Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Woodbridge T-0018 / B-0735 Elongated Toilet Review

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Toilets come in all shapes and sizes, and the look of this toilet is luxurious. With all the various features that come with different kinds of toilets, it makes sense to spend some time to find the right toilet for you. The Woodbridge Elongated toilet is a higher-end toilet that doesn’t break the budget. It comes with just the right amount of features that might make you stop looking for other toilets altogether.

Product Overview

The Woodbridge T-0018 / B-0735 Dual Flush Elongated Toilet is a one-piece toilet that has a luxurious look. This toilet works as an excellent complement to many different styles of bathrooms and gives a modern look to any bathroom area.

Woodbridge B0735 T 0018

  • Elongated , Comfortable Height
  • Siphon Flushing Design
  • Water Sense Certified toilet
  • Why we like it: The flushing system is phenomenal on this toilet. It features a dual flush combined with a quiet siphon flushing design. 

This toilet has everything you want when it comes to features. The one-piece design is effortless to clean with a skirted trap and no corners and grooves. Every surface of this toilet is easy to reach and makes cleaning effortless.

Instead of being a standard-height toilet, this was designed as a comfort height. That means the height from floor to seat is raised to make sitting and standing more comfortable for most adults.

The flushing system is phenomenal on this toilet. It features a dual flush combined with a quiet siphon flushing design. This brings a quiet yet powerful flush experience with no clogs and no leaks. The fully glazed flush system also makes for easy toilet cleaning. The toilet is packed with certifications as well. It is UPC, CSA, high-efficiency, and WaterSense certified. This saves you water and money.

This Woodbridge toilet comes with an elongated bowl for comfort and includes an elongated toilet seat. The seat is a high-end soft closing seat with a stainless-steel seat hinge.

Two service warranties come with this toilet. The first warranty is a 5-year limited warranty on porcelain parts, so you don’t have to worry about fading or staining of the glaze. The second is a 1-year limited warranty on both the flushing mechanism and the soft closing toilet seat.

If you’re looking for a toilet that features efficiency, comfortability, and a sleek design, this is an excellent choice.

Factors to consider for toilets

Here are a few crucial factors to consider for your new toilet:

● Efficiency - Think about water efficiency, including water bill costs.
Ease of cleaning - Every toilet has its pros and cons when it comes to cleaning.
Ease of use - Toilets vary in height and shape, and some are easier to use.
● Comfortability - Comfort is found mostly from the shape of the bowl and softness of the seat.
Sleek design - Some toilets look better than others.

Think about the features you want from your new toilet and make a list of what is most important to you.

A feature-rich toilet

When browsing and searching for the right toilet, you will find that each toilet has its pros and cons. When you create your list of features you want, you will usually find many toilets that are missing one or more elements of interest.

This toilet is feature-rich and might check off all the boxes for you. Consider everything on your list before making your choice. However, this toilet is undoubtedly a winner.


Luxurious design - The design of this toilet is phenomenal. Sleek design that looks luxurious but can still blend with many bathroom styles.
● Easy to clean - The one-piece design of this toilet makes it easy to clean. Also, the fully glazed flush system makes flushing waste easier and requires less cleaning.
Quiet yet efficient flushing - The dual flush system is quiet, powerful, and extremely efficient. It is complicated to find a toilet that is both quiet and powerful.
● Comfort height - The taller height from floor to seat makes this toilet easy to sit on and stand up from.
● Elongated toilet - This is an elongated toilet for a better toilet experience, and provides added comfort and ease for the user.
● All-in-one package - The toilet package comes with the toilet, toilet seat, wax ring, floor bolts, hand wrench, and installation instructions. Everything you need is included.
● Comes with high-end seat - The toilet comes with a soft-closing seat that is easy to remove and easy to clean.
● Warranties - With two warranties, you can feel safe knowing you’ll have this toilet for years.
Certifications - This is a WaterSense high-efficiency toilet, which means it is efficiently powerful yet saves you money on the water bill as well.


● The only thing you might not like about this toilet is the design. If you don’t want a modern look and feel, this toilet might not be for you.


If you want a toilet that looks luxurious and works efficiently, this is an excellent toilet. With an elongated bowl and soft-closing toilet seat, all-in-one installation package and an abundance of features, this toilet makes for a great purchase. If you want a nice-looking toilet with all the features you could ever ask for, the Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated Toilet is a solid choice.

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