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Woodbridge T-0019 Dual Flush Toilet Review

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Shopping for a toilet doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of advances in sewer technology that can make getting your new porcelain throne an interesting shopping adventure. For example, the regular round bowl? In most cases, they have gone in favor of an elongated bowl for seating comfort. Those five or six gallon flushes have been dropped so your new flushes only take 1.6 gallons at most. And now there are even toilets that let you choose how much water you’re going to use.

Product Overview

The Woodbridge T-0019 dual flush toilet is a great mid-range model for anyone looking to install a reasonably priced toilet in a second bathroom. It has a standard 12-inch rough in, so will fit in nearly any current bathroom without need for extensive renovations. The seat of this toilet is a little under 18-inches tall, which means it’ easier for adults to sit down and get up. This height is called comfort seating, and it is makes the height of the toilet about the height of a standard chair.

WoodBridge T-00019 Toilet

  • Easy-to-Clean Design
  • Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet
  • 1. 28 gallon flush Siphon Flushing Design
  • Why we like it: The flush buttons are on top and are shiny chrome. The remainder of the toilet is white porcelain that would look great in any modern bathroom.

Another feature of this toilet is the dual flush system that lets you use a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for when you need to take care of heavier waste. The full flush uses a scant 1.6 gallons per flush, and the half-flush uses 1.0 gallons per flush. Thanks to the siphon flushing design, everything is whisked away with no residue left behind.

When you purchase this toilet, you can rest easy knowing that everything you need comes with it. That includes the seat and lid, floor bolts and the wax ring. The seat and lid have durable stainless steel hinges, and the lid is soft-closing. That means you don’t have to worry about it slamming shut when you’re trying to stay quiet late at night.

Aesthetically, this is a sharp looking toilet with modern clean lines. There is little wasted space as the tank and bowl are molded in one piece. The flush buttons are on top and are shiny chrome. The remainder of the toilet is white porcelain that would look great in any modern bathroom.

How Do Dual-Flush Toilets Work?

You might be wondering how 1.6 gallons of water is supposed to effectively wash away waste. Well, in most cases, it’s because the exit drain is extremely large compared to standard toilets. In a regular toilet, the flush relies on something called siphoning. Basically, a large volume of water is dumped onto the existing water. Gravity forces the water back and because water clings to other water, it pulls everything along with it, including any waste. The flushing action then stops when there’s no more water in the bowl and air enters to break up the party.

A dual flush toilet will usually work the same way, but it holds the water in the tank in different ways. For example:

● A dual reservoir system will use two reservoirs to hold the water instead of one. A half flush will empty one, while a full flush will empty both.
● A siphon system uses one reservoir, but breaks the water flow by breaking the vacuum that draws the water out.

In either case, the dual flush toilet will end up saving you water, and saving you money. But how much money can you save?

How Much Can You Actually Save?

It depends on what your original toilet was. If it was manufactured before 1994, then it is likely that your toilet uses about 5 to 7 gallons per flush. According to research, the average person flushes the toilet five times per day. So the math goes like this:

● 5 flushes per day @ 5 gallons per flush = 25 gallons per day or 9,125 gallons per year.
Using the dual flush, it’s an average of 1.28 gallons per flush.
● 5 flushes per day @ 1.28 gallons per flush = 6.4 gallons per day or 2,336 gallons per year.

You can see then that the yearly savings is about 7,000 gallons, which is quite a lot of water.


● Aesthetically pleasing clean modern lines fit well with modern décor
● Lid and seat are soft-closing and come with stainless steel hinge work
● Everything is included in this design: toilet, lid, seat, bolts, and wax ring
● 18-inch comfort height seating is perfect for adults and mobility challenged users
● Dual-flush toilet offers 1.6 or 1 gallon per flush depending on your needs


● Dual flush system takes some getting used to
● Taller seat height may be challenging for children


The Woodbridge T-0019 is a fully ADA-compliant dual flush toilet that will save you money and look good while doing it. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their existing toilet. But we understand that you may still want to shop around. If you’re looking for reviews of other most popular dual flush toilets, or any toilet, we have you covered.

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