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Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height Toilet Review

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When you’re shopping for a new toilet, you may run into some features that you aren’t aware of. One of these is the comfort height feature. This puts the toilet at a height that is more comfortable for adults and others to sit down and stand up from. Once you think about it, you realize that it just makes sense. As a mid-range toilet with some outstanding features, the Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height toilet is a great look for many bathrooms.

Product Overview

Some features that this toilet brings to the table include:

● Single flush high efficiency toilet uses gravity assisted flushing to create a strong suction and incredible flushing power using only 1.28 gallons per flush.
● AquaPiston canister in the tank pushes water into the bowl from all sides and requires less force to activate than a standard flapper design.
● The flush valve has a 3:2 ratio to improve flush performance

KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Toilet

  • Polished Chrome trip lever
  • Single-flush gravity
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Why we like it: Elegant in design and cost-effective, the KOHLER Memoirs offer efficiency and style all in one. It’s easy to install with a light touch canister flush that makes it easy to use.

Some other features of the Memoirs toilet include the concealed trapway, which helps make cleaning easier and an elongated bowl. Elongated bowls offer more comfortable seating, especially for men, as it gives more room up front when sitting down.

The dimensions of this toilet are generous without being greedy for space. It has a standard 12-inch rough in with a depth of 29-5/8 inches. The largest width is 18-7/8 inches, while the pedestal is only 11-3/8 inches wide. The tank has a height of 31-7/16 inches, and the flush lever is located on the left side of the tank.

What is the Difference Between Comfort Height and ADA Height?

You will often hear the terms comfort height and ADA-compliant used interchangeably. Here is the ADA height explained in a nutshell. There are specific building codes that apply to the American Disabilities Act. Some of these rules mandate that there must be a ramp of a certain dimension, or that countertops be of a certain height. ADA regulations also define clearances in buildings so that people in wheelchairs have enough room to turn around easily.

When it comes to toilet seat height, the ADA has declared that to be considered compliant, ADA accessible toilets must have the top of the seat between 17 and 19 inches high from the floor level. This is to allow an easy transition for wheelchair bound users. For a toilet to be compliant for children under the age of 12, the top of the seat must be 11 to 17 inches from the floor.

There are numerous other regulations in place for a bathroom to be ADA compliant, these regulations just deal with the height of the toilet seat. Others deal with urinal placement, grab bars, and where toilet paper dispensers should be located.

What is the AquaPiston Flushing Technology?

Most toilets use a flapper to release the water into the bowl when flushing. But no matter how large the flapper, you run into a point where you can’t get any more flushing power by just dumping the water out. The Kohler AquaPiston uses a flush canister to push the water out of the tank.
When the flush lever is depressed, the piston lifts, revealing a funnel opening. The funnel top has a 3:2 ratio with the bottom. The funnel is also gently curved, so as water rushes in, it replicates a waterfall action. This gives a gravity assist to the water, allowing it to accelerate out of the tank and through the rim outlets.

If you’re worried about the extra parts making the Memoirs Comfort Height more difficult to repair, you needn’t worry. The AquaPiston has modular pieces that are easy to remove and replace in the event you need to repair the system.

Saving Money

When it comes to a high efficiency toilet, one key feature is that it can save you money. The money you save isn’t just from reducing the amount of water you use. In many cases, a high efficiency toilet is eligible for tax credits or rebates. The EPA maintains a database of participating vendors and their rebates and offers here. It might not be much, but every little bit helps.


● Comfort Height seating offers more comfortable seat height for adults
● Exceptional price for the features offered
● AquaPiston flush technology
● High Efficiency toilet only uses 1.28 gallons per flush
● Complies with EPA WaterSense regulations


● Does not have Kohler’s CleanCoat technology


When you’re looking for an upgrade to your existing toilet, it can be easy to get confused. After all, there are a wide range of large toilets to choose from. But as a mid-range model with some great features, the Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height toilet is a great option to put in your bathroom. As an adult, you’ll appreciate the taller seat, especially at night when you sit down and get back up.

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