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Kohler K-3713-0 Toilet Review

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The Kohler K-3713-0 Toilet remains a great option for individuals that enjoy comfort, cleanliness and efficiency. The height of this toilet makes it ideal for anyone that has a bad back, as the toilet sits at the perfect height. There is little squatting required, which also means that owners do not have to put a lot of strain into getting off the toilet when they are done. Any person that has a hard time getting off the toilet will appreciate this outstanding feature.

Product Overview

Cleanliness is another thing that the manufacturers considered when designing this toilet. When this toilet flushes, it exudes power. The water has the power to push larger loads straight down the toilet, as well as items that may be stuck to the interior of the bowl. This means that owners will spend less time with a plunger or toilet brush in their hands but will still be able to enjoy the same cleanliness that they normally would.

Kohler 528554 K-3713-0

  • 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Comfort Height
  • Two-piece toilet
  • Why we like it: Comfort height toilets are designed to give these individuals comfort when they must use the bathroom. Mobility issues often result in people having a hard time using the bathroom.

Efficiency is the idea behind this toilet. The flushes are full of power, but they still use less water than standard toilets do. Homeowners that strive to be energy efficient or prefer not to waste water appreciate this feature. The constant cleanliness saves money, and time, something that most owners will enjoy saving.

The Importance of Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort height toilets have an important place in the market. These toilets provide stability and comfort for individuals that need it. People that will enjoy a comfort height toilet include:

  • People with mobility issues
  • Anyone with back problems
  • Consumers with knee or leg problems
  • The elderly
  • People that are taller than average

Comfort height toilets are designed to give these individuals comfort when they must use the bathroom. Mobility issues often result in people having a hard time using the bathroom. It can be difficult to move from a wheelchair to a standard height toilet, but comfort height toilets are almost as tall as wheelchairs, making the transition nice and smooth. Back or leg problems can make it difficult to move from a sitting to a standing position, but that is not a problem with comfort height toilets. These toilets sit higher, making it easier to move into a standing position because a person does not have as far to go.

The elderly and people that are taller than average will appreciate those smooth transitions and being able to stand up in one swift motion when they own a taller than average toilet as well.

Owning a comfort height toilet can also eliminate the need for handrails beside the toilet. Often, individuals with mobility problems or the elderly find that these are necessary to properly use the bathroom. With a comfort height toilet, many individuals find that they can use the bathroom on their own, helping them enjoy a feeling of independence and youthfulness that they did not have before.

Saving Water with an Energy Efficient Toilet

Conserving water is no longer just a trend, it is a way of life, and the Kohler toilet embraces that. It uses the least amount of water necessary to shove everything down. The fact that the flushes are so powerful also helps to save water as owners will not waste water unclogging the toilet. Instead, they will enjoy doing their part to have a positive impact on the environment while simultaneously lowering their water bill.

Important Information

Consumers are encouraged to note that the wax ring is usually not included with the purchase of the toilet. Other features are pre-assembled and easy to install, but the wax ring will have to be purchased separately. The toilet seat is also not included in the box.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons that consumers should be aware of before purchasing this toilet. It is important for individuals to carefully consider both to determine whether this product is right for their household.


  • Comfort height
  • Almost everything in the box
  • Does not require a plunger
  • Conserves water
  • Less clogs
  • Available in four colors


  • Additional parts usually required before installation can be completed

When purchasing a toilet, it is important that customers ensure that they have what they need to install the toilet. For example, a toilet seat might not be included. This is common when purchasing a toilet, but it is something that consumers might not be aware of until they receive the box in the mail.


Every person does not need a comfort height toilet, but everyone enjoys being comfortable. No one will want to waste hours of their life scrubbing the inside of a toilet bowl, plunging away at clogs or working to pay an expensive water bill. This is where the Kohler K-3713-0 Toilet comes in. Other consumers are encouraged to take the time to consider other toilets, and what a 10 inch rough in toilet is to make the right decision for their household.

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