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TOTO MS864114#12 Supreme Toilet Review

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Everybody needs a good toilet in their home, which is why the TOTO Supreme toilet is an ideal choice. This particular toilet is a one-piece model with an elongated bowl. The one-piece design makes cleaning a breeze and adds a bit of elegance to your bathroom.

Product Overview

On the inside of the toilet, you will find a 3-inch flush valve, which is 125% larger than that of a traditional valve. This allows the toilet to provide you with a quiet, yet powerful flush every time you use it. Each time you flush, you will use only 1.6 gallons, saving water each time.

If the elongated bowl doesn't suit your needs, there is also the option for the round bowl. This is best if you have a smaller bathroom that cannot accommodate the elongated bowl. However, no matter which one you choose, they both come with the SoftClose hinge system. This allows for easy and quiet closure of the lid.

TOTO MS863113#03 Supreme

  • Power Gravity Flushing System
  • Elegant low profile one piece toilet
  • Size: Round
  • Why we like it: The big feature with this toilet is the power gravity flush, a strong fast-flushing system that pulls waste down and refills faster than any other toilet on the list.

Why Water Consumption Maters

There are many reasons why you would want to choose a toilet that says it can save on water consumption. First, using fewer amounts of water can actually save you money. If you conserve your water use, you can save thousands of gallons of water annually. If you use less water, your water company will charge you less on your bill.

Another reason you should consider water consumption is because of our eco-system. When we use too much water, we are damaging the Earth and its species. There are many things that rely on our water sources and if they are being utilized too much, eventually we won't have anything to rely on.

Saving water is actually a way you can go green. The less water we use, the more energy we save. In order to get water to our homes, it has to be pumped from a facility to our homes and businesses. These facilities use energy to run the equipment. Therefore, the less water we use, the less energy the facilities use.

Water conservation tactics can help you save money and energy. There are many things you can do to help with this effort, including using a water-conserving toilet. You can also shut the water off while you are brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, washing your hair and so much more. It can be simple once you make a habit out of it.

Manufacturer Information

Toto is the manufacturer or many different appliances, such as the TOTO toilet. They believe in respecting the environment by protecting our limited water resources. It all began in 1912 and since then, the philosophy of TOTO has always been about cleanliness and lifestyle values.

They have since continued to produce products that offer comfort and wellness to daily life. They are dedicated to giving their customers products that have a deep respect for the environment, but also come with great functionality.

Their mission is to provide the world with comfort, cleanliness, respect for the environment, and they want to build relationships that help to enrich life.

Using The TOTO Toilet

Installing the TOTO toilet and using it is fairly simple. It is a one-piece model that has a 12-inch rough-in, making for easy installation. There are 2-inch flush valves, which are larger than the average ones you may come across. This will allow for better water flow down into the bowl, ensuring all of the waste within will be washed down, leaving no residue.

The seat is made with smart seat technology. It is made from high-impact plastic and it does away with that awful seat slam sound that can echo through a quiet house at night. This is due to the SoftClose hinge system that allows the seat to gently make its way down to cover the bowl.


● Low Consumption-The TOTO toilet uses only 1.6 gallons of water each time you flush, conserving water and saving energy and money.
● Options-You can get this toilet with either an elongated or round bowl to fit both large and small bathrooms.
● Quiet-It has SoftClose technology to avoid the dreaded seat slam.
● Ease of Cleaning-It is a one-piece unit, which makes cleaning and installation a breeze, saving both time and energy.
● Power-Gravity-You will get a quiet, yet powerful flush each time you use it.
● Fast Flush-The 3-inch wide valve is 125% bigger than the traditional 2-inch flush valves.


● Noisy-The toilet may become noisy after a period of time.
● Running-The toilet has had issues with constant running, even with multiple valve replacements.


The TOTO Supreme toilet is a great option for those who are looking for something elegant and energy-efficient. It only comes in one color, but you can choose between an elongated or a round bowl. This is a great top flushing toilet that is quiet, affordable and can help save the environment.

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