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Toto MS992CUMFG Dual Flush Toilet Review

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When you’re shopping for a new toilet it can be easy to just go with a basic model. Maybe you get some extra features like comfort height seating, or make it a low-flow model to save money. But what if we told you that you could go bigger and better? That you could turn going to the bathroom into a luxurious spa experience? That’s what the Toto MS992 Neorest System offers you. Read on to find out more about one of the best water conserving toilets.

Product Overview

When you first see the Toto Neorest, the thing that’s going to catch your eye is that there is no traditional tank. The second thing you notice is that as you approached the toilet, it automatically lifted the lid for you. That’s right, this toilet can see when you’re getting close. And that’s not all. This best smart toilet has other great features too.

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest

  • 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF
  • Hands-Free Automatic Flush
  • Cyclone siphon jet flushing system
  • Why we like it: Even though it only uses the same 1.6 gallons of water that traditional toilets use, because it comes in at such a high pressure it can make short work of any mess in the bowl.

Let’s start with the preheated seat. If you’ve ever done the cold seat dance in the middle of the winter at 2 in the morning, you’ll realize what a blessing this is. Next, you sit back in the seat and finish your business. At that point, you pick a front wash (if you’re a woman) or a back wash if you need it there. The built in bidet then rinses you clean.

Did we mention that you can pick how warm you want the wash water to be? Or that you can select a pulsating feature? Because you can choose both of those options. And don’t worry; the bidet wand sanitizes itself before and after. Then you push the dryer button and warm air comes out and dries you off. You stand up and the toilet flushes automatically and then the lid closes.

Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

How Do Tankless Toilets Even Work?

When it comes to toilets, everyone has an idea of how they’re supposed to look. You have the bowl up front where you sit and a tank in the back that holds some water. When you flush, water comes out of the tank to rinse out the bowl and then it fills back up. So how does a toilet that doesn’t have a tank work?

For most pretty good tankless toilets, instead of a tank, the toilet receives water from a high pressure line. This high pressure line is called a flushometer. Even though it only uses the same 1.6 gallons of water that traditional toilets use, because it comes in at such a high pressure it can make short work of any mess in the bowl.

Most flushometers operate at about 20 pounds per square inch. And because they’re attached directly to a supply line and because there’s no tank to fill, you can flush a tankless toilet again faster without delay. You might worry that tankless toilets are louder than traditional toilets, but this Toto Neorest is extremely quiet.

How Safe are Bidets?

A bidet is a stream of water that is used to clean you after you go to the restroom in place of toilet paper. Because you don’t use toilet paper, it’s considered to be better for the environment. However, there are people who worry about how safe bidets really are.

● Bidets are safe and sanitary to use – The Neorest sanitizes the bidet wand before and after every use. And because it uses tap water, there are no harsh chemicals to worry about.
● Bidets are not messy – A bidet doesn’t work like a lawn sprinkler. It’s not going to shoot water out at 50 psi. And because the water is pre-warmed, you don’t have to worry about icy water hitting your sensitive bits either.
● You save money with a bidet – Toilet paper is expensive and sometimes you don’t really see that. Even if a single roll only costs $0.50, Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day. That’s $17 million spent every day.

So yes, bidets are safe, sanitary, and less expensive to use, so you don’t have to worry about them.


● This toilet is more of a spa experience than actually going to the restroom
● Warm water bidet will save you money on toilet paper
● Automatic lid opens when you approach and closes when you leave
● Gentle night light when you have to go in the middle of the night
● A pre-warmed seat is a blessing on cold winter nights


● Requires a dedicated GFCI outlet that can be expensive to install
● Also requires a dedicated high pressure water line
● Your friends may use the bathroom at your house more than you like


If you want the most luxurious toilet you will ever have the pleasure of sitting on, look no further than this Toto Neorest. When you use it for the first time, you won’t believe it. Neither will your friends. In fact, they might want to become your roommates. But if you aren’t ready for something quite so luxurious and pampering, take a look at our list of the highest rated flushing toilets and you may find something that will do until you are ready.

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