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WoodBridge T-0001 Dual Flush Toilet Review

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Toilets are something that everyone uses, but hardly anyone talks about buying. And if you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, you should be thinking about the porcelain throne that you’re going to install in your bathroom. This WoodBridge T-0001 Dual Flush Toilet is perfect for people who are looking for a toilet that is easy to clean with premium construction.

Product Overview

This toilet has a bit of a different shape from your standard round bowls that you usually see. That’s because it has an elongated shape to make sitting more comfortable and to make flushing more efficient. And efficient flushing means that this WoodBridge toilet can use less water.

Woodbridge T-0001 Toilet

  • Elongated , Comfortable Height
  • Siphon Flushing Design
  • Water Sense Certified toilet
  • Why we like it: The faucet is a single-hole mount, but you can purchase an optional escutcheon to cover up a three-hole mounting system if necessary.

This toilet has a dual flush system that allows you to use less water when you don’t need it and still have the power of a full flush when you do. With the ability to adjust the amount of water in the tank, you can take control of how much water your home uses. That’s not just important to keep money in your pocket from your water bill, but also helps conserve water.

This toilet also has a very comfortable height at 18-inches from floor to the seat. That’s important because the American Disabilities Act recommends tall toilets for the elderly and other people with mobility issues. The height of a standard toilet is 15-inches, and that can contribute to falls and is more difficult for people with issues standing up from a lower position.

What is Dual Flush?

A dual flush toilet is one that has two modes of flushing. One uses about half the water of the other for when you aren’t flushing solids. There are numerous benefits to dual flushing toilets including:

● Cost Savings – because you’re using less water, your water bill is lower
● Water Conservation – again, you’re using less water, which is better for the environment
Less Maintenance – Dual flush toilets are more efficient and once you get the hang of it, easy to use and clean
● Fewer Clogs – because of the higher efficiency and power, things rarely get stuck going down the drain

How much water savings are we talking about here? On average, your toilet gets flushed five times per day. If just three of those use the low-flush method, that means you’re actually only flushing the equivalent of 3.5 times per day per person. It may not seem like a lot, but every little bit helps.

Installation Notes

As with anything, it’s always advisable to hire a professional if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, or if it’s your first time. That being said, installing your own toilet is definitely something a DIY’er can do on their own. There are a few things that you should always keep in mind when installing your own toilet.

Read the installation instructions – 90 percent of problems can be solved if you read the manual first. Don’t expect to follow along; by reading the instructions, you’ll get an idea of the overall picture and what to do next and what to anticipate.
Get a cheap blanket – Your new toilet is porcelain, and porcelain will chip if it hits your floor at the wrong angle or a little bit too hard. A blanket also protects your floor from being damaged by the toilet.
● Invest in a face mask – When you take your old toilet off, you’re going to be staring down a sewer line without a U-bend to protect you. That means you’re going to smell some very interesting things. A paper face mask that has a little Vicks rubbed on it will keep you from smelling the worst of it.
Don’t handle the wax until you have to – The wax ring is the worst. But it keeps the seal on your toilet and it is long lasting and corrosion resistant. Handle it as little as possible to help it keep its shape and so it doesn’t deform and you have to get a new one.


● Dual Flush system saves you money and is good for the environment
● Extremely easy to clean with a skirted trap
● Sleek modern design with a comfortable elongated bowl
● Seat has a soft closing mechanism, preventing that loud clang as the lid hits the seat
● Siphon flushing system has the power you need to remove the things you don’t
● Taller seat height is good for adults, the elderly, and handicapped


● The taller height makes it harder for children to use
● Uses a siphon rather than a gravity trap, so it isn’t as efficient as other dual flush options


Not everyone needs a new toilet, but if you do, then this Woodbridge T-0001 is a terrific option. With a stylish and sleek look and a more comfortable height for the elderly and mobility challenged, it is a choice that you won’t regret. If you don’t think so, then look here for more toilet reviews to help you find one that you’ll love.

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