Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Kohler K-3946 Review

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Having a toilet with a lot of features is enticing. However, those features must be beneficial to what it is you are looking for in your new toilet. Every toilet has its features and benefits, which can make choosing just one difficult. Are you look for a toilet that has features like comfort, functionality, and performance? The Kohler K-3946 toilet combines performance and functionality, making it an excellent choice.

Product Overview

The Kohler K-3946 is a one-piece toilet that offers a lot of enticing features. The “Comfort Height” feature means higher seating than a standard height toilet making sitting and standing more comfortable for adults. This toilet compares to the seating height of a chair.

A toilet seat is included with this toilet and comes with grip-tight cachet Q3 technology allowing the seat to quietly close. You can then quickly and easily unlatch the seat, which makes for quick and painless cleaning.

KOHLER K-3946-47 Adair

  • Grip-Tight Cachet Q3 functionality
  • AquaPiston canister
  • Gravity Flush Toilet
  • Why we like it: The best feature this toilet has to offer is the use of an AquaPiston canister because it allows for 360° water flow—this increases the toilet’s flushing power and effectiveness. 

The Kohler K-3946 is WaterSense certified, which meets the EPA’s strict flushing guidelines. The toilet uses 80% of the flush of a typical 1.6-gallon toilet, making this extremely efficient.

On top of efficiency, this toilet is also practical. Included is the AquaPiston canister, which enables water to move through the bowl from all sides. This efficiency dramatically increases the effectiveness and power of each flush. The canister also features seal material that is 90% less exposed than a regular 3-inch flapper. This feature allows for a leak-free performance every time.

Compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet, this 1.28-gallon flush provides 16,500 gallons of water savings per year. That’s a huge deal when you consider it sacrifices no performance whatsoever.

Factors to consider for toilets

There are many different factors to consider when choosing toilets. These are the most critical factors to consider. Use this list to make choosing the right toilet for you an easy process.

Here are a few crucial factors to consider for your new toilet:

Efficiency - How powerful is the flushing, and is it water efficient?
Ease of cleaning - How often must you clean your toilet and how simple is it?
Ease of use - How easy and accessible is the toilet to use?
Comfortability - What is comfort like when sitting on the toilet?
Sleek design - Does the toilet match with what you want from its design?

Think about the most critical factors that matter to you and use this list to ask yourself these questions. Using this list will help you figure out what exactly you want from your new toilet.

Highly efficient toilet

Different toilets have different features. While certain features may seem enticing, taking note of what you want out of your new toilet makes for a better decision.

The Kohler K-3946 is a top-rated ceramic toilet that can save you a lot of money over the years. Besides the variety of other features, the most enticing is its efficiency. It’s hard to compare the effectiveness of this toilet with any other when you look at just how much money you can save over time.

What makes this toilet so efficient is the 1.28-gallon flush. A standard 3.5-gallon toilet uses an average of 16,500 gallons more than this toilet, yet the performance remains the same. The AquaPiston canister allows water to flow through the bowl from all sides. This action dramatically increases the power and therefore, the effectiveness of each flush.

On average, this could save you between $100 to $200 per year. It’s features like these that sometimes go unnoticed by the average consumer. When you realize just how much you can save without sacrificing performance, it may become one of your top priorities when choosing your next toilet.


Great height - The “Comfort Height” feature makes it easy for adults to sit on and stand up from this toilet.
Sleek design - The one-piece design looks attractive and also makes it easier to clean the outside surface.
WaterSense certified - This toilet uses at least 20 percent less water than 1.6-gallon toilets.
● Effective flushing - The AquaPiston canister increases the power and effectiveness of each flush, which also helps deter stains and bacteria growth.
● Leak-free - With 90% less exposed seal material, this canister design provides leak-free performance.
● Seat included - This toilet consists of a toilet seat with grip-tight cachet Q3 functionality so you can unlatch the seat for easy cleaning.


● Although this toilet can save you lots of money because of its efficient flushing system, some people would rather have a larger toilet.


Out of all the different features toilets have, the critical element of this toilet is its performance and effectiveness. You won’t find a toilet of this size that performs as well. Even with the smaller size of this toilet, it stays effective with its AquaPiston canister flushing power. If you want a smaller toilet that performs as effectively as larger toilets, the Kohler K-3946 is the perfect choice.

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