Last Updated : November 18, 2020

Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW Review

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The Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is a well-designed macerating toilet system that takes your waste and turns it into wastewater with its RazorCut blades. This model has a lot of sought after features that users rave about.

Product Overview

This is a top-rated macerating toilet that has features including high-quality maceration of waste and impeccable water-efficiency. The water-efficiency is something that not all macerating toilets have. The Ascent II features a 1.28 GPF flushing system. This 1.28 gallons per flush makes this more water-efficient than most other macerating toilets. This water-saving toilet has been given the WaterSense certification. Besides saving money and water, the Ascent II also has an improved flush experience.

This macerating toilet will flush all of your waste out of the back of the toilet into the pump. The macerator will cut through all your waste and toilet paper, turning it into wastewater. It will pump out this wastewater into the sewer line. The toilet can pump up to 150 feet horizontally and 25 feet vertically through a one-inch discharge pipe.

Liberty Pumps Ascent II

  • RazorCut technology
  • 1.28 GPF high efficiency toilet
  • Amperage Capacity: 8 A
  • Why we like it: This toilet features innovative RazorCut tech for optimal waster maceration and overall effectiveness.

The features don’t stop there. The Ascent II also includes IST solid state switching, a built-in alarm, LED lights, and an external touchpad for the alarm system. The macerating pump also has an insulated tank to eliminate sweating that could occur in other units. The toilet seat is included in this system as well. The one thing that makes the Ascent II ESW better than the Ascent II RSW is the elongated toilet bowl. Many people seek toilets with elongated bowls because of the style and comfort that come with them. Overall, the Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW is a high-quality toilet that provides all the features you need.

How this macerating toilet works

This macerating toilet works precisely the same as Liberty Ascent II’s “RSW” model. The only difference between models is that this model has an elongated toilet bowl. In general, a macerating toilet is different from a standard toilet. With a standard toilet, it flushes the waste and water gravitationally downward where it continues down and out to the sewer. With a macerating toilet, waste and water are discharged out of the back of the toilet into the macerator.

Here’s how to operate the Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW:

  • Ensure the toilet and tank have been assembled properly.
  • Ensure that the gate valve in the discharge line is in full flow position.
  • Open the shut-off valve and let the tank fill up to the top.
  • Ensure the macerating unit is plugged in, and that the power supply is turned on.
  • Once the macerator is connected to AC power supply, install the 9V battery.
  • Place a few toilet paper sheets into the bowl and flush.
  • Repeat these steps to make sure the toilet is functioning properly.

Once you’ve repeated these steps at least twice to ensure your toilet is working correctly, it is then ready to use.

How to install the Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW

The installation of this toilet system is simple. Follow along with the installation manual that comes with the unit. Here are the general install instructions:

Place macerator in the location of your choice (inside the wall or behind the toilet) and connect the inlet and outlet waste pipes to the unit.

  • Assemble the macerating toilet bowl.
  • Mount the toilet to the floor.
  • Connect toilet to macerator (either behind the toilet or behind the wall).
  • Place the toilet over the holes on the floor. Tighten lag screws.
  • Connect water supply line to fill valve (located directly below the flush lever).

If you have issues with installation, the toilet kit comes with a manual that is straightforward and easy to follow.


● The style of this toilet is excellent, and the macerator can be installed behind the toilet or the wall.
● Easy installation - The installation is easier than a standard toilet hookup.
RazorCut technology - The macerator has exceptional quality with its RazorCut technology.
● Efficiency - The toilet is exceptionally water-efficient and carries WaterSense certification.
● 1.28 gallons per flush makes this a highly efficient macerating system.
● Elongated bowl - This Ascent II model that has the elongated bowl is sought after because of the quality and comfort associated with it.


● To hide the macerator inside the wall, you must purchase an extension pipe.


The Liberty Pumps Ascent II ESW with the elongated bowl is a high-quality toilet system that looks great, too. The best thing about its macerator is the RazorCut technology for the blades. This technology goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality macerating blades you could ask for. The water efficiency with 1.28 GPF is perfect for those who want to save water and money, and the installation is straightforward. If you are looking for a macerating toilet that looks great and works phenomenally, the Liberty Pumps Elongated Ascent II is a solid choice.

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