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TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet Review

The toilet company Toto provides another great product with Drake, one of the most well reviewed available. Opting for a different look than most, the look of the Drake is down to pure simplicity as they avoided having any extra sizes or colors to choose from. This is truly a what you see is what you get model that doesn’t pull any punches.

Toto uses its well tested proprietary mechanics to provide a toilet that is pleasing to the touch and easier to clean than ever before. Spend more time doing your business in the bathroom rather than cleaning up what it left behind. Power is where the focus went with this toilet, and it flushes fast and fills up fast so you don’t have to sit around waiting to service it.

The Drake is very forgiving when it comes to space and has one of the most spacious trapways available for a toilet of this size.  All of this is available for a low price that is hard to beat even from the bigger name brand companies. With the many features available from this model that is getting a lot of attention, the question has come up that it really isn’t much different than their other models. That’s actually not correct, and the truth is the biggest change with the Drake is actually a design decision, one that has been asked for by customers for a while and is finally being met. In some ways the Drake can be considered a fan creation, and the company got the look right all the way through. Buyers that want Toto quality but with a different look will love the Drake and all of its incredible features.

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Best Features

It starts and ends with the flushing, which is a quiet but very powerful 1.6 gallons per flush feature. The flush valve is 3 inches which makes it 125% larger than the conventional 2 inch flush valves. The G-Max flushing system offers faster flushing with commercial grade performance that is unmatched by competing rivals. Toto went all out with the trapway and made it about 2 1/8 inches, all through the aid of the computer. The flushing and the design are as precise as you can get to the perfect toilet, and if this doesn’t fit that mold, it comes really close.

Glazed cotton white is the only finish, and it’s gorgeous and sparkly. Buyers that want a toilet that will stand out in a bathroom will love the Drake that is not shy for attention. This is their most ambitious color and design combo yet, so it is a good thing that it is protected by SanaGloss. This extra add on works as an ion barrier and is smooth to the touch. The power of the water rinsing out the inside of the toilet bowl is also aided by this material that helps the water rather than resisting it. An added bonus is how great it keeps the glazed cotton white looking through each use.

Things to Know

Starting with the product dimensions of 28×19.5×28.5 inches with a weight of 103 pounds, the Drake has been very light in the contemporary category. Large waste easily disappears within the toilet and does not come back up. Power is one this the Drake doesn’t lack, although when compared to some of Toto’s other models it may be a little less efficient. Height to top of the seat is 16 inches, but unfortunately the product is not ADA compliant. It misses the mark barely to meet the standard, and is about 1 inch short to be exact. When cleaning use natural detergents or mild detergents.

With the SanoGloss already in effect, you don’t want to risk damaging it while cleaning by using harsh substances. The 12 inch rough in leaves a little room for people stuck with 11 inches, but anything smaller than that and you’re out of luck. One of the most fun things to do with the Drake is to pick out toilet seat covers since there is no brand limit. Kohler, American Standard or any toilet maker’s seat cover will fit just fine as long as it matches the dimensions. The tank isn’t insulated and is made of solid ceramic. This is just fine as is, even if you want to rely on it for years. Don’t forget this model doesn’t come with a seat or the base seal. These are two minor subtractions that may catch you by surprise if you’re not paying attention when doing the ordering. Just make sure to have some nearby when you do the installation.

Best Comparison

Comparing it to the elongated version of the same name is about the correct way to go with this one. Not everyone likes the open front types of toilet, so having an available one like elongated really serves the customer well in terms of options. While still not ADA compliant, it does come in a variety of colors that really brings out the great success that is Toto’s Drake. Choice on the open front and elongated Drake is going to come down to customer preference since they are both the same thing. But with the elongated having much more color choices compared to the open fronts 1, it may be an even easier decision than many may think.

Price Changes

Strangely enough this line has had some of the weirdest price fluctuation of any in the last couple of months. That may be the reason for its sudden resurgence, since Toto has another model that has a lot more heat behind it than Drake does. If you’re really in love with the toilet then pull the trigger and get it over with before something else catches your eye. Look all you want, but this is a very unique toilet that will be hard to replace!

Personal Opinion

Consumers that choose to go with the elongated version will have more colors to choose from. That may not be a general plus that shifts the scales in deciding whether to buy a toilet or not, but it is worth mentioning. The Drake has sold very well and is a fan inspired model, so if you like Toto as a company then give Drake a try as it was made with the customer in mind. Users with low water pressure will love how the toilet handles it, all without losing the patented power of the Drake. Since a lot of effort went into building this, there are less bugs or defects to worry about. There are really no cons with the unit other than its lack of ADA compliancy, and even that is up for debate. Many elderly users have come to defense of the Drake and complimented how it feels compared to other ADA compliant toilets.

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Making the Drake was a no brainer for the company, and this is why they are so important to the industry. Making a toilet with the casual consumer in mind is an excellent idea, and it has translated to a lot of innovation in the market with the creation of Drake. Although it would have been nice to see them take some color risks with the open front model like they did with the elongated, it’s a minor complaint that really doesn’t leave a mark in the pristine reputation of the Drake. Consumers will be happy with this purchase more than any other toilet they’ve purchased for their home.