Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Glacier Bay High Efficiancy Dual Flush Review

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Every person is different, but there are some things that every human needs; one of those things is a toilet. And if you need to have it, you might as well make it a good one, right?

Product Overview

If you’re looking to purchase a toilet, here’s one you’ll want to add to your list of options. The Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush toilet is a great option if you’re on a budget but want to take a step up from the standard, run-of-the-mill toilet. Yes, those basic ones can get the job done – usually – but what if they could be more water efficient while doing it? And on top of that, what if they had dual flush options? And, even furthermore, what if they were built for years of durability?

Yes, that’s right, the Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush offers all those and more. But it’s not intended to break the bank – no, instead, it’s a step down from the most modern gadgets and a step up from the same old, same old.

Glacier Bay Toilet

  • 1.1 GPF/1.6 GPF
  • Height of 16.5 inches
  • ADA compliant
  • Why we like it: This toilet features the dual flush option—with its partial flushing using 1.1 GPF and its full flush feature using the standard 1.6 GPF. 


If you are an environmentally-minded person who likes to keep your everyday habits green, then the Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush is something for you to look into.

● It follows EPA guidelines and is WaterSense certified – which is a label used by the EPA to mark water-efficient products.
● It was referred to by Best Toilet Guide as “one of the most efficient and powerful on the market” due to its ability to flush so well while using less water.
● The dual flush option lets you choose between a partial flush using 1.1 gallons per flush, or a full flush using 1.6 gallons per flush.

This toilet will help you reduced water bills and protect the environment by saving water over time. The convenient dual flush options, displayed as buttons on top of the tank, help make it easy to pick what you need each time.


It could easily be argued that one of humanity’s most basic needs requires a basic process. One that doesn’t involve too much effort or overthinking. What makes the Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush so convenient? Well, the best flushing toilets have great features, like:

● Its compact one-piece design that’s easy to clean due to the lack of crevices found in a two-piece
● Its durability that comes from its crack-resistant material that’s built to last for years
● The easy installation process that you can do on your own without the aid of a professional
● The low price that keeps it available to those who can’t afford an expensive, cutting-edge toilet but still want functionality and efficiency
● The ADA-compliant 16.5-inch height that makes it easy for almost anyone to sit on comfortably.

Sometimes, you want something that’s fancy and top-of-the-line with all the bells and whistles. And sometimes, you just want something that gets the job done and does it well. If the second option applies to you as far as toilets are concerned, you can see why the Glacier Bay High-Efficiency is a viable option. Maybe you don’t need all the glamour, but you do need functionality and convenience. Well, this toilet provides that, and it still manages to look good doing it.


● Compact and easy-to-clean one-piece design
● Durable and crack-resistant material that’s built to last
● Easy installation process that you can do by yourself
● ADA compliant height at 16.5 inches – great option for people with disabilities or movement restrictions
● Low price, especially for a high-efficiency dual flush toilet
● Aesthetically pleasing appeal that’s contemporary and minimalistic
● Elongated seat/bowl shape that allows ease and comfort


● The water supply line needs to be purchased separately
● You may sacrifice a bit of quality for the low cost
● There sometimes might not be enough water in the bowl to thoroughly clean it and remove all waste
● Elongated seat may not be ideal for young children
● The seat, although included, isn’t necessarily durable or long-lasting.


Overall, this toilet isn’t exactly top-of-the-line, but it does offer features that aren’t found on your standard toilet. If you’re looking to step up from the norm but aren’t ready to step up your price range too much, then the Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush might be just what you’re looking for.

It may not be the equivalent of the latest and greatest models out there, but it is an FDA-approved high-efficiency toilet that does the job it’s intended to do. Plus, it’s accessible for those that need it because of its ADA-compliant height. Glacier Bay isn’t as well-known a brand as some of the others, but on this model it definitely delivered. As long as you’re not expecting the quality of one of the bigger brands, this toilet is a great option and a good start to lowering your overall water usage.

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