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TOTO Eco Soiree Toilet Review

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There’s a lot to love about the high priced Eco Soiree, which goes to great lengths to remind customers that innovation is alive and well in the toilet industry. There are multiple colors to choose from if you have a specific décor you are trying to match. With all of the colors having their own personality, shopping for the one that fits your bathroom best is a very surprising and fun experience with this Toto.

The look of the toilet is meant to be very elegant and high class, and the first thought that will come to mind when you look at it is fancy. Toto took the very best from their past designs and combined them into this, which turns out to be one of the finest looking toilets made that has a tank. And rather than the tank looking like it is out of place, it ends up working with the design perfectly.

TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree

  • Double Cyclone Flushing system
  • Chrome trip lever
  • 1.28Gpf/4.8Lpf
  • Why we like it: Buyers will fall in love with the double-cyclone flushing system, which is one of the most powerful Toto has to offer on the list.

There are chrome touches to finish out the greatness of this product and it has a very nice weight to dimension ratio. But what is a luxury toilet without the features? With an included soft seat that behaves itself and doesn’t slam down customers will be pleased. They will also be pleased with the powerful flushing action that gets rid of waste in no time, but also without wasting water so if you are looking for high quality quiet flush toilet this is a good option. This is one of the most water efficient methods of flushing that you will encounter in this price range, and it has to be seen to be believed. Even with all of the competition in this price range, this toilet has a lot of breathtaking looks and features that will make you fall in love with it. Make sure to pick one up before they dwindle in stock. You can read more Toto toilet ratings here.

TOTO Eco Toilet Review

Best Features

The toilet is ADA compliant, and it all comes in one piece. One piece means faster shipping, less installation troubles, and easier to clean. Without the extra crevices and cracks that show up in two and three piece toilets there is less chance for bacteria to find a place to grow. And the little cleaning that you have to do is right in front of you, and without any guesswork. Using the double cyclone flushing system is a treat and it truly acts like a force of nature when getting rid of waste. Using the power of water and gravity this toilet is able to achieve maximum power when flushing, and all while only using 1.28 gallons per flush. This small GPF requirement also includes the full cleaning of the bowl so that nothing extra is left behind, and you get everything in one flush.

In place of rim holes the brand opted for a dual nozzle propulsion system that directs water more carefully throughout the toilet during the process. With the two nozzles directing everything down to the siphon, you get a more thorough flush rather than water needlessly traveling around the bowl and doing nothing. The star of this toilet though is actually the Softclose seat that is not only comfortable to sit on, but made to get rid of the toilet seat slam.

It’s made of high-impact plastic and has molded bumpers and high gloss polypropylene. This makeup allows it to be resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents, but you may still want to use nonabrasive materials when available. With the included built in hinge, the seat lowers itself down gently and will never slam. Installation is a breeze even if this is your first time installing a toilet. And the included mounting bolts are secure, while the toilet seats are all designed to fit extra large toilets (elongated) or regular bowls.

Things to Know

With a weight of only 120 pounds the toilet has product dimensions of 28.1x14x27.8 inches. It’s not the smallest toilet around, but it also isn’t the biggest. This is a decent sized toilet that will be comfortable for all people. Available colors are cotton white, Sedona beige, colonial white and bone. The design of the toilet includes a decorative one piece with skirted design, topped off with a high profile tank. As far as the warranty goes you could look forward to a year with limitations, so nothing too spectacular on that front. But with a build quality this spectacular, it’s doubtful you’ll have to call in the warranty anyway.

Without the seat the bowl height is about 16 inches, and with the seat in position you can count on about 17 ½ inches. It’s a formidable size and will work great for people that are above average in size. In the future if your toilet seat begins to wear out, you can always order an identical replacement from Toto rather than getting a completely different one. Of course if you didn’t like the soft seat it came with then that point would be moot.

Best Comparison

Sticking with the same company, the best comparison is going to be the TOTO’s Ultramax II. Guinevere uses the same double cyclone flushing system to great success, but also incorporates a shiner self-cleaning finish. So even though the Soiree is the better looking between the two, it won’t be as good as self-cleaning as the Guinevere. Choosing between the two is a simple matter of if you want a toilet that will stay cleaner longer or a toilet that will look prettier than any other piece in your bathroom. It’s a simple choice, and you won’t lose out with either one.

Price Changes

One of the most interesting product has knocked out the rest of similar items because of its durability and the features it comes up with. Having a toilet of this quality catch fire like this is not something you see every day, it would be crazy not to pick one of these up if you are really looking for the best toilet unit for your small room. If interested in the Soiree, then picking it up now and have a happy bathroom.

Personal Opinion

High class luxury top toilets that go on sale makes for a hard deal to pass up. There are a lot of great toilets on the market but this one stands out for the design and how well it handles waste. But if you are searching for top rated toilets with great features this might be a good option. With all of the buzz surrounding the company, this may be one of the best models to date. A painless delivery with the one piece system is one of the many features to look forward to with this model. No more waiting weeks for different pieces of your toilet to arrive, as it will arrive all in one box.

And with the double cyclone system there is less chance of it backing up. So you get a cleaner toilet that knows how to get rid of waste, no matter how much. Throw in a soft seat that doesn’t slam down when you push it and you have a great deal. And if something does happen concerning the seat, the replacement seat is easy to order from Toto, and is not an expensive piece. It’s like the company thought of all of the features that customers wanted and put it all into a single must have toilet.


Building that new bathroom just got a lot more exciting if you plan on putting this toilet in it. Not only will you boost the scenery, but you’ll get a powerful toilet that can handle anything you throw at it. Just make sure to grab it before the sales end on this wonderful product.

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