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Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail Review

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While getting a comfort height or ADA-compliant toilet is a great option for the elderly or for people who are mobility challenged, not everyone has the financial freedom to do so. A new comfort height toilet can be expensive, not to mention the cost of installation and any refitting that needs to be done.

Product Overview

One alternative for someone in that boat is to get a toilet rail. But a permanent rail can be a pain to install. If your toilet is not next to the wall, there is really no place that you can install one. That’s where this Vive Stand Alone Rail comes in handy.

Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail

  • Safety rail base is a wide 26.5”
  • Supporting up to 300 pounds
  • Bottom rails are 19in deep
  • Why we like it: The non-slip handles with soft foam mean users can use it with comfort and support.

This Rail assembles into one piece and then sits with your existing toilet with no major renovation required. A pair of padded non-slip handles are there on either side at a comfortable height of 25.5 inches. When you need to sit down, you can use the handles to support you. And when you’re finished, you can push yourself up as you need to.

Because this standalone rail is meant to be in your bathroom, the entire frame is corrosion resistant. It is also lightweight and easy to move and store wherever you need it to. The solid construction is easy to clean and can be wiped down with your favorite cleaner.

Short-term Solutions for Mobility Issues

If you have mobility issues, getting a toilet rail is going to help you with that area of your life. But what about the other times when you aren’t using the bathroom? Having the right things in your home to help you get around can make sure you don’t suffer a more serious injury. Here are a few things to think about:

● Walking Assistance – You might already have crutches or even a cane to help you get around. But if that is uncomfortable and you aren’t ready for a wheelchair, consider a rollator. These are three or four wheel gadgets that basically act as a rolling support. You still walk at you own speed and have enhance mobility, but you have the support you need.

Some models of rollators come with knee level pads so you can support your knee if that is where your injury is located. Others have baskets or places you can put your bag or phone.

Sit and Slide Sheets These sheets are designed to have a little bit of grip on the edge, but are smoother in the middle. This means you can sit comfortably and use the edges to help you get up, but when you’re ready to lay down, you can slide yourself to the center of the bed without using a lot of power.

● Steps and Threshold Ramps – Depending on the severity of your injury, you might not be able to move your feet very high. A threshold ramp is essentially a small ramp that you put in front of your door that let you surmount it without a great deal of effort. You can even get smaller ramps for thresholds in your home.

● Revolving Seat Cushions – These allow you to use standard chairs with less effort. You sit down and the comfortable seat rotates about a non-skid base. So you can rotate your body with less effort to face the table or wherever you desire.

● Non-skid Mats – There is always the danger of slipping, especially when your mobility is reduced. Whether it is a lack of balance or your inability to react quickly enough to stop yourself from falling, making sure you don’t fall is important. Use non-slip mats in the kitchen, by your bed, and possibly by any doors.

Another place you should be sure to put non-skid appliques is in the bathroom and the tub. Slipping there in those confined spaces with lots of hard surfaces and sharp edges can result in a serious injury.

Keep in mind that these are all recommendations for a temporary disability. For a permanent disability, some of these will help, but your physical therapist and doctor should recommend more permanent changes, such as a walk-in tub.


● Can hold up to 300 pounds
● Tool-Free assembly with removable handles for easy storage
● Corrosion resistant frame that is easy to clean and disinfect
● Wide tip-resistant 26.5 inch frame
● Comfortable padded non-slip handles


● Weight capacity may not work for all handicapped or older individuals
● Does not replace a true comfort-height toilet.


This Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail is a great interim solution if you need something to help you get up and sit down on your standard height toilet. If you are recovering from a ski injury and your hips are still a little wonky, this chair rail can save you from a dangerous spill. Keep in mind that if you are needing a long term solution, and ADA-compliant toilet is still the best idea. For reviews of the top rated chair height toilets, we have you covered.

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