Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet System Review

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When you go camping, you want your toilet to include some privacy. The bathrooms are either too far away or non-existent, and you need a toilet that provides the same amount of privacy as a regular bathroom. You also don’t want to set up a portable toilet inside the tent you are going to sleep in and spend your time. This portable toilet system provides precisely what you are looking for in terms of mobile privacy.

Product Overview

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet System is exactly as it is named - a complete toilet system. Everything you need to have a portable toilet handy for use wherever you are is included in the package.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet

  • Color: Camo
  • Size: One Size
  • ROOMY. 64” zippered privacy door
  • Why we like it: The two key components here are the backpack and privacy shelter, something that separates it from a lot of the other products on the list.

The best part of this toilet system is the private room that is essentially a small tent that provides you all the privacy you need. After assembly, it becomes a 4-foot by 4-foot room that includes a 64-inch zippered privacy door. The tent room is 6-foot 6-inches tall and folds into a 28-inch by 6-inch rectangle.

The toilet that is included is made of plastic and requires only minimal setup. The toilet is not as advanced as other portable toilets and doesn’t contain any fresh water or waste water tanks. There is no flushing involved and requires doing your business into provided bags. The way this is produced makes you tie up and throw out the bag with every use, so make sure you have extra bags.

Another nice feature to this toilet in a tent is the backpack that comes in the package. The backpack is large enough to fit the toilet, tent, and extra bags and toilet paper. You can take this toilet anywhere you need, and this toilet system works exceptionally well for camping.

The toilet isn’t very feature-rich but offers the essential feature of having the privacy to do your business and toss the bag of waste afterward.

Portable privacy at its finest

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet System can be one of the best portable toilets for your camping trip, off-grid living, desert festivals, and more.

Many portable toilets don’t offer any privacy, forcing you to purchase additional products to ensure your privacy. No one wants to go to the bathroom inside the tent they are sleeping in, and this complete toilet system solves that need.

This toilet is more than a bathroom. It is a complete privacy system. The tent was explicitly manufactured as a tent for toilet privacy, but can also be used for showers or as a changing room.

How easy is it to use?

This toilet is the easiest to use of any portable toilet. Here’s how to get this toilet going.


The simple setup starts with removing the parts from the included transport backpack. Set up the privacy room similar to how you would set up a tent, set up the legs of the toilet for comfortable sitting, and add your first bag to waste collection. There’s even an area inside the tent for toilet paper.


This toilet is exceptionally straightforward. Use the bathroom, lift the lid, tie up the bag. Find the nearest trash can to throw away your bag of waste.


Cleaning is also straightforward. Because there are no water tanks or holding tanks in this toilet, all you will have to clean is any minor messes left behind on or around the seat. Use wipes and a hose to wash it off, and it will be ready for many more uses.


● Privacy - This toilet system is all about privacy. With the included bathroom tent, Cleanwaste makes this the most private portable toilet system available.
Ease of use - Sit down and do your business. Tie up a bag and throw it away. It’s that simple.
Easy setup - The tent and toilet take minutes to set up, and you can be using your portable bathroom in no time wherever you are.
Easy cleaning - Because there are no tanks to have to clean, all you are left cleaning is minor messes on the toilet seat.
Multi-purpose - Besides using this tent as a portable bathroom, you can also use this tent as a shower stall or a changing room.
● Truly portable - This lightweight system can be folded up into the provided backpack and taken anywhere you want.


● The toilet is made of plastic and isn’t the main focus of this toilet system. Most of the focus was put into the privacy tent. Some might enjoy using a better toilet with this tent.


If you don’t mind using a cheap toilet and tying up a bag for waste removal, this toilet system provides great portable privacy. If privacy is your main concern when using toilets off-the-grid, the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System is a solid choice.

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