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Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review

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If you happen to be in the market for a new toilet than look no further than the Kohler Memoirs toilet. A toilet that is as functional as it is affordable. The Kohler Memoirs toilet is an excellent replacement toilet. Whether it is for your big master bathroom or your very tiny bathroom that nobody hardly uses, if you need a replacement toilet, this is the one for you.

The size of the Kohler Memoirs toilet makes it great for small bathrooms. This feature makes it a favorite for customers looking for a new toilet. It has been said that the Kohler Memoirs toilet is the best two piece toilet on the market today.

Kohler K-3933-RA-0 Memoirs

  • AquaPiston canister
  • Round-front bowl
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Why we like it: Water flows throughout the bowl its entire 360 degrees, offering the best coverage of any toilet on the list when cleaning the bowl. 

Features of the Kohler Memoirs Toilet

The Kohler Memoirs toilet has a round front bowl on it that makes it the perfect toilet to install in smaller powder rooms and bathrooms. The toilet's comfort height feature is great for older adults that have a hard time sitting down and standing up to use the bathroom.

The Kohler Memoirs toilet comes equipped with an aqua piston canister, which allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides. This is a great feature that enables the toilet to flush correctly and that also helps to maintain the toilet bowl cleanliness that you desire. Most toilets only come in one or two colors, but The Kohler Memoirs toilet comes in five different colors. So you are sure to find the one that will match your bathroom perfectly. The colors are:

● White
● Almond
● Biscuit
● Ice Gray
● Black

With all the great color choices and the very affordable price of the Kohler Memoirs toilet, you won't be disappointed with buying and installing this toilet. Although the many different color options are great, there are many other great reasons to buy this new toilet.

The overall weight of the Kohler Memoirs toilet is something to be excited about. Toilets can frequently be pretty heavy. But not the Kohler Memoirs toilet. This toilet only weighs 99lbs. So it can be easily moved and installed in your bathroom with little stress and strain. The dimensions of the Kohler Memoirs toilet are 18.9 x 28.4 x 31.1 inches. So it is perfect for bathrooms on the smaller side.

Pros of the Kohler Memoirs Toilet

There are many pros to buying and installing the Kohler Memoirs toilet in your new bathroom. Advantages that make this the perfect toilet for your home remodeling project. The pros of hiring the Kohler Memoirs toilets are:

● The Small Bowl- The smaller bowl on this toilet makes it the perfect toilet for any room, big or small. If you need a new toilet for a very small bathroom, then you found the ideal toilet for the job.
● The Comfort Height Feature- The comfort height feature makes this a great toilet to install for seniors or for older adults who have a harder time sitting down or standing up.
● The Aqua piston canister- The aqua piston canister makes this toilet an excellent option for anyone in the market for a new toilet. The aqua piston canister increases the power of the flush to ensure that everything that is flushed goes down very smoothly.
The Color Options- Everybody likes color choices, and the Kohler Memoirs toilet allows you to choose a toilet in five different colors. White, Black, Biscuit, Almond, or Ice Gray.

Cons of the Kohler Memoirs Toilet

Nobody likes to talk about the drawbacks of a product. And there aren’t very many that can be found about the Kohler Memoirs Toilet. But there are a few cons that might make this the toilet that you shouldn’t buy. But its nothing too serious. The cons of the Kohler Memoirs toilet are:

● The Size of The Bowl- Although the size of the bowl is perfect for smaller bathrooms, this probably wouldn’t be a great first choice for larger bathrooms. If you have a very huge bathroom, the appearance of this smaller toilet may seem a bit off. But it is great for small bathrooms.
● The Handle- Although there is nothing wrong with the chrome handle of this toilet. It won't be the right choice for consumers that want the dual, two-button push flush. But other than that. The handle on this toilet is perfectly fine.
● The Toilet Seat- There isn’t anything too wrong with the toilet seat of this toilet. It just doesn’t come with one when you purchase it. But this could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

The Summary

Overall, the Kohler Memoirs toilet is an excellent toilet to purchase if you are in need of a toilet. The price of this toilet isn’t very high, and the power of the flushes won't leave you disappointed. As long as you are installing this toilet in a smaller sized bathroom, then it is the perfect toilet for you.

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