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TOTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Toilet Review

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Every person is different, but there are some things that every human needs; one of those things is a toilet. And if you need to have it, you might as well make it a good one, right?

Product Overview

If you’re looking to purchase a toilet, here’s one you’ll want to add to your list of options. The TOTO Ultramax Elongated toilet is definitely unique – and in a good way. TOTO has created a necessary piece of equipment that packs in as much functionality as possible while keeping it very simple to care for and nice to look at. The toilet incorporates a SanaGloss coating as well as a powerful flushing system.

TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Toilet

  • Wide 3-Inch fast flush valve
  • Bowl Rim Height 14-5/8-inch
  • Totos SoftClose seat
  • Why we like it: As king of the Ultramax line, this high-profile toilet combines the power of commercial-grade flushing with a very quiet flushing motion.


The silky-smooth SanaGloss glaze unique to the TOTO brand serves several functions that really set it apart from traditional porcelain toilet finishes. It:

● Slicks off any particles that try to stick to its surface
● Functions as an ionized barrier that actually repels particles away from it
● Cleans toilet bowl thoroughly with every flush
● Significantly reduces the need to clean the toilet bowl, creating less work for you
● Keeps your toilet looking brand-new year after year of use
● Resists even the calcium buildup that is common around edges of most toilet bowls
● Gives a glossy look to the toilet.
The innovative SanaGloss is definitely a game-changer that can make your life easier and, well, cleaner.

Flushing power

When it comes to researching or buying toilets, perhaps one of the most important factors to consider is how well it flushes. Well, this one has them all beat in that category – it’s been rated on Best Toilet Guide as best flushing toilet. Why, you may wonder? Well, let me tell you.

● The G-Max flushing system gives it a commercial-grade flush that is incredibly forceful.
● Although not as quiet as some other toilets, it is not noisy enough to be a concern even when others are sleeping.
● Its powerful siphon jet forces water away from the bowl, and you can be assured that what you flush down will stay down.
● When flushing normally, only a little over half the tank is used, but this should be plenty; you can use the rest of the tank by just holding the handle down longer if need be.

One of the biggest frustrations many people have with their toilets is its inability to flush properly or strongly enough. This toilet was designed for power, and power it has. There’s no need to double-check each time you flush to make sure the bowl was actually emptied – you’ll have no doubt once you see it work.

Other features

The TOTO Ultramax incorporates a few other features that are worth considering when deciding which toilet to buy.

● The toilet has a large water surface area (12-inch rough-in)
● It has a large flush valve and trapway, which means that there is more room for water movement during flushing – part of what gives it its flushing power. It also means that there is very little chance of clogging due to the extra space and the forceful flush.
● Its water consumption rate is surprisingly low for the force it uses at 1.6 GPF.
● This toilet comes equipped with a SoftClose seat, which slowly and gently lowers the seat and lid down to prevent injury and that startlingly loud seat-slamming sound. The seat is also sculpted to be somewhat “concave”, making it more comfortable than the average toilet seat.

While it may not be “high-tech” in the newest sense, this toilet does the basics and does them very well, then adds in these other great features for comfort and convenience.


● The powerful flushing system forces all waste away even without using the full tank of water.
● The large size of trapway and flush valve significantly reduce the risk of clogging.
● The sleek SanaGloss glaze keeps toilet cleaner for longer, reducing the work you put into it.
● The product installation is also easy even if you haven’t done it before, though it may be a bit heavy to carry for some.


● There is a somewhat higher-than-average potential for the flush valve to leak after several months of use which can possibly lead to water waste – in this case, you would need to replace the valve.
● It can be difficult to find parts for this model if something needs to be replaced.
● While the volume of the flushing sound isn’t especially loud, it also isn’t as quiet as many others on the market.


If you’re looking to save money and time in the long run, this toilet may be the way to go. It may seem like a lot upfront, but if a good-functioning toilet is important to you then the TOTO Ultramax is one to consider. And as a bonus, it’s pretty good-looking too.

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