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Renovator’s Supply Elongated Corner Mount Dual Flush Toilet Review

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It can be difficult to find bathroom fixtures that are comfortable, efficient, and suited for small spaces. If you are trying to wisely use available space and water, a dual-flush corner toilet may be the perfect fit. Featuring a stylish elongated shape and extra-high seat, the Renovator’s Supply Elongated Dual Flush Corner Toilet is among the best in terms of corner toilet reviews.

Product Overview

Designed to last for years, this is a tough and durable toilet. Its surface is covered by a unique coating called Reno-gloss that resists scratches and stains. Nearly every bathroom can be complemented by the shiny white finish and classy elongated shape.

Renovator’s Supply Elongated

  • Seat Height 16in
  • White Grade A Vitreous China
  • Scratch and stain proof finish
  • Why we like it:  One button will flush 0.8 gallons for liquid waste, and the other provides 1.8 gallons for solid waste.

The toilet can fit snugly in a bathroom corner thanks to its triangle-shaped tank. Whether you have little space to work with or just want your bathroom to feel bigger, this toilet should do the trick.

If you want to reduce your water consumption and cut your utility expenses, a dual-flush system reduces water usage significantly. Instead of a single lever, the top of the tank has two buttons. You can choose the right volume of water every time you flush, saving a substantial amount of water in the long run.

With an extra-high seat, you can enjoy saving space in your bathroom without sacrificing comfort.

The advantages of a dual-flush system

You may be surprised to learn that every flush of a conventional toilet consumes around five gallons of fresh water. That means that over the course of a toilet’s lifespan, it can waste thousands of gallons of water! This excessive water usage becomes a problem in the form of costly utility bills and unnecessary environmental impact, since water is a limited resource.

By making the switch from a conventional toilet to a more efficient dual-flush version, you can avoid wasting up to 25,000 gallons of water per year!

Since you don’t have to sacrifice performance with the dual-flush system, saving water can be practically effortless. This means that you can easily reduce your entire family’s impact on the environment and reduce your spending on utility bills for many years.

Clearly, reducing water consumption by purchasing a dual-flush toilet is one of the smartest choices you can make for your home, your wallet, and the planet.

Toilet features

Founded in 1978, Renovator’s Supply is a home improvement supplier with excellent high ratings. For all issues with installation or questions regarding your new toilet, they have very good customer service.

Because this toilet comes with just two pieces, assembly and installation are simple and straightforward. Unlike many models, this toilet includes the seat along with the tank and bowl. You will have all the parts you need except for bolt covers and floor bolts, which you’ll have to purchase on your own.

Similar to most typical conventional toilets, the flushing mechanism of this toilet is gravity-fed. Gravity-fed toilets have easier and less costly maintenance than toilets with a pressure-assisted system. This model also has a standard 12” rough-in, so replacing old toilets is no problem.

To operate the dual-flush feature, the top of this tank features two chrome-finish buttons instead of a handle. One button will flush 0.8 gallons for liquid waste, and the other provides 1.8 gallons for solid waste. The buttons allow for only one flush at a time, even if pressed together.


The corner mount design and modest dimensions of this toilet are ideal for maximizing space in small bathrooms. Here are the dimensions:

● 32-1/4″ tall
● 19″ wide
● 33-3/4″ from the front to the wall
● 16″ seat height


Dual-flush system – A more efficient flush helps you reduce your water bills and reduce your household’s impact on the environment.
● Corner mount design – This toilet takes up minimal space, making tiny bathrooms feel bigger.
Vitreous china coating and Reno-Gloss finish – The surface of the toilet is resisant to stains and scratches, so it can look new for years to come.
Taller seat height – The 16” seat height is more comfortable than the standard 14-⅛” seats on conventional toilets.
● Elongated shape – The oval shape of the bowl is stylish and visually appealing.


● The plastic seat – The type of seat is easier on the china bowl when the lid is being closed. However, some people may prefer a porcelain-coated seat.
● Tank bolt material – The bolts for the tank are also made of plastic. Some people may wish to exchange these for brass or other metal bolts.


Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean that the room has to be cramped or uncomfortable. For a durable, efficient toilet that makes the most of your space and looks good doing it, Renovator’s Supply Elongated Dual Flush Corner Toilet may the perfect option for you.

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