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Toto is an interesting company that offers the high priced Ultramax 2 at a great price, and includes a lot of one of a kind features with the set. The toilet comes in a variety of colors that rivals even what Kohler puts out, and as an interesting twist they even include a special pack that no other competitor has. More on that will be listed below in the features, and it is a really big selling point depending on what you’re looking for.

This is a high efficiency model that drives home the fact it is good on water by posting some great stats when side by side with other toilets. On top of the great water saving features they also did a good job for making it a nice height for all sizes.

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet

  • High efficiency 1.28 gallons per flush
  • TOTO Tornado Flush system
  • CEFIONTECT glaze
  • Why we like it: The toilet is an elongated one-piece model finished with SanaGloss, Toto’s favorite option to make their products shine even after years of use.

This universally accepted height is used by several of the top companies in the business for added comfort whether you’re an adult or a child. And by using an elongated bowl, it becomes a very comfortable experience for people of all sizes. Flushing is not overly loud and gets rid of all particles inside of the bowl, no matter how much.

Never worry about having to double flush to get rid of everything as it is gone on the first try as the Ultramax has one of the best toilet flush system available in the market. Competing products claim a strong flush but often fail to deliver, with the Ultramax 2 that is no longer the case. To help aid with the flushing, the finish has a very unique substance that keeps things flowing smoothly so that your toilet bowl stays shiny. With all of the toilet bowl products on the market that you can get for this price, the Toto Ultramax 2 is quite the deal.

TOTO Ultramax II Toilet Review

Best Features

This is another of the popular one piece toilets that are coming into the market and claiming dominance. The Ultramax 2 is an ADA compliant elongated toilet that has a lot to offer besides being comfortable to sit on. It boasts a universal height with its 16 1/8 inch rim height, a seat height of 17 ¼ inch, tank width of 16 9/16 and tank height of 28 3/8 inches. Whether you’re short or tall it will work out just great when you take a seat, and that is exactly what the company was aiming for.

The toilet is exploding with accessories, more so than any other product on the market. Toro has been very generous with what they offer with their product and it includes fittings and a soft close seat. The soft close seat alone is something that is hard to find included with a toilet, and will save you a trip to the store. With a hinge that stops the hated toilet seat slamming effect, the product lowers the seat down quietly so that it doesn’t cause damage.

When flushing, customers will notice just how powerful the double cyclone system really is. Using two nozzles, it creates a centrifugal action that destroys and swallows whatever materials are in the bowl at the time of pushing the lever. And since the bowl is finished off with SanaGloss, the bowl naturally stays cleaner and shinier longer than any other product. The surface is smooth and stops bad materials from adhering to the ceramic. Even mold, bacteria and other harmful corrosion causing materials can’t thrive on the toilet due to the excellent repellent construction. Whether this is market changing has yet to be determined, but it definitely goes away from the conventional glazing in the industry.

The many available colors are cotton white, Sedona beige, cotton, colonial white and bone. They all pop, but the interesting color in this is the cotton white that also comes in a two pack. You get a little bit of savings when you order it like this, and it’s something that really isn’t done a lot in the industry. But for those that are in need of more than one toilet, this is a major deal, and since they are both one piece it really adds a considerable upgrade to your home. You can also check out guide to the best toilets where you will find a large variety if toilets with high quality features.

Things to Know

The toilet is pretty light at 99 pounds and it has dimensions of 28.3x16.6x28.8 with wonderful Vitreous China material. Water consumption is only 1.28 gallons per flush but does a very good job of cleaning the bowl through and through. For the warranty customers can expect a 1 year limited that will cover defective parts and some labor. The flush type is water saving toilets, not rare, but a type that seems to be specific more to this brand than others.

Because of the way it is built, this is from top to bottom a WaterSense approved high efficiency model. When cleaning the toilet it is important to use a nonabrasive soft fabric brush without bristles. Using mild dish soap or a product with natural ingredients will be more than helpful in getting it clean. Using the wrong materials to clean the toilet will void the warranty and ruin the finish. Rough in size for the toilet is the standard 12 for the customers that need the specific measurement.

The sweating issue that plagues some older brands doesn’t happen with this toilet. It will be swear free year round no matter which bathroom you decide to place it in. Usually elongated ADA approved models like these will also come with the round version, but unfortunately the Ultramax 2 model is elongated only. A lot of great accessories are included with this product, but you still have to go out and purchase the bolts and wax ring. It’s only a two bolt install, so it should be relatively cheap to do on your own. When flushing there is no splashing to worry about, and it is also very quiet while doing the initial flush and the refill. The Ultramax 2 is a huge improvement over previous models, so for customers that own the old version, an upgrade wouldn’t be completely out of the question.

Best Comparison

Comparing the Ultramax 2 to the older Ultramax is the best comparison you can get. Despite being older, the Ultramax is still the most popular between the two, and selling at a steady rate. It has fewer color choices, but does have the option for the round size that some customers still love. Also specific to the older version is the stronger 1.6 gallon flush, that although is less efficient than the Ultramax 2, is still powerful enough to hold interest years after its debut. If you like the Ultramax 2 but want a better flush, then go for the older model.

Price Changes

Because of the popularity of the Ultramax line, the price will continue to be the same throughout its availability. This is one of those toilets that if you ever find in stock you should grab it. With the many colors available there may be an issue with getting the one you want, even though at the current time the stock is strong. But if you wait too long not only will you miss out on the color you want, but it is entirely possible to miss out on the Ultramax 2 at the great price it’s currently at.


Toto has been around for a bit but isn’t a huge name like Kohler. Many people still buy and swear by the company, and the Ultramax line really shows that they know their stuff. Even if you don’t consider the Ultramax 2 powerful enough for what you need, the previous model is plenty strong and has a lot of great features to catch your eye. This is one of those models that will be around a long time due to word of mouth and great features for the customers.

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