Last Updated : November 19, 2020

American Standard 270AB001.020 Review

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The American Standard 270AB001.020 is a version of the Cadet 3 model toilet that gives you features that you want and need in a 10-inch rough-in toilet. American Standard has allowed you to stop sacrificing features with your 10-inch rough-in needs. Better yet, they will enable you to do it on a budget.

Product Overview

Starting with the best features, this two-piece toilet is comfortable. While many people want a toilet with powerful flushing technology, comfortability is often overlooked. This results in residential homes and businesses purchasing toilets that are uncomfortable to sit on. The Cadet 3 features an elongated toilet bowl which provides a more comfortable sitting experience than the standard round front bowl. On top of that, this toilet also features a Comfort Height toilet bowl. It is ADA compliant, which means it has been certified to provide the widest range of use between children, adults, the elderly, and those with disabilities.

American Standard 270AB001.020

  • 10-Inch Rough-In
  • Elongated Two-Piece Toilet
  • Ever Clean antimicrobial surface
  • Why we like it: The water savings you receive with this toilet are extraordinary. Most older toilets have a 3.5 GPF rating, and even newer toilets have a 1.6 GPF rating.

This specific Cadet 3 model is the two-piece elongated version which many are seeking, but don’t let that stop you if you want something different. The Cadet 3 model also comes in a one-piece design. You can choose the round front instead of the elongated bowl if you need a more compact look for smaller bathrooms and compact areas.

The water savings you receive with this toilet are extraordinary. Most older toilets have a 3.5 GPF rating, and even newer toilets have a 1.6 GPF rating. This toilet beats both of those with a 1.28GPF rating. This rating gives you a 1.28 gallon-per-flush toilet that saves you a lot of water and money. For commercial uses that need to purchase multiple toilets for their business needs, the money savings are multiplied.

Besides the water savings, American Standard toilets are always looking to the future, and the Cadet 3 model is a hard-working versatile series of toilets. This model features superior performance compared to many other toilets in its class. American Standard also provides a unique technology for performance, and you’ll know the quality when you use it. This model offers a smarter-designed toilet that brings higher performance and fewer clogs at an affordable price for everyone. This is shown with the oversized 3-inch flush valve that includes a chemical resistant flapper. This wider flush valve removes all of your waste with one flush.

This Cadet 3 model also makes for excellent cleaning experiences. This toilet features a vitreous china construction that makes it durable and easy-to-clean. The toilet also features an EverClean antimicrobial surface. The surface prevents bacteria from growing on the surface of your toilet, allowing you to clean less and have a sanitary toilet for more extended periods between cleaning.

It’s hard to find a 10-inch rough-in toilet with all the features you want and need, and American Standard gives you all of that and more with this version of the Cadet 3 model.

A 10-inch rough-in toilet with excellent features

For older homes and commercial buildings that require a 10-inch rough-in toilet, it can be hard to find the features you need. Many people have to sacrifice water savings and flushing technology so their new toilet can fit.

This American Standard Cadet 3 model provides that extra technology and water savings while still providing a 10 inch toilet rough in for easy install. The oversized 3-inch flush valve, easy-to-clean china construction, EverClean surface, ADA compliant height, and elongated bowl make this toilet one you can count on for years to come.

An extremely comfortable toilet

While many speak about flushing technology and water savings, one thing that many people overlook is how comfortable the toilet is. You end up getting a toilet that seems like it has excellent features only to find out that it’s a pain to sit on.

This version of the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet gives you the features you need while also making your toilet comfortable. This comfortability is shown with the elongated bowl and the ADA compliant bowl height.

The elongated bowl makes the toilet more comfortable to sit on as opposed to the standard round front bowl. The ADA compliant height of the bowl means the sitting height is raised to make it more comfortable for a broader range of people. American Standard truly raises the standards with these additional features.


ADA compliant height - The bowl height can be used by a wide range of people.
Elongated bowl - The elongated bowl makes the toilet more comfortable to sit on.
Wide flush valve - Oversized at 3 inches wide, the flush valve gets all your waste down in one flush.
● Water savings - You get immense water savings at 1.28GPF.
Easy cleaning - The EverClean surface and china construction makes for easy cleaning and a more sanitary toilet.


● The toilet seat is not included.


It’s hard to find a 10-inch rough-in toilet with a lot of features. American Standard packs in the features with this toilet and dedicates themselves to raising the standard of toilets for residential and commercial applications. If you want a 10-inch rough-in toilet that provides you with the features you need, this version of the American Standard Cadet 3 model is a solid choice.

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