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Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 Review

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The high priced Sanicompact is part of a wave of tankless toilets that are catching interest in residential areas. Besides working great for smaller areas, it also has the full function of a toilet and is better equipped for getting rid of waste. The suitable dimensions of the toilet lets you decorate your bathroom however you want, and it also works great in smaller half bathrooms. To build on that there is also the option to add an extra accessory or two to turn the toilet into a one stop shop for all of your bathroom needs. That option is available and won’t take up as much space as adding the other equipment as a standalone appliance. Buyers interested in the extra accessory will have plenty of documentation and videos on how to do the install.

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Toilet

  • 1-Gallon of water per flush
  • Bowl Height without Seat:18.5 inches
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Why we like it: Like some other items on this list, it is a tankless design that can fit in smaller-than-average bathrooms without seeming cramped. 

Compared to other big name brand toilets on the market, the Sanicompact uses a lot less water per flush. If you are sick and tired of a high water bill from less efficient toilets then you will love this model and its automated ability to use as little water as possible. This feature lasts for the life of the device without any deterioration due to the parts getting old. The company even added in some chrome elements to make the toilet more attractive, and it does wonders. The seat is included and as a package this is a greatly designed product from top to bottom. It won’t function as a centerpiece in the bathroom, but it also won’t stand out like a sore thumb. Saniflo made a good decision in marketing this toilet, which will hopefully be the start of a brand new line from the company.

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 Review

Best Features

The white finish is pristine from top to bottom and illustrates just how far Saniflo wanted to go to show their dominance in the industry. This is all while using materials the likes of Vitreous China polypropylene, stainless steel and also neoprene construction. All of these pieces add to both the beauty and durability of the total package. Toilets with tanks often take up extra space that is not needed, and all while working on an old out of date technology.

This toilet not only uses newer technology, but gets rid of the tank completely and adds in a self-contained macerating unit that uses only 1 gallon of water per flush. It gets rid of waste more efficiently without clogging up, and all without a tank. Even the heaviest of waste goes down without an issue and uses the same 1 gallon per flush each and every time. Buyers that are conscious about their water usage will notice an immediate improvement after a week of using this toilet. Because of the size of the toilet it is also a prime candidate for users that have troubles using bigger toilets with the extra dimensions.

Installation can occur in several locations like the upper floor, ground floor, basement, garage and even a loft/attic. Additional locations in the home like a half bathroom instantly gains you more space when you take out the older larger toilet.

A demonstration of how powerful the flushing action is on this toilet would be that it can handle the effluent from both a toilet and a sink. Using the built in macerating pump cycle, a single press of the button at the top of the bowl will put into action one of the most powerful waste removers on the market. To further help save you space in the bathroom, the discharge elbow is able to rotate 360 degrees so that it can be installed on any type of pipe.

If you’ve had problems in the past with tricky pipe installs then this will be a big breath of fresh air for you. Backflow is prevented with a non-return valve that is built into the discharge elbow and requires no additional steps to get functioning. With the above assembly in full effect the toilet does not need to be vented or connected to a vent stack. The requirements are so low on this item, but the return is extremely high.

Things to Know

It only weighs 62.2 pounds and has products dimensions of 18.2x14.5x15.8, which is a good sampling size of how much space it will take before installing it. Adding to the wow factor of the product is that its origin is france, which explains the incredible design choice. There is a great 2 year warranty on this product which puts it at the above average range to the other warranties on the market. In our guide to compact toilets we have a wide range of high quality small toilets for your to choose from.

It’s about good as you’re going to get without being in the uber range of about 10 years from the more ambitious providers. When installing the unit for the first time, make sure to have the seat fully installed before placing the toilet. If you make the mistake of doing the seat last then you’ll run into a problem with getting to the fasteners that may now be out of reach.

It’s still possible to install the seat after the toilet, but it’s also a lot trickier than it needs to be. Buyers that have hard water may suffer hard water buildup over time, but getting rid of the scale is very easy with this toilet. Using either a home remedy vinegar option or a professional descaler, it takes less than a couple of minutes to eat away at the scale and completely flush it out of the system. There is even an option to purchase descaler from Saniflo that is meant specifically for this toilet if you’re afraid of using other options. Creative consumers will be able to rewire the unit to work in an RV, making it a one of a kind find for those ambitious enough.

Having this toilet in the usually cramped RV bath would be a great asset, so make the purchase if you have the know-how. Noise level is not bad at all on this little toilet, and it last for about 10-15 seconds as it preps and gets rid of waste.

Best Comparison

The most direct comparison could be any of the several one piece tankless toilets on the market but as you know a tankless toilet takes less space, but this one is unique from the rest because of its built in macerator. Of all of the toilets on the market, the few that have a built in macerator and are of great quality is down to maybe 2, and 3 if you want to be generous. The Sanicompact has a bunch of marvelous features and they are all packed into this small toilet for a one of a kind experience.

Price Changes

The popularity of the product has reached worldwide, and although there are more in stock the price is more than likely going to remain the same throughout the week. Buyers that plan on doing the RV mod may want to make the purchase early so that it is ready to go in time, while others can look around and compare it to the other one piece tankless models available.


One of a kind products that do it all are few and far between. The best thing about the Sanicompact may be the built in macerator, but that isn’t the only reason to own this world class toilet. YThe price is just right for consumers that want quality, and road warriors that need smaller options for their bathrooms. If this model does not fit you then you can of course read toilet reviews and compare toilet features and take a look at some other options we have. Once you get this little thing installed and use it for a while there will be no going back to traditional toilets.

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