Last Updated : November 20, 2020

TOTO Neorest NX1 Electronic Dual Flush Toilet Review

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Today’s smart device technology has the power to streamline your home and make it more comfortable and relaxing than ever before. Smart toilets can add an especially luxurious dimension to your daily life. Customizable bidets, LED lights, and air dryers are among the many features that can modernize your bathroom. With its elegant tank-free silhouette and suite of options to choose from, the TOTO Neorest NX1 Electronic Dual Flush Toilet is definitely one of the most intelligent toilets for a better bathroom experience.

Product overview

This toilet is designed to look amazing in virtually any bathroom. It is free-standing and tank-free, so just the bowl is visible. With the elliptical silhouette and elegant white exterior, it is sure to be the focal point of the room.

TOTO MS900CUMFG#01 Neorest

  • Dual Flush
  • 1G TORNADO FLUSH Siphon Jet Flushing System
  • Auto Open and Close Lid
  • Why we like it: The Neorest NX1 is one of the best smart toilets by the brand. It features a dual flush system that allows you to choose between a partial flush system and full flush system.

In addition to looking beautiful, the suite of customizable features will leave you feeling as though your bathroom is part of a high-end spa. The lid can be set to open automatically as you approach or with the press of a button on the remote. You can then choose the temperature, volume, and position of the bidet, as well as oscillating and pulsating options. All these settings can be saved for future use.

After you’ve left the bathroom, other features keep the toilet and bidet wand spotlessly clean and odor-free without needing to lift a finger. A powerful flush system automatically engages, followed by an electrolyzed water mist. The surface itself is covered in an antimicrobial ceramic glaze, so bacteria and mold are eliminated before they start to grow.

This toilet also has an eco-friendly flush that only uses one gallon of water at a time. This can save thousands of gallons of water a year when switching from a standard toilet.

Make your bathroom feel like your own personal spa

If you are bored with conventional bathroom layouts and fixtures, a smart toilet like this one provides unprecedented aesthetics and comfort. The striking outer appearance and inner ingenuity are sure to upgrade your bathroom experience to a whole new level of luxury. Nearly every bathroom can be complemented by the modern silhouette and classic white ceramic of this elegant fixture.

This toilet also lets you fully control many of its settings for a truly optimized individual experience. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

● You can customize the volume and warmth of the bidet water spray
● Choose from front, rear, pulsating, and oscillating options
● The lid can be opened via remote or sensor functions

With all these choices and the amazing aesthetic appeal of this toilet, you are sure to feel especially relaxed and pampered.

Toilet features

The elegant elliptical silhouette and tankless design of this toilet will instantly upgrade your bathroom decor. From there, you can further personalize your experience by adjusting the settings of the bidet as described above.

This toilet is designed to effortlessly stay clean. It is coated in a special ceramic glaze called CEFIONTEC, which is antimicrobial and smooth the touch. Bacteria and mold are further destroyed by a built-in UV light and an electrolyzed water spray. This means you will no longer need harsh chemicals to keep your toilet looking and smelling fresh.

This model also features an advanced flushing system that will minimize water use, reduce waste buildup, and keep the surface spotless. It only uses one gallon of water per flush, but the high-performing Tornado Flush System ensures that the bowl is left completely clean after each use.

With its ADA-compliant rating and universal seat height, this model provides comfortable access to guests of all sizes, ages, and capabilities.

It has a standard 12” rough-in, so it can easily replace most standard toilets. It plugs into the wall for electricity instead of needing batteries.


Because there is no tank, this toilet takes up much less space than standard models. It measures:

● 23-⅝” tall
● 18-7/16” wide
● 31-½” from the wall to the front of the bowl


● Aesthetic appeal - The elliptical shape and tank-free design make this one of the most visually striking toilets on the market.
Reduced water consumption - The modest 1.0 gallon per flush rating means you’ll save money on utility bills over time and reduce your environmental impact.
Customizable experience - There are a suite of options to individualize your settings and maximize comfort.
ADA-compliant - This toilet is accessible and comfortable for everyone, including guests with limited mobility.


Installation - The toilet will have to be connected to a water supply beneath the floor, which will likely require a professional’s help.
● Electricity consumption - Though this toilet will reduce the need for water and toilet paper, it does consume electricity to operate.


For a smart toilet that is sure to upgrade your bathroom experience, the TOTO Neorest NX1 Electronic Dual Flush Toilet is highly customizable for a luxurious individualized experience.

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