Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Kohler K-6299 Veil Wall-Mounted Toilet Bowl Review

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Wall mounted toilets are a newer option in the United States, but one that many people are adopting. Wall hung toilets are great for homes with small bathrooms because they have very small footprints. They usually don’t require a lot of room for installation, and the small footprint means they don’t need a lot of room to use them. When it comes to a great wall-mounted toilet bowl, the Kohler K-6299 Veil is a great choice.

Product Details

This is a great wall mounted toilet brought to you by Kohler, one of the best known names in the toilet business. While a wall-mounted toilet isn’t for everyone, this sleek one-piece unit is great. There is a dual flush activator that lets you choose how much water you want to use. For the K-6299 Veil, your options are 0.8 gallons for a half-flush to deal with liquids, or 1.6 gallons for bulk waste. This lets you save water when you don’t need to use it.

Kohler K-6299-0 Veil

  • One-piece wall-hung toilet
  • Compact elongated bowl
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Why we like it: This one-piece toilet has an elongated toilet bowl that is super comfortable and takes up minimal space.

When used in conjunction with a Kohler in-wall tank carrier, this toilet can be wall mounted at nearly any comfortable height. If you have small children, choose a lower height at 15-3/8 inch. If you are elderly or installing it for someone who is mobility challenged, you can install it as high as 28-1/2 inches from the floor. If you’re extremely tall, this is probably a game changer for you. You won’t have to hunch over to use the bathroom with your knees around your shoulders.

It should be noted that the higher mounting heights are fully ADA- compliant, so anytime you put the seat at a comfort seating height, you can be assured that your business or home fulfill those requirements.
When it comes to flushing, the Veil has a large flush valve, so the gravity assisted flush is extremely powerful despite using such a small amount of water.

Challenges Around Wall-Mounted Toilets

With as great as wall mounted toilets are, you may wonder why everyone hasn’t gotten one by now. There are a few reasons for this that we’ll cover here:

Installation can be a challenge. When you’re installing a wall mounted toilet, you have to install an in-wall tank. This plastic reservoir is held in place by a steel frame that has to bear the weight of the seat and the person using it. That mean that studs may have to be changed, or even the entire wall must be reframed.
Plumbing changes – Not just the wall needs changed. Most toilets are designed for bottom or floor discharge. So if your drain pipe is currently in the floor, it has to be changed to go to the wall. In most cases, that means you have to cut and seal the existing drain and then run a new line to the wall. These two installation costs can be almost twice what the cost of the toilet is.
Repairs – If something goes wrong with a wall mounted toilet, performing a repair can be difficult. Usually the only access to the tank and the wet wall is through the flush buttons. That access panel might only be the size of one person’s hand. So you can imagine how difficult it can be to diagnose something, let alone repair it.
Wear and Tear – In some cases, a wall mounted toilet works its way loose over time. That happens because the bolts don’t have the right torque applied or the right lock nuts were not used. If this happens, you might need to have the bowl rehung, which means cutting open the drywall, remounting, and then repairing the new patch.
● Costs – By far the biggest barrier to people getting a wall hung toilet is the cost. When you factor in the cost of the toilet (which usually does not include the tank or the carrier) and all the necessary accessories, as well as installation costs, some people prefer to go the standard route.


● Easy to clean the floor with no base to navigate around
● When installed, you can adjust the height to whatever you want it to be for your needs, from 15-3/8 inch to 28-1/2 inches high.
● Less surface area means that there is less to clean
● Elongated bowl means it is more comfortable to sit on
● Mounting hardware is completely concealed, so the finished look is sleek and clean
● Dual flush option means you can save even more water than usual


● Installation requires a bit of modification to existing plumbing
● Repairs are more expensive


If you’re looking for a sleek space saving toilet, the Kohler K-6299 is a great option. With the concealed mounting hardware and the ability to mount anywhere from 15 to 28 inches high, it’s a versatile choice for any bathroom. If you’d like to see other non-wall mounted options that might suit your needs we have a bevy of toilet reviews and buying guides as well.

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