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American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 Review

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The American Standard Cadet 3 combines ease of use, cleanliness, and visual appeal like few other toilets do. With a height of 16.5 inches at the rim, the seat will sit right at 17 inches, making this toilet ADA compliant.

Product Overview

The 17 inch height is considered by many to be the ideal toilet height, especially for seniors and those with mobility issues, so this toilet is likely to show up on any handicap toilet list.

The Cadet 3 comes with American Standard's EverClean surface and PowerClean rim to minimize the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your toilet. It also has a low flow flush that uses less water than a standard toilet without losing its ability to effectively evacuate the toilet bowl.

The flat, smooth exterior surfaces don't catch dust the way most toilets do, so in addition to looking sleek and elegant it's also easy to keep clean.

American Standard Cadet 3 2988.101.020 

  • 1.28 gallons per flush (4.8 lpg)
  • FloWise technology
  • PowerWash rim scrubs the bowl clean
  • Why we like it: The Cadet 3 comes with American Standard's EverClean surface and PowerClean rim to minimize the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your toilet.

Features of the Cadet 3


Users rave about the effectiveness of the PowerWash feature. The secret behind this is the three inch flush valve (most flush valves are two inches). The larger valves allows the water to flow into the bowl much faster than a standard size valve, and the faster water applies more force to the bowl. Each flush effectively scrubs the bowl clean, even while using less water than most toilets.

EverClean Surface

The EverClean Surface consists of additives in the glaze that's fired right in to the porcelain. Each toilet receives a double coat of that glaze for a mirror-smooth surface that will last forever.

The additives inhibit the growth of the bacteria and mildew which cause stains and odors. Combined with the PowerWash rim, this surface means that the toilet cleans itself more often than not. Some users even report that a mess that sticks after the first flush will come off on its own over time.

You'll find that you won't have to clean this toilet nearly as often as you've cleaned your old ones. Between the EverClean surface and the PowerWash rim, it effectively cleans itself.


The PowerWash rim relies on faster moving water, not more water, to scrub the bowl with each flush. In fact, the Cadet 3 only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, saving you thousands of gallons of water each year.

The PowerWash doesn't just scrub the bowl, it also creates a powerful flush. In fact, each flush can remove 2.2 pounds of waste, earning it a perfect MaP score.

In addition to the three inch flush valve in the tank, the Cadet 3 also has trap way over two inches in diameter. This helps keep the flush powerful, and it also prevents clogs. This way you don't ever have to worry about your low flow, efficient toilet sacrificing power in the name of efficiency.


The rim of the bowl is 16.5 inches tall. Depending on the seat, that means the height with the seat down will be between 17 and 17.5 inches tall, making the Cadet 3 ADA Compliant. It also means its comfortable.

Standard toilets are 15 inches tall. Two inches of difference doesn't sound like much, but for those with mobility issues it really is a big improvement.

Round Bowl

Round bowls aren't as comfortable as elongated bowls, but they're a better choice for smaller bathrooms.

Toilets with elongated bowls take up a lot of space, and in a small bathroom they can make the room feel cramped. A round bowl toilet fits the space much better.


● Height (rim)- 16.5 inches
● Height (seat)- 17 inches
● Height (overall)- 30.75 inches
● Width- 15.75 inches
● Depth- 28.25 inches


● ADA Compliant
● 16.5 inch rim height is ideal for comfort and ease of use
● EverClean surface keeps the toilet clean and beautiful for years
● PowerWash Rim scrubs the bowl with each flush
● Smooth exterior surfaces don't collect dust and are easy to clean
● 1.28 gallons per flush
● Five year warranty
● Compact size is perfect for smaller spaces


● Smaller round bowl is less comfortable than elongated bowl
● No dual flush system


The American Standard Cadet 3 is a surprisingly great toilet in a small package for a good price. Although it doesn't have a dual flush system, the flush it does have is very efficient and will still save you a lot of water.
The PowerWash rim EverClean Surface are every bit as good as advertised at keeping the toilet clean. You'll hardly ever have to clean the Cadet 3.

The other benefit of the PowerWash rim is that, even though this is a low flow, highly efficient toilet, it hasn't sacrificed any flushing power. You won't have to worry about needing multiple flushes. Finally, because this toilet is compact with a round bowl, it will fit in any space, no matter how small.

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