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GALBA Small Toilet Review

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When it comes to bathroom appliances that can make a smaller area seem more significant, the GALBA Small Toilet fits the bill. As one of the best small toilets on the market, this dual flush commode can fulfill the needs of any family.

There is quite a bit of information available on the GALBA Small Toilet, and we have broken it down for you here, so you get the best comprehensive review available.

Product Overview

The GALBA Small Toilet was designed and is manufactured in China. It is crated entirely from one piece. This enables you to have more space in your bathroom, especially when compared to standard toilet sizes. The GALBA Small Toilet is relatively new brand on the market, having only been available for the past six years, and is comparative to the many well-known brands on the sales floor today.

As this has been touted as one of the top dual-flush toilets available, it is also a water-saving option! If you are careful with your environmental usages, by keeping the water uses low, you can lower the cost of water each month as well.

GALBA Small Toilet

  • Shape: Elongated
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches
  • Why we like it: This one-piece elongated concealed trap way offers a self-cleaning glazed surface meaning it won’t rust, scratch, fade or discolor. 

Perks of the GALBA Small Toilet

There are quite a few perks that come with owning the GALBA Small Toilet, and these are consumer tested and approved. If you are looking for a greener living option, then the perks on the GALBA Small Toilet are sure to please you.

● Cost-effective – this small toilet is comparative with other models on the market and competes efficiently with the pricing on standard toilets.
● Easy to clean – this toilet offers a surface that is glazed, so stains do not adhere to the surfaces, and it is much easier to keep sparkling clean.
Comfortable seating – the best small toilet boasts of a seat that is elongated, so when you are sitting down, it is much more comfortable than a rounded seat.
● Water-saving – as mentioned previously, this model boasts a flush of only 1.6 gallons each time, instead of the standard 3.6. That is a TWO GALLON save each time!
● Flushing options – you have the option to choose between a full flush and a half flush. The half flush uses just under one gallon of water and is perfect for light uses.
One-year warranty – the best small toilet would not be considered among the top choices if it didn’t have a warranty to back up its pieces.
● Ease of purchase – this commode can be purchased from several brick and mortar retailers. However, it can also be found online, which makes ordering easy and available on your schedule.

Of course, there are several other amazing perks to the GALBA Small Toilet, but the ones highlighted above are some of the top-selling points to many consumers.

Why Choosing the GALBA Small Toilet

Many are remodeling homes to create greener living spaces and looking to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. As we move from the larger clunkier pieces in our home, the bathroom should be no exception. A new small toilet can breathe new life back into the bathroom of your home. The bathroom is the one place that often gets overlooked when home remodels are done.

By placing the best small toilet in your home, your bathroom can seem like an entirely new room. It requires only a 12-inch rough-in area, so your smaller bathrooms can seem like much larger rooms. It also claims bragging rights for having a quieter flush. No longer will you wake up your loved ones with those middle of the night bathroom runs.


● Best small option for water efficiency
● Quiet
● Low enough for younger members of the family to use comfortably
● A more natural sitting position
● Made from one piece
● Can be ordered online easily
● Two flushing options


● Comparatively pricy
● Comes only in one color option


Despite being a relative newcomer to the market, the GALBA Small Toilet has challenged the conventional standards of comfort. By creating a product that takes up less space, and is much easier to clean, many are finding their bathrooms are roomier than before. This is one of the many reasons that the GALBA.

There are many places where you can purchase the GALBA Small Toilet, to include online vendors, and this makes it the perfect choice for any home renovation you have planned. With the water-saving abilities that this best small toilet has available, it is a wallet saving selection as well.

With the seating, the GALBA Small Toilet has, there are some perks for your back as well. Keeping yourself aligned is a healthy option.

If you are potty training or have small children in your home, then the GALBA Small Toilet is a perfect solution, as it allows younger kids to reach the toilet better, saving on messes on or around the frame of the piece. Claim back your space today.

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