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TOTO Drake CST744SL#01 Two-Piece Elongated 1.6gpf Toilet Review

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With a rim height of 16.5 inches, this TOTO Drake ADA compliant toilet is a great comfort height toilet for the elderly. The G-Max flushing system and oversized flush valve and trap way guarantee that this toilet can remove waste effectively, but it manages to do so while only using 1.6 gallons per flush.

Product Overview

The chrome plated lever is a nice touch, since many toilets now use cheap plastic for that part. The bowl and tank are made of vitreous china, which is durable and gives a classic look.

Unlike most toilets, which only come in white, the TOTO Drake comes in five different colors: bone, cotton white, colonial white, black, and beige. While the toilet itself is nothing special to look at- it's a simple design- the different color offerings give you some interesting options if you're redesigning the whole bathroom.

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake

  • G-Max 1.6 GPF flushing system
  • Cefiontect glaze
  • High-profile two-piece
  • Why we like it: The power of the flush is enhanced by the G-Max flushing system, a commercial grade option that is hard to beat.

Features of this Toilet

G-Max Flushing System

This is a high-performance flushing system that still manages to use just 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It starts with a flush valve that is 125% wider than the standard, two inch valve. This allows the water to flow into the bowl at much higher speed, creating a more forceful flush.

At the same time, the GMAX siphon jet draws water into the bowl more quickly, and out of the bowl more forcefully. The trap way is fully glazed and computer designed for maximum efficiency and sound reduction, so even though the flush is powerful, it's also quiet.

ADA-Compliant Comfort Height

At 16.5 inches high, this toilet complies with ADA rules and sits at the ideal height for comfort. The height is also a safety feature. For seniors and those with mobility issues, a taller toilet minimizes the risk of falling. Because it's easier to sit down on and stand up from, it requires much less effort to use.

Lever Options

When purchasing this toilet, you'll have the option to put the flush lever on the right or left hand side. You can also choose to stick with the chrome finish, or you can order a lever that will match the finish on the rest of the toilet.

Elongated Seat

The elongated seat is more comfortable than a smaller, round seat. There's just more room for you on it.

Parts Sold Separately

What you get in the box is the toilet bowl, tank, lever, and the parts inside the tank. That's it.

No seat, no mounting equipment, no wax ring, no water supply line, etc. Some people prefer it that way, because they can customize their toilet to a degree. Others prefer the convenience of a package deal.

TOTO does manufacture a couple of seat options that fit this toilet. You can either buy the TOTO SoftClose seat, which won't slam shut, or the TOTO Washlet, which is an electronic bidet seat. You can also buy from a third party, if you want.


Even with its powerful flush, this toilet only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Normally a toilet with a flush this powerful would use a lot more water. This way, you're saving water and money. It's not as efficient as a low-flow toilet, but it still uses a lot less water than other toilets that offer the same kind of effective flush.


● Height (overall)- 30.5 Inches
● Height (rim)- 16.5 inches
● Width- 19.5 inches
● Depth- 28 inches


● Powerful, quiet flush system
● Computer designed, glazed trap way
● ADA Compliant
● 16.5 inch height is ideal for comfort
● Comes in five different colors
● Multiple flush lever options
● Made of porcelain for durability
● Elongated bowl for added comfort
● 12 inch rough in
● Suitable for residential or commercial use
● One year warranty
● 1.6 gallons per flush


● Not Water Sense Compliant
● Seat sold separately
● Installation parts sold separately
● Elongated bowl makes this toilet unsuitable for smaller bathrooms


The TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet is a well-made comfort height toilet. Its ADA compliant, and it's the perfect height for most people, including the elderly or those with mobility issues.

The biggest selling point of this toilet is the G-Max flush system. It manages to create a powerful, effective flush without using excessive amounts of water. It won't save as much water as a true low flow toilet would, but its still an efficient toilet.

If color matters to you, this might be the toilet for you. This is one of the few toilets on the market that's still available in multiple colors, as most toilets now come only in white.

The fact that the seat, wax ring, water supply line, and mounting gear are all sold separately is a knock against it. This is something that's becoming increasingly unusual, and most consumers now expect that when they buy a toilet those parts are included.

Other than that, this is a quality toilet that's designed for comfort and efficiency, and it delivers.

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