Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Aqua-Magic V Toilet, Hand Flush Review

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One of the more overlooked aspects of any RV is that of the RV toilet. Perhaps it is simply because you’ve elected to use the toilet that your RV came with, or maybe you just haven’t really given the concept much thought at all! Regardless, the reality of the matter is that you do have a choice when it comes to the quality of toilet you use in your RV. In fact, there is no reason that using the toilet in your RV should be any less comfortable, clean, or convenient in your RV than it is at home.

Product Overview

The Aqua Magic V Toilet is an innovation of style and convenience that can transform the most vital part of your RV bathroom. For those who consider their home to be on the road, then the Aqua Magic V is the tankless toilet for home! It features an easy-to-use hand flush mechanism that allows the user to either add water to the bowl or activate a flush that achieves full bowl coverage. The texturing on the lid of the Aqua Magic V is textured in a way that allows it to resist scratching, scuffing, and water collection. This feature gives the Aqua Magic V a sturdy, comfortable household-toilet feel.

Aqua-Magic V RV

  • Size: 18.5 inches
  • Lightweight - 9.4 lbs
  • 100% bowl coverage flush
  • Why we like it: The faucet is a single-hole mount, but you can purchase an optional escutcheon to cover up a three-hole mounting system if necessary.

The Aqua Magic V also features a high profile; standing at over 18 inches the height of this toilet gives the user a secure, comfortable experience when compared to shorter toilets. The Aqua Magic V is also incredibly lightweight. At only 9lbs, this toilet is light, easy to install, and makes no sacrifices in sturdiness.

A feature that truly sets the Aqua Magic V apart is the option to attach a sprayer, which allows for a thorough rinsing of the toilet bowl between uses. This is also a measure that saves water use.

The matter of cleanliness

One of the most important aspects of the Aqua Magic V is the additional measure of cleanliness that it brings to your RV. Because it’s flushing mechanism allows for full bowl coverage, the Aqua Magic V ensures that the bowl of your RV toilet remains as clean as possible, resisting the accumulation of common bathroom germs.

These same germs can be detrimental to your health, leading to a number of adverse health issues such as the following:

  • Stomach ailments,
  • Athlete’s foot,
  • E. Coli,
  • Salmonella,
  • Skin and respiratory issues,
  • Exacerbated asthma and allergies.

Why let any of these potential health risks reduce the safety of your RV? With the Aqua Magic V, you can rest easy knowing that, when you flush, you are effectively rinsing and cleaning the interior of your toilet bowl. The matter of cleanliness should be important in any bathroom environment, and the bathroom of your RV should be no different.

Cutting down on your water use

The expenses related to using your RV are numerous, and any measure you can take to cut down on them is advised. When it comes to water, your toilet can be one of the most wasteful and, thus, expensive aspects of your RV.

The Aqua Magic V features a dual option flushing mechanism that allows for more control of how much water is used when flushing. If you press the lever half way down, you will slowly add water to the bowl, useful for cases in which more pressure will be required to flush.

With a full pushing down of the lever, you activate a flushing mechanism that provides full bowl coverage, quickly and efficiently washing down the interior of your toilet bowl, leaving it clean and ready for further use.

As a measure to save even more water, the Aqua Magic V comes with the option to attach a handwasher. Using this handwasher, you can accurately rinse the inside of your toilet bowl out while using even less water than the flushing mechanism. Using both this and the dual option flushing mechanism leaves you with the ability to keep your toilet well maintained while using as little water as possible. This, in turn, will leave you reducing the amount of money that you’re spending to refill your water tank.

The Pros and Cons


  • Height—the taller frame of the Aqua Magic V makes it a comfortable choice
  • Flushing—the dual option flushing mechanism, as well as the optional hand sprayer, leave you with options of how best to flush.
  • Textured surface—the unique texture of the toilet lid repels water and gives the Aqua Magic V an at-home toilet feel.
  • Weight—the Aqua Magic V features a lightweight frame that makes it easy to transport and install.


  • Sturdiness—while the light weight of the Aqua Magic V makes it easy to transport and easy to install, you do lose a bit of the sturdiness that can be found with other RV toilets.


There is no reason that your bathroom experience in your RV should differ greatly from that in your home. With the Aqua Magic V, you can experience the comfort and reliability of an at-home toilet in your RV. If you’ve thought of giving your RV’s bathroom an at home touch, then the Aqua Magic V might be the best choice for you.

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