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KOHLER K-3597-0 San Raphael Comfort Height Elongated Toilet Review

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If you want a toilet that combines effectiveness with style, give this toilet a look. The Kohler San Raphael is a durable toilet with an incredibly powerful flushing system. It is a tankless toilet, which means it does not rely on a tank of water to clear its bowl. Tankless toilets, including this Kohler San Raphael model, receives water directly from a supply line. With high-pressure flushing, a single flush can carry waste through the drainage system. This toilet has a little bit different of a style which some enjoy. Keep reading to find out more about this tankless toilet.

Product Overview

The Kohler K-3597-0 San Raphael Comfort Height Elongated Toilet is a tankless toilet with some attractive features. The toilet comes in eight different colors for users who don’t want the classic white toilet look and feel. To match your bathroom colors and décor, the variety of colors includes white, almond, biscuit, black, dune, ice gray, sandbar, thunder gray, and white.

Kohler San Raphael

  • Elongated bowl
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • Chrome trip lever
  • Why we like it: The flushing system on this toilet is incredibly powerful thanks to its pressure lite tech, which effectively and efficiently flushes everything down for you with the help of pressure.

The style of this toilet is elegant and compact. Featuring a polished chrome trip lever, this tankless toilet has a shorter height than most other toilets. The style is nice but is also very different from standard toilets with tall tanks.

The San Raphael has an elongated bowl, which is more comfortable than the classic round circular toilet bowls. With this bowl includes a French Curve quiet-close toilet seat with quick release functionality. The “quick release” allows for easy removal of the toilet seat for routine cleaning. With the elongated bowl, the toilet measures at 30-inches long.

The “Pressure Lite” flushing technology is what comes with this what some call the best tankless toilet. This technology makes for a very powerful flushing experience that gets all of your waste flushed with a single flush.

Among these features includes the height of this toilet. While the tank is nearly non-existent, the toilet bowl sits higher than the standard height. This is a “Comfort Height” just slightly taller, which makes for relaxed sitting and standing up from the toilet seat.

Finally, this toilet is WaterSense certified. You can be sure that while this toilet has a very powerful high-pressure flushing system, it also remains exceptionally water efficient. You can purchase this toilet with or without expert installation.

Factors to consider for toilets

Here are a few crucial factors to consider for your new toilet:

● Efficiency - Think about the water efficiency of each toilet you consider.
Ease of cleaning - One-piece toilets are easier to clean, and tankless toilets are even easier.
● Ease of use - Get a toilet that is easy to use without features you don’t need.
● Comfortability - Getting a toilet with a comfort-height makes for a more comfortable experience.
● Sleek design - Having a toilet that fits the style, colors, and décor of your bathroom is beneficial and makes the toilet look like it belongs.

Consider your options and understand the features you want and don’t need from your new toilet.

Great tankless toilet

Many people enjoy tankless toilets because of the compact style they provide. This tankless toilet is short and compact but also features an elongated bowl which sticks out further in the front. Although this might seem like a small toilet, it is quite long from front to back. Consider how large your bathroom is and make sure this toilet will fit.


Many colors - With eight color choices, you are sure to find the right fit for your bathroom’s décor and style.
● Tankless - The absence of a tank makes for a sleek look and smaller height.
Seat included - The seat that comes with this toilet allows for easy removal and cleaning and features quiet-close technology for no slamming.
● Powerful flush - The powerful flushing system that includes Pressure Lite flushing technology is also extremely efficient.
WaterSense approved - Efficient water usage is crucial to saving on your water bill. You will be using 20 percent less water than standard 1.6-gallon toilets.
Elongated bowl - The elongated toilet bowl makes for a comfortable sitting experience.


● While the flushing functionality is powerful, it can sometimes leave bits of fragile toilet paper floating behind due to the high-pressure system.
● The toilet is longer at 30-inches from front to back, which may not fit in tiny bathrooms.


Tankless toilets are surely different than toilets that come with tanks. You are opting for a different kind of design and an alternative type of flushing technology. This tankless toilet looks small, which can be something you are looking for. Even with being compact, the elongated bowl makes this a comfortable toilet to sit on. If you want a convenient tankless toilet with a powerful flush that looks great, the Kohler San Rafael is a fantastic choice.

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