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Toto Carolina 2 High Efficiency Toilet Review

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When it comes to shopping for the best toilets in the business, you’re always going to hear a few names. One of them is Toto. Toto offers toilets that can transform the mere act of going to the bathroom into a spa experience. But most people don’t know that they make great mid-range toilets as well that offer a lot of the benefits of the high end models without all the bells and whistles. The Toto Carolina II is one such offering that deserves a place in anyone’s home.

Product Overview

The Carolina II is a great middle of the road toilet for anyone looking to upgrade from an older model for a second bathroom or perhaps a guest room. This offers the one-piece decorative design that will fit with almost any décor. The low-profile tank is attractive without being gaudy and the bowl is elongated for additional seated comfort and comes with a soft-close seat.

Toto MS644114CEFG#01 Carolina-2

  • Double Cyclone flushing system
  • 12-Inch Unifit rough-in
  • Universal height, Chrome trip lever
  • Why we like it: This low volume flush is used efficiently thanks to the Cefiontect ceramic glaze and the Tornado Flush double cyclone systems. 

This is also a high-efficiency toilet that is compliant with both the EPA WaterSense regulations and with the stringent California Green Buildings Standards Codes. It uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

This low volume flush is used efficiently thanks to the Cefiontect ceramic glaze and the Tornado Flush double cyclone systems. They ensure that any waste will not adhere to the bowl and that it will be swept away quickly and cleanly.

Other quality of life features include:

● The chrome flush lever is also located on the left side of the tank
● Skirted trap design
● Comfort height seating

How Much do High Efficiency Toilets Save?

You probably wonder how much money you can save by upgrading to a high efficiency toilet. That depends on what you’re upgrading from. If your toilet was made before 1994, then it probably uses about 5 gallons per flush. (1994 was when the EPA first started making rules on how much water a toilet should use).

It is estimated that the average person flushes five times per day. So doing the math, you can see with the new high efficiency toilet:

● 1.28 gallons per flush * 5 flushes per day * 365 days per year = 2,336 gallons per year
On the older model that uses 5 gallons per flush:
● 5 gallons per flush * 5 flushes per day * 365 days per year = 9,125 gallons per year.

So over the course of a year, you’re saving 6,789 gallons. The current price of water in San Francisco is $7.85 per 748 gallons (for the first 2,992 gallons), and $9.61 per 748 gallons afterwards. That means that saving that much water during the year saves $87.22 at the higher rate.

Are High Efficiency Toilets Harder to Fix or Clean?

When it comes to cleaning a high efficiency toilet, most of them come with some sort of glazing or coating that is meant to make the ceramic smoother. A smoother finish means that solid waste won’t stick and that it is easier to clean with a sponge or scrub brush.

As an example, this Toto uses a patented coating that is used in all their toilets from the lower end models to the full automatic seat-warming models. That coating makes the Toto toilets a breeze to clean.

When it comes to repairing a high efficiency toilet, there’s really not much different to them. Additionally, most plumbers are used to the high efficiency models and how they work. Unlike dual flush systems that have separate reservoirs or siphon systems, high efficiency toilets often use self- compressed air in sealed tanks to help bolster the cleaning power of the 1.28 gallons used.

They also use other technologies that are designed to take advantage of water’s natural tendency to flow. These range from angled outlet holes in the rim to dual output nozzles that create a vortex of water.


● Cefiontect ceramic glaze produces an ultra-smooth finish that keeps the surface cleaner longer.
● Skirted design on the trap is easy to clean and keeps the interior looking elegant
● 1.28 gallon per flush system uses the Tornado Flush to sweep away waste quickly and efficiently
● Compliant with CalGreen (California Green Buildings Standards) and EPA WaterSense
● ADA compliant so mobility challenged and the elderly can use comfortably
● Comes in five color options: Bone, Colonial White, Cotton, Sedona Beige, and White


● Toto toilets are a little pricey
● Doesn’t offer all the amenities of the high end ceramic toilets


If you’re looking for a middle of the road toilet made by one of the best manufacturers in the world, the Carolina II is a great option. With the Cefiontect coating and patented Tornado Flushing, you know that this toilet will be a breeze to clean. Additionally, the ADA compliant seat height means that if you or other users are elderly or mobility challenged, this toilet will be easy and comfortable to use.

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