a lot of money by making the water flow efficient, and it does so without costing you power with the flush. This is a patent pending siphonic action technology that eliminates more bulk, uses less water and all while being quieter than other flushes. It’s a single smooth action that defines a triumph in toilet technology over the years. With the dual flush actuator on top of the toilet customers can choose to use the light flush that uses 1 gallon per flush, or the 1.6 gallon per flush heavy option. It is an easy to use system that is clearly marked on the buttons so that even beginning users know what to use. If you are looking for a compact toilet read about how to choose low profile toilet for small bathroom here.

With the system properly set up, it uses 25% less water than other 1.6 GPF toilets, even at maximum capacity. This is a huge improvement over their older models that focused on the same technology, and loyal followers will notice it on the first flush. The efficient flushing of the toilet doesn’t sacrifice power in either mode, and it received the highest MaP rating by handling 1,000 grams of waste in heavy flushing and 400 grams of waste in the light flushing. It is the most powerful in its class and prevents the users from having to worry about flushing twice.

The company also incorporates a pressurized rim in the toilet that feeds it water from the tank. This traps the air inside and pressurizes it, so when you flush the water comes out strong and really cleans the bowls insides out. By this method a lot of discoloration and other materials that usually hang on the inside of the bowl are flushed out completely. Placement of the rim holes are such that it covers a lot more area when shooting out the water than in other bowls that only cover specific parts. Using full coverage with powerful water equals a cleaner bowl and less scum and materials on the inside.

The power washing features works hand in hand with the jet-powered siphon. While the water enters through the rim from the flush, it also gets sent directly into the bowl through a bowl jet. To put it simply, the siphon starts with the push of the jet and the pull from the siphon discards the bowl of the used water. With all of the rapid action happening inside the bowl, the water level is still maintained comfortably throughout the entire flush, all without disrupting anything. The results of this powerful system is a cleaner bowl and a smoother flush unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Installation time is cut by 30% thanks to the speed connect system that concentrates on providing a user friendly experience rather than an overwhelming one. Everything is laid out in layman’s terms without getting to over technical, and the results are one of the quickest toilets installations you could ever ask for. Out of the box you will get pre-assembled and factory installed bolts and grommets, lessening the chance of getting confused with extra parts or of losing parts that you may need. Connecting will be much faster and will only require you to follow the simple step by step instructions.

If you’re worried about germs in the bathroom, then the EverClean surface will be the perfect partner in your battle against germs. The EverClean antimicrobial surface stops the growth of bacteria that causes odors and stains, leaving you with a crisp white toilet. It also stops mold and mildew, so if you do light cleaning of the toilet weekly it will stay pristine for years without a major overhaul. Buyers that have gone out of their way to purchase expensive cleaning kits can just go ahead and leave them in the cabinet, as they won’t need them anytime soon. This feature is yet another one of the many money saving ones of this model. Although the seat isn’t included in the packaging, it does come with two color matched bolt caps. By keeping the seat out of the system the company was able to keep the price low and pass the savings onto the customer.

Things to Know

Product dimensions are 27 ¾x15x29 ½ inches and it weighs a total of 92 pounds. The system is backed by a 5 year warranty that covers the entire toilet rather than just parts of it. If something goes awry, then simply pick up the phone and call. Sizes are elongated and round, with the highest selling one being round for this model as one of the best elongated toilet available. Colors are white, linen, and bone. The strongest color in all of them is bone, although white is the typical go to for this product. But if you want something that stands out in the right setting bone is definitely the strongest eye popping color.

Best Comparison

Although some may compare this item to the American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option which is in the same line, it is better compared to the American Standard 2988.101.020 Concealed Trapway Cadet. The differences are nominal enough to make people consider the Cadet over the H2Option, mainly because of the similar price and that it comes with a seat. Preferring an all in one unit, some customers may opt to buy this one instead. But what the Cadet is missing is a lot of the modern features of the H2Option, like the dual flush and auto cleaning abilities. And since the cadet is priced a little bit higher, simply coming with a toilet seat doesn’t mean it can overcome the lack of features that the H2Option provides. Buying the H2Option is clearly the best choice in this situation, unless you simply don’t want the modern features associated with the product.


Modern toilets aren’t usually this low priced, so if you have a chance to make this purchase then you should really consider it. American Standard did its best to put everything you’d ever want into this toilet so that you have the best of the best for years to come.

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