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If you have read our toilet types article you should know by now that there are no shortages when it comes to types of toilets with different features so there should be something for everyone.

Here we have listed the most important toilet brands and review the top products for each one, so find the brand you are interested in and from there you can click over the reviews for that brand.

Toilet Brands

American Standard Toilets

American Standard ToiletsAmerican Standard offers a combination of great quality and value for money. Even its top of the range products beat the competition on price and there are two products from American Standard on our top 10 list. The company manages this by sticking to basic designs in a choice of three colors, with the best quality. Its flushing system moves seventy percent more waste than the industry standard requires, using very little water. They also offer Right Height seating (chair height toilet seating) and Speed Connect for easy installation. To top it all, American Standard backs its product with the longest warranty in the market. In 2015, American Standard was awarded “Brand Familiarity” by Builder magazine.

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Toto ToiletsToto Toilets

Toto clearly leads the industry, its products ranging in price from medium to top. Toto boasts one of the best customer support teams and offers the widest variety of models, some of which have almost futuristic designs and features. Toto has done a lot to ensure that its flushing systems are water-efficient. The double-cyclone and dual-flush systems ensure that products are water-efficient but powerful. The company designed the washlet, an innovative product that converts the toilet to a bidet with front and backwash.

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Kohler ToiletsKohler Toilets

Kohler is the biggest organization in the manufacture of toilets, but only if the rest of the product line is factored in. Kohler is known for its Comfort Height toilets, which are two inches higher than the standard toilet. Kohler has concentrated on working on the washdown and siphonic flushing systems that clean the bowl with one flush, using 0.6 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

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Duravit ToiletsDuravit Toilets

Duravit has a great range of modern-looking toilets which boast open-rim flushing. Duravit toilets are also available with Sensowash technology, which converts the toilet to a bidet.

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Saniflo ToiletsSaniflo Toilets

Saniflo specializes in macerating toilets. These are specialized toilets which can be installed in areas where it would normally be impossible. A    macerating toilet has a pump, which can drive the waste to the sewerage system; so the toilet can be installed several feet away from it.

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