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TOTO Ultramax Toilet Review

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Barely getting to the high price is the original Ultramax from Toto, an older and still ultra-popular model from the toilet maker. There are several sizes and colors available that will appeal to the masses, and being that the upgrade to this is still active in the market, it’s pretty awesome to see the older version still grabbing sales. The Ultramax is built from the ground up to have a strong high profile look and all with a one piece construction to simplify both the install and cleaning. Even though it has one of the most powerful flushes in the business, it excels at not sounding like a jet when you press the lever, and lets out an acceptable amount of noise for what it does.

TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Toilet

  • Wide 3-Inch fast flush valve
  • Bowl Rim Height 14-5/8-inch
  • Totos SoftClose seat
  • Why we like it: As king of the Ultramax line, this high-profile toilet combines the power of commercial-grade flushing with a very quiet flushing motion.

Although it will never be whisper quiet, it also won’t have the wall shaking issues of older toilets that were powerful. The flush valve is a very nice size and makes a point to be wide and accessible, while the overall design of the toilet while not revolutionary was ahead of its time at launch. Along with the great design is the way they kept the seating at an acceptable level. There are some really cool additions to this model that helped to make the upgraded Ultramax 2, and with the 2 having strong sales figures it’s easy to see why when it came from such a sound foundation. Customers looking for a powerful toilet with a lot of options will love this and fall head over heels for Toto.

TOTO Ultramax Toilet Review

Best Features

The one piece construction of this toilet carries a traditional look that will appeal to a lot of consumers. It is one of the few toilets that is available in size 3, with elongated toilet bowl and round sizes. This shows a great deal of versatility, and that isn’t even including the colors of cotton white, Sedona beige, colonial white and bone. All of the colors have a very distinct look to them, and none of them except for the cotton white are truly bold. They do a good job of fitting in without standing out in whatever bathroom setting you put them in, whether it is fancy or just average.

Using the siphon jet the toilet gets everything down in one flush, and keeps it down.  Its powerful 1.6 gallons per flush not only controls the water better but also draws water into the bowl quicker. This means that nothing gets left on the sides, and you have little to worry about in terms of it clogging up. To help with this they also included a larger 2 1/8 inch glazed trapway that works on increasing flow of the water in and out of the toilet. The gains are maximum power so that double flushing is a thing of the past.

Included with the toilet is the brand favorite SoftClose seat that is not only comfortable and molded with bumpers, but is made to get rid of the annoying toilet seat slam. With the built-in advanced hinge system in place it lowers the seat down quietly and at a comfortable pace. No matter what size you get for the lid, this is a welcome attachment that is sure to make you think strongly about this purchase. Not a lot of makers include this in their final product, and Toto is one of the few companies that listened.

Things to Know

Surprisingly the toilet only weighs 89 pounds and has dimensions of 28x17x28 so won’t take up a lot of room. Look for it to be best in medium to larger bathrooms where you can fit it in more comfortably. The standard 1 year limited warranty is included which will cover defects and light labor. There are longer warranties on the market, but to be fair the biggest brand in the business Kohler offers the same length in their warranty. It’s something to think about, but for what it’s worth Toto has an excellent customer service department. If you are interested in the question, what are the best toilets, then you can read more in our guide here.

What customers will lose in noise suppression they will gain in power, as it gets rid of waste quickly and also fills up just as fast and as such this is one of the best toilet for the money. The speed at which it moves the water can sometimes be taken for granted until customers move on to less powerful toilets. If you’re into extreme customization, the handle can always be swapped out with a compatible one. There are plenty of people who have done this and more, but it’s definitely for the more professional DIY user. Don’t let the colors like cotton white throw you off, it is basically regular white but not as glossy.

It’s closer to the standard white you would see with a normal bathroom appliance. It’s a good look, as not everyone wants their whites to shine like polished chrome. Since the water supply is accessible and not recessed, adding a bidet is a possibility for customers that want to go in that direction. But remember to always check specifications before making the purchase, just to be sure that everything fits. If looking at the height of the toilet you’ll notice it is a little higher than the standard, which goes back to what was said earlier about it not being as universal as the newer toilets.

Best Comparison

Without a doubt the Ultramax 2 is its best comparison as well as competitor. Where the hot selling Ultramax 2 has it beat is it has higher gallons per flush, it offers more sizes, including the elusive 3 and round, and it is a little bit higher off of the ground. Now the last one is a double edged sword, since the Ultramax 2 has a universal appeal to it when it comes to sitting. Where the Ultramax 2 excels is that it accommodates people of all sizes and ages without making them feel uncomfortable if they spend an extended amount of time on the toilet. Many people have looked at the Ultramax 2 and opted for the older version, and vice versa. It’s going to come down to power or style when you make your decision.

Price Changes

Since the Ultramax line is selling so well, it is unlikely that it will go down. Stock is a bit on the low side for this model in some sizes, so if you have your eye on making a move then this would be the best time to buy. You can buy the affordable plus original Ultramax or the upgrade to Ultramax 2. The prices are pretty much the same regardless of which direction you go in.

Personal Opinion

There has been a lot of debate on whether customer should go for the older Ultramax or the upgrade. Toilets don’t exactly expire as quickly as electronics, so in this case older is just as good as newer. It all comes down to features, so if you see something in this model that you like, then go for it. There’s definitely something great about the power it has, and the available sizes and colors only sweetens the deal.


This is the brand that keeps on giving the public some of the best toilets available in the industry. Specifically the Ultramax line has really solidified their place, and customers should look forward to seeing what else this company can do to become one of the best providers of toilets available. If they ever come out with an Ultramax 3, it may very well be sold out in a couple of days.

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