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Toto Aquia Dual Flush Toilet Review

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Toto is a name that is synonymous with quality, and this mid-range compact toilet is no exception. The Toto Aquia Close Coupled toilet is a great toilet for small bathrooms. It comes in five different finishes to match all types of décor. These include:

● #01 Cotton
● #03 Bone
● #11 Colonial White
● #12 Sedona Beige
● #51 Ebony

Product Overview

This toilet is a dual flush system offering two volumes of water for different needs. The half flush only uses 0.9 gallons, while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons per flush. You can use the half flush for liquid wastes and the full flush is used for solid wastes. When you consider that water efficient toilets can reduce your energy bill, that’s a great feature. The Toto Aquia system uses the Dual Max flushing system which balances the bowl and trapway design to maximize flushing power.

TOTO Aquia

  • Dual-Max flushing system
  • 12-Inch rough-in
  • Elongated skirt
  • Why we like it: The dual flush setting is controlled by a sleek and easy to use chrome push button located at the top of the tank.

This compact model uses a push button to activate the flush, and has an elongated bowl for seating comfort. The overall dimensions of this toilet are 27-5/8 inches deep, 15-3/8 inches wide, and 31-3/8 inches tall. The seat height is at a comfort-height level at 17-3/8 inches. This makes it fully ADA compliant as well.

What to Know When Installing Your New Toilet

When it comes to putting in your own toilet, it’s not that difficult as long as you remember a few tips. If you’re a DIY’er, then there’s no reason you can’t install an upgraded toilet. Here are some things to keep in mind:

● Read the Manual – RTM as they say isn’t just for newbies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve installed a hundred toilets before; you should always read the manual so you know the installation steps ahead of time. There’s always a chance that you need to install some widget that wasn’t in a previous model. And the worst time to figure that out is after you’ve attached the water line and refilled the bowl.
Use a blanket – Porcelain is brittle and will chip if it hits the floor wrong. It’s also extremely heavy and will damage your floor. The best way to protect them both is with an old blanket. Wrap the blanket around the toilet a few times or use it to pad the area you’re working in. It only take one bad bounce for you to realize its worth.
Use Proper Protection – Wear boots, use gloves, and wear eye protection when installing a toilet. Things will drip, fall, and the proper gear will protect you from nasty cuts and a crushed toe or two.
As with anything, if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, get a professional in to do it for you. You can watch what they’re doing and pick up a tip or two so the next time, you can do it yourself.

Cleaning Your Dual Flush Toilet

It’s something that everyone dreads: cleaning the toilet. After all, nearly everyone has a memory of a hard water stained bowl that you had to scrub and scrub with harsh chemicals and abrasives every week to keep clean. Modern toilets, thankfully, make it a lot easier to clean and keep them clean.

One of the best new advances has to be the new coatings and glazings that companies use in modern ceramics. These coatings make the material of the bowl non-porous so nothing can get into the material and stain. And better yet, the coating makes the surface extremely slippery so no solid waste will stick.

Additionally, most toilets now have elongated bowls that reduce the sharp angles that hid dirt. Now you can wipe things clean and see what you’re dealing with. The drain traps are also coated and smooth so you don’t have to scrub them furiously to get them clean.

More efficient flushing also means less residue gets left behind. And less residue means that you don’t have to worry about mildew or funky brown growth in the water, which means cleaning is much easier in the long run.


● Dual flush technology allows you to save water
● Compact design allows toilet to be put into small spaces
● Vitreous china coating helps keep bowl and porcelain clean
● Elongated bowl design improves seating comfort


● Universal height seat may be too tall for children to use comfortably
● Toilet still has 12-inch rough in


If you have a smaller space where you need to fit a smaller toilet, the Toto Aquia is a great option. With a slim design and elongated bowl, you combine comfort with a smaller footprint. Of course you also get all of the quality that the Toto name implies, so you can trust the longevity and build quality of this unit. And if you still aren’t completely sold, take a look at our other toilet reviews to help you pick out the absolute best one for your needs.

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