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Expensive ToiletsExpensive Toilets

Whether replacing an old toilet or building a new bathroom, most householders have to make the purchase within budgeted limits. To assist with the decision of which toilet best meets the needs of the household, we have reviewed toilets in three price categories. Each has products available from all leading manufacturers and in designs that should appeal to the prospective buyer in whatever price range he purchases.

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Toilets Under $1000Toilets Under $1000

Toilets under $1000 are available in a wide range of seamless modern designs. The one-piece construction looks great and is easy to keep clean and bacteria free. In this price range, the manufacturers have thrown in many of their most innovative designs and technology. Buyers in this price range will be spoiled for choice.

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Toilets Under $500Toilets Under $500

All major manufacturers have something on offer in the under $500 range. With a range of flushing systems and both one and two-piece designs, there is a toilet in this range to meet the needs of every household.

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Toilets Under $200Toilets Under $200

The buyer with a limited budget need not sacrifice style or quality, as there is an adequate range of toilets available at under $200. The flushing systems boast twenty-first century technology powerful yet efficient and there is a range of designs to choose from.

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