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Best 4 Flushing Systems for Toilet

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Flushing Systems to Consider

There are a lot of different flushing systems to consider when getting a toilet. Some are more effective in other areas than the other, but it is going to ultimately come down to user preference. The main goal when flushing the toilet is to get all of the waste down in one flush, without having to do a double flush. The second part is you want the jets to cleanse the toilet thoroughly. 

The third and final part is you want it to go down fast and regenerate in the same amount of time. So which direction should you go in? Below is a list of some of the more popular flushing systems available so that you can make an educated decision on which one fits your style.

1. Gravity Flush

Gravity flush systems uses the water to make flushing pressure, which in turn forces everything from the tank and bowl through the trapway. Completing the flush is a siphoning action that also cleans the bowl, and since there are no extra mechanics involved, this is one of the quietest flushing systems available, you can read quiet flush toilet reviews here.

Expect little to no maintenance with a gravity flushing system due to the lack of extra moving parts and the natural flow of things. Considered the oldest technology on the list, this is also the most timeless mechanic in a toilet that was perfected on its debut and has been a favorite of consumers worldwide. There are few flaws in this system and it can be considered the preferred method of flushing for 2 and 1 tank systems.

2. Pressure Assisted

Pressure assisted toilets is a flushing system uses pressurized air to force water into the bowl, and is the less likely to get clogged since it is more powerful. It’s one of the nosier solutions, but with that extra noise you get a lot of power. Rather than being passive like gravity flush, the more active pressure assisted models can get down more waste faster and with more force. You can read strongest flushing toilet reviews here.

Double flushes are not a problem with this flushing system, but it is not as popular as the gravity flush. That is more due to it being the newer technology, and not from actual performance. The only reason to consider a gravity flush over a pressure assisted flushing system is due to not liking the extra noise. In the early days of pressure assisted systems there was also a problem with maintenance, but the later models have proved that point moot.

3. Dual

Surprisingly the new kid on the block that is gaining popularity is the dual flush system, which leapfrogged pressure assisted flushing and is now close to closing the gap with gravity flush toilets. Dual flush toilets are great because they give the consumer the option to determine whether they want a partial flush or a full flush. Partial flushes are great for liquid waste in the toilet and uses up to 1.1 gallons per flush, which is considered a water saving toilet.

For actual waste, you can choose the 1.6 gallon per flush full button. It is a very sound system that offers a way for customers to save money without sacrificing power. You’ll get the best of both worlds and be able to manage your water bill at the same time. While the new system continues to gain popularity, it’ll be interesting to see where the more powerful but water heavy pressure assisted flush lands. Dual flush could potentially lap gravity flush and pressure assisted flush toilets in sales if the pace keeps up.

4. Double Cyclone

This is a new technology from Toto toilets that is interesting, and one that they’re pushing heavily with their toilets. The double cyclone flushing system uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, but still has the power of a full 1.6 GPF. This may not seem like a lot, but you’ll definitely notice the difference on your water bill monthly. What makes this so unique is that it uses two nozzles instead of rim holes, and with the help of the propulsion system more water is directed to the siphon creating a more efficient flush. So no lost power, and it even uses some gravity flush methods in order to complete the process. It’s unclear where this proprietary flushing system fits in between dual flush and gravity flush toilets, but as a Toto exclusive it is really helping their sales flourish.


That concludes the list for flushing systems to consider, and with this information you will be better prepared to figure out which one fits your style. There is also anther method that is waterless, but this is so uncommon that it isn’t even worth going into detail over. If you’re in the market for a new toilet remember that flushing not only gets rid of waste but also cleans the inside of the bowl. So always choose an efficient, powerful and long lasting flushing system.

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