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Kohler Wellworth Dual Flush Toilet Review

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As a compact model, the Kohler Wellworth dual flush toilet is a little larger, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthy entry into this category. It does still have a 12-inch rough in, but the slim form factor will allow it to fit into most places. The overall dimensions for this model are 27-3/4 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 29-1/4 inches tall.

Product Overview

The flush handle for the dual flush toilet is on the left instead of being buttons on the top. That means that you can use the top of the tank for storage if you so desire. As a dual-flush toilet, this model is a water saver. For the half-flush, you only use 1.1 gallons. For a full flush you use the full 1.6 gallons. It is estimated that you can save more than 4,000 gallons per toilet per year by using the 1.1 gallon half-flush.

The rim is standard height, measuring 14-1/2 inches from the floor, meaning that with a standard seat, it is not ADA compliant. It is easier for small children to use, however, so this is a great choice for a family second bathroom.

This Wellworth toilet uses the Class Five flush technology from Kohler. According to Kohler, it uses a large flush valve in combination with a direct jet feed to maximize water flow.

KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth Toilet

  • Round front bowl
  • Two piece toilet
  • List Element
  • Why we like it: This product sports Class Five flushing technology, designed for the best flushing performance. The large flush valve works together with a jet, which is fed water directly. 

What is a Siphon Flush

A siphon flushing system is an addition to dual flush toilets to help them make the most of that small amount of water they use. Essentially what happens is that when the bowl is made, a small pocket is formed in the front that is aimed at the rear drain. When water hits that pocket, it is immediately diverted straight down that tunnel.

Because of the cohesive property of water (that is, water likes to cling to water), where some water goes, the rest will follow. The water goes out quickly and forms a vacuum that pulls the rest of the water with it. And that water grabs every other bit of water that’s swirling around, leading to a highly efficient flush.

In a test done by the University of Washington, they got one siphon activated toilet to suck up 40 feet of toilet paper in a single flush. That’s a lot of flushing power just from a small design change.

What is a Dual Flush Toilet?

A dual flush toilet has two separate modes of flushing. One is for solids and uses a full flush, or all the water in the reservoir. The other mode is for liquids and uses roughly half the water. There are a lot of benefits to dual flush toilets, including:

● Fewer Clogs – a higher efficiency flush means less things get stuck in the drain
● Better for the Environment – Because you’re using less water, that means that you’re wasting less water.
● Cost Savings – That lower amount of water you’re using translates directly to savings in your wallet
Maintenance is Easier – While the systems may look fancy at first, they really aren’t that complicated and many use much of the same technology as older toilets. And the new non-porous glazes on ceramic that most manufacturers use now make cleaning a snap and keeping the toilet clean even easier.

If you’re curious about how much money you can actually save, consider that the average person flushes the toilet five times per day. That means that by using the half flush on this model, you’re using half a gallon less of water every time. That will add up over a year, and depending on the cost of water in your city can be a substantial savings.

Additionally, many dual flush toilets qualify a homeowner for a tax credit or rebate. In some cases you can apply the cost of the toilet toward an overall energy efficiency remodel which can save you a bundle come tax season.


● Dual flush offers choice between 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush
● Complies with EPA WaterSense Standards
● Large glazed trapway for efficient waste removal
● Class Five flushing uses an extra-large flush valve to enhance flushing power
● DryLock system allows tank to attach to bowl with no bolt holes in the tank


● Seat not included in purchase
● Rim is 14-1/2 inches from floor, so toilet is not ADA-compliant


There are many compact toilets if you are looking to save space, and the Kohler Wellworth dual flush model is a great choice. With dimensions of only 27-3/4 inches by 18 inches wide by 29-1/4 inches tall, it will fit into most smaller spaces. It does have a standard 12-inch rough in, but that shouldn’t prevent you from looking at this series for a great compact toilet. As always, we have numerous other models that you can look at as alternatives.

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