Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Toto Carlyle II Toilet with Bidet Seat Review

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There’s a time when you realize that you need to make some changes in your life when it comes to your bathroom and your porcelain throne. When that time comes and you do your research, you will hear the name Toto a lot. Toto has a reputation for making a high end premium toilet, and the Toto Carlyle II is no exception. If you’re looking to upgrade your regular toilet and save money on toilet paper, this model is the right choice for the job.

Product Overview

The Carlyle II by Toto is a premium toilet that elevates your normal bathroom experience into something akin to a spa visit. The first thing you’ll notice with this toilet is that it knows when you’re near. When you approach, the Carlyle II will pre-mist the bowl. This is to help prevent waste from adhering to the sides. You can also program the toilet to lift the seat or lid when you get near.

TOTO MW6142044CUFG#01 WASHLET+ Carlyle II

  • 1.0 gallons per flush 1G technology
  • TORNADO FLUSH system
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Why we like it: Toto Carlyle II is no exception. If you’re looking to upgrade your regular toilet and save money on toilet paper, this model is the right choice for the job.

The next thing you’ll notice is when you sit down. The seat is pre-warmed. No more ice cold seats in the middle of the night. After you’ve done your business, the built in “washlet” will rinse you clean. There’s an option to rinse in front for the ladies, and you can rinse the back if you’ve done that. You can control the temperature of the water, and the Toto Carlyle II uses a unique spray pattern so you don’t get just a solid jet of water.

After that, there’s a blow dryer that sends warm air over your bits so you’re dry and refreshed. Oh, did we mention that when you sit down, there’s a fan with an air freshener that blows around as well? And when you get up, the tornado flush system uses only 1 gallon of water (as opposed to the mandated 1.6 gallons) to clean things away. That means not only are you pampering yourself, you’re also conserving water and being better for the environment. The future is truly now.

The Benefits of a Bidet System

Bidets have a poor reputation in America for some reason. Many people are worried about them, and these are some of the most common complaints:

● Are bidets safe?
● Are bidets sanitary?
● Aren’t they uncomfortable?

We’re here to tell you that when used properly, bidets are both safe and comfortable, and when cleaned properly, or as part of a comprehensive system, they are quite sanitary. The Carlyle II pre-cleans the bidet wand before every use and cleans it again afterwards. So you know that using the bidet is sanitary.

When it comes to comfort, the bidet doesn’t use ice cold water. That would be a little uncomfortable. Instead, you can select the temperature of the water with the Carlyle II. And when it comes to the spray, it’s not like a water hose. Droplets come out at various speeds which forms a cleaning spray that is gentle and efficient.

Bidets use tap water to clean, so there are no harsh chemicals. That means that a bidet is as safe as taking a shower. And because the water is gentle, you don’t have to worry about it getting squirted in places you don’t want it to be.

An additional benefit of the bidet is that you use less toilet paper, if any at all. Some people like to dry with toilet paper instead of using the blow dryer. But even using 1/2 of what you normally would will save you a bundle.


● Easy to clean, easier to keep clean. A pre-misting system prewets the bowl, preventing waste from sticking. This reduces the cleaning time necessary.
● The bidet uses a system to blend air into the cleaning stream. Air is injected into the water and the droplets are fired at different speeds to create a more efficient and gentle cleaning system.
● An automatic deodorizer works with a built-in fan that neutralizes bathroom smells. Extremely powerful cleaning filters make sure the air stays fresh around you.
● A heated seat means that you don’t have to worry about a cold seat on a winter’s night. There are five different temperature settings, so you always feel as comfortable as possible.
● Save water with the 1.0 gallon per flush “Tornado Flush” system. This uses two water outlets to create a centrifugal action that helps clean the bowl
● Comfort height seating means that it is easier for the elderly and mobility impaired to sit down and get up.


● This toilet does require a dedicated GCFI line to operate the heated seat.
● 17 5/8-inch seat height can be difficult for small children to use.


This premium toilet is not for everyone. But for the people that want a toilet that pampers them like no other toilet will, the Carlyle II is a great option. If you’re not sure but still want to make sure you buy the best rated toilet you can, we have a whole slew of reviews to help you find what you’re looking for.

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