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TOTO Aquia II 2-Piece Toilet Review

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The TOTO Aquia II is the toilet that you have been searching for. When it comes time to give your bathroom a complete makeover, it can be a little overwhelming. Especially with how many toilets there are on the market today. You can put all of your worries behind you with the TOTO Aquia II. This is an overall great toilet and once installed, you will quickly forget that old toilet that you once had.

The TOTO Aqua II is the best 2 piece toilet available on the market today. When it comes to having it all, the TOTO Aqua II has it. It has a great appearance and great functionality. If you purchase one of these toilets, you will definitely not be disappointed. There are many reasons why this is a great toilet, here are some of those reasons.

TOTO Aquia II Appearance

How the toilet functions is probably the most important part of shopping for a new toilet, but the appearance of it is just as important as the functionality. The TOTO Aquia II is a very sleek looking toilet, and you will not be disappointed with its overall appearance. The TOTO Aquia II is available in three different colors.

● Bone
● Ebony
● Sedona Beige

The TOTO Aquia II toilet has a chrome top-mounted button. This is a much-preferred button location over the traditional handle toilets. The TOTO Aquia II is a dual flush toilet. This is a great function to have on toilets because it will allow the user to either do a full flush or a half of a flush. This is a great way to conserve water.

The bowl on the TOTO Aquia II toilet is skirted, this makes cleaning and sanitizing much easier than a lot of other toilets. The toilet has a SanaGloss finish on it. This means that the finish will repel debris much better than other toilets, and it also will prevent bacteria and mold better. This is an excellent feature because that means that cleaning this toilet is a lot easier than other toilets.

The overall weight of the TOTO Aquia II toilet is around 85lbs. This is a lot less than other toilets. This will allow for a much easier install. The dimensions of the toilet are 28 x 16 x 31 inches.

TOTO Aquia II Function

The dual flush option is one of the favored parts of this toilet. The dual flush option allows users to flush the toilet with a full flush or a half a flush. This is great for saving on water usage as well as keeping the bowl much cleaner than a toilet with only one flushing option.

The full flush- The full flush option uses 1.6 gallons per flush. This option is, of course, is useful for getting everything down with one powerful flush. And the TOTO Aquia II is guaranteed to do just that. Using this option will allow for a lot less cleaning compared to other types of toilets.
The half flush- The half flush option uses 0.9 gallons per flush. This flush is overall still a pretty good flush. This option is perfect for smaller flushes. This option is a great option to use to cut back on your water usage. A lot of toilets don’t have the dual flush option, and that is a reason why the TOTO Aquia is such a popular toilet.

The TOTO Aquia II has a dual max flushing system. This makes this toilet a lot more powerful than other toilets. The dual max flushing system gives you all of the power that you need while at the same time not making a lot of noise when it is flushed. This is another reason why people are so happy when purchasing this toilet.

Pros of the TOTO Aquia II Toilet

The Appearance- The overall appearance of the toilet is liked by many customers. Unlike a lot of toilets that only come in one color, the TOTO Aquia comes in three.
The 2 Flush Options- The two flush options are one of the most liked features on this toilet
The SanaGloss Finish- People really like the SannaGloss finish on this toilet. It limits the amount of cleaning that needs to be done while still protecting the toilet from mold and bacteria.
The Dual Max Flush- The dual max flush is really enjoyed by customers. The dual max flush ensures that the toilet flushes properly and effectively.

Cons of the TOTO Aquia IIToilet

No Toilet Seat- This toilet is one of the most popular toilets on the market today. One of the biggest downfalls of buying the TOTO Aquia II is that it does not come with a toilet seat. You have to purchase one separately. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because that means that you can pick out the seat that you prefer.
Fill Valve Location- Another downfall for the TOTO Aquia II is that once the toilet is mounted you cant access the tank fill valve or the seat retainers. This is an easy fix tho, you just have to attach your water supply hoses to the valve before you mount the toilet.


The overall summary is that is an excellent toilet for the price. Not having a toilet seat is a minor inconvenience when purchasing this toilet. But all of its other great features more than makeup for that. If you are in the market for an excellent toilet with a great design, then you should definitely get yourself a TOTO Aquia II. You won't be disappointed.

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