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4 Best Composting Toilets of 2020 – (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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If you are looking for the best composting toilet you have definitely come to the right place! Here you will find the best composting toilet reviews, where you will learn about what to look for as well as what each and everyone of them has to offer. Whether you are looking for a cheap composting toilet to with you on your next camping trip or for a complete composting toilet system for your home, we made sure to include something for everyone in our reviews below.

Composting Toilet Reviews - (Updated List)

Composting toilets are eco-friendly and a great way to “give back” to your environment. With the use of a composting medium, composting toilets will convert your waste into something you can use to help your garden flourish, enrich your soil, and reduce your overall carbon footprint—which is something we all should be trying to do.

1. Top Pick

Villa 9215 Toilet

  • 6-foot urine drain hose
  • Rear-mounting bracket
  • On-grid and off-grid setup
  • Why we like it: This eco toilet may be on the pricey side, but you won’t have to worry about any odor issues with this one. 

The Villa 9215 is a Separett composting toilets —and this is a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to waterless toilets in general. This eco toilet may be on the pricey side, but you won’t have to worry about any odor issues with this one. The company specifically addressed this issue by separating liquids from solids in two separate compartments.

It offers several ventilation options to ensure it stays odor free—so you can choose your preferred method. This toilet is compact in size and is designed to be up to par with most building codes—but make sure to double check beforehand if you want to buy this one.

If you want a composting toilet that comes highly rated and reviewed by many users, then you will find that this composting toilet is at the top of the list of many dry flush toilet reviews. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid getting a composting dry flush toilet that won’t effectively prevent odor, then this the way to go. Sure, it’s a little pricey—but if it fits your budget, it is definitely one of the best ones to consider investing in.

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2. Best Composting Toilet For Camping

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty

  • Wide holding tank vent
  • 2-section system
  • Very portable
  • Why we like it: There are many on the list but this is a solid starter for those that need a good composting toilet.

First on the list is this low priced toilet that leaves everything to the imagination with its design but does a great job in making up for it with features. Available in an 18 and 24 liter model, although this won’t win any beauty contests it will handle anything you can throw at it. The piston pump is replaceable and the bowl itself is cleaned thoroughly with the two directional rinse. Streaks and other waste remnants aren’t left behind, and it is comparable to a home residential model in terms of strength.

To prevent any type of splashing or discomfort the bowl is extra deep, and when not in use the lid snaps close so that vibrations are not an issue when moving. Indicators that are in clear view let you know how much waste is in the toilet as well as how much fresh water is still available. It is an intuitive system that goes the extra mile of being easy rather than complicated. When the spout storage compartment needs to be cleaned, it can be detached and moved around at will. No more worries about all in one systems that are a pain to clean when you’re on the road. Some of the nicer extras associated with the unit is the holding tank for your cleaner so that you don’t have to carry it separate, and the hassle free packaging that it arrives in. There are many on the list but this is a solid starter for those that need a good composting toilet.

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3. Best Composting Toilet For Cabins

Natures Head Dry Composting Toilet

  • User friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Features a molded design
  • Why we like it: The faucet is a single-hole mount, but you can purchase an optional escutcheon to cover up a three-hole mounting system if necessary.

Next composting toilet on the list is the higher priced Nature’s head dry composting toilet, their flagship model to be exact. Included with the packaging is a 5’vent hose, bottle cap and 12v power plug. Everything is organized in a way that it is easy to operate, even for a beginner. This toilet has the most moving parts on the list, but also has the clearest operation manual. A hand crank agitator that is built into the base takes care of the composting, with smooth operation from start to finish. As one of the more user friendly additions to the list, customers will appreciate that the high price they spend on this toilet won’t come with hours of trying to figure out how to use it.

As far as design goes, it looks a lot more like a toilet than some of the other composting options, and is very comfortable with the molded design. Extremely lightweight at 27.2 pounds, buyers can expect to install this anywhere they need with product dimensions of 19.8x20.8x20.5. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd best option on this list, and it does a great job of composting waste. If you want to go all out and price isn’t an option, then this Nature’s Head toilet is the perfect buy.

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4. Best Portable Composting Toilet

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

  • The swivel hose
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Why we like it: Odors are kept in check thanks to the tightly sealed valve, one of the many exclusives of this model.

Sticking with the low price is the infamous Porta Potti 550p that has the straightforward design of a composting toilet but a lot of extra features. Besides the indicator line that lets you know when to empty it, there is the rotating pour-out spout that simplifies the whole process. If you’re tired of disassembling a composting toilet then this might be the best option for you since the process is simplified. Odors are kept in check thanks to the tightly sealed valve, one of the many exclusives of this model.

A removable seat and cover keeps the product user friendly through its lifetime, and it’s all manageable thanks to the great amount of high quality materials used to make it. This model thrives on a piston pump flush system that packs a considerable punch when used, so it isn’t starving for power at all. Like the last item, the weight is great and it comes in at only 11.4 pounds with dimensions of 16x16x16. There isn’t a lot of beauty to this products design, but to be fair there is only about one item on the list that goes out of its way to look great. If you want a composting toilet that just does the job right then this model is all you will need.

Best Composting Toilet Buying Guide

Now that you have taken a look at our reviews of the best composting toilets, you may still that you may have some questions. Maybe you aren’t sure which toilet you should get or just want to know more about composting toilet systems before taking the plunge and investing in one.

Regardless of what questions you may have—or not have—we encourage you to take a look at our buying guide. Below we will cover several common topics that you may still have questions about. We go over information that will help you decide whether or not you should get a composting toilet as well as information that helps you make your final decision and really narrow down which one you should go with.

Make sure to take your time reading through the buying guide—and take a second (or third) look at our composting toilet reviews above if you need to. Remember, the only thing that matters here is that you choose the product that will work for you. Not every compost toilet system is the same—and they all offer different benefits. Always consider what you need before making your selection. We hope our buying guide helps you out!

What is a composting toilet?

While composting toilets have been around for quite some time, they may be a foreign concept to some people who haven’t heard of them, or ever used one, before. A self-composting toilet is not just an outhouse or portable toilet—nowadays there are options for home use—but actually just a great Eco-friendly option as well as a more budget friendly choice, especially for those of looking for a composting toilet for a tiny house.

The compost toilet, no matter which one you get, is designed to naturally decompose human waste and recycle into usable compost—which is great for the environment and can be mixed into your soil for fertilization purposes. A compostable toilet will be able to quickly (depending on the type of toilet you get) compost your waste and recyclable toilet paper, turn your waste into compost that is easy to handle and safe to use, and evaporate all liquid.

The liquid portion can be a little tricky depending on what type of toilet you have—some require you use a medium to turn it into a solid, while others have liquids and solids go to different chambers, so they are easily separated. The waterless toilet system you would use daily in your home will typically be those who can separate the two.

If you have a toilet that separates liquids from solids, you may have the option of “flushing” and/or may have a heated evaporation chamber to help get rid of all traces of liquids. Some of these may also require that you empty out the liquid chamber separate—it just depends on what model you get, so just keep this in mind as you narrow down your choices.

Remember, that no matter what type of composting toilet you get, they all have the same result. Some may get the process done much faster than others and some are more efficient for larger families—but in the end they all take human waste and convert into eco-friendly compost that can “give back” to the environment. Make sure to keep yourself up to date on local and state laws regarding compost disposal, to ensure that you are doing so both safely and properly.

Composting Toilets Types

If you have never used a compost toilet then you may have some questions. While how they work is a relatively similar process across the board, how to use a no water toilet can vary greatly depending on what type you end up getting. Below we will discuss some of the different types of composting toilets and how to use them.

  • Self-Contained

The self-contained composting toilet is a great option for residential use and can be used in the home. The can be electrical or non-electrical and offer lots of additional features most users will love!

If you go with an electric compost toilet, you will have a toilet that comes with a fan as well as a heating element. The fan will help dissipate odors and keep the area free of unwanted smells while the heating unit will help evaporate the liquids. You only have to plug it in when in use and the amount of power they use will vary between 80 and 150 watts, depending on the brand and model you decide to get.

Regardless of whether you get an electrical composter or a non-electrical unit, you will want to make sure that you get a toilet with the appropriate capacity. While electrical toilets may have higher composting capacity, if you don’t need something that has more then don’t pay for the additional capacity.

The best part about the self-contained toilet is that it can be used in the home without any plumbing—since it does not require water. However, you will need to assemble it correctly and ensure you take your time when putting together, and installing, the toilet’s vent stack. This toilet will also evaporate your liquids, so you don’t have to take the time to dump out the contents.

Overall, this composting toilet looks the most like the typical toilet found in the home and can handle use daily use. They are easy to clean and maintain as well—just make sure your home meets all of the requirements if you decide to go with an electrical model. These are also easy to use and keep clean—just do your business and use the additional features as needed.

  • Central Composting Toilet

If you decide to go with a central composting toilet you will have two different types to choose from—a 1-pint flush system and a water-less system. Regardless of which one you decide to go with, they both will be connected to a compost unit located either in your basement or just outside your home.

The 1-pint flush is less Eco-friendly, and many users may not define it as a “real” composting toilet, because it does require water and plumbing. Like the name suggests, it uses about one pint per flush—which is minimal compared to the traditional toilet (which is typically 1.6 gallons per flush instead of just a pint). This toilet’s composting unit will be installed no farther than 20 feet away from a toilet and will require a plumbing pipe that leads from the toilet to the compost. As you can see, this is still an Eco-friendly toilet that uses minimal water and is a great option for residential use. As far as how to use this one, it is pretty much like your typical toilet for the most part, so there really isn’t anything different outside of the fact that it uses much less water and transports waste to a composting unit instead to the sewer.

The water-less central system composting toilet, on the other hand, uses absolutely no water. However, it does also require a plumbing pipe that leads directly to the composting unit and uses an air flow unit to transfer the waste from the toilet to the compost unit. These are a great water saving option for those of you who live in dry areas, want to save money, or just want a more cost-effective toilet in your vacation home or cabin. This toilet is really easy to use and similar to your everyday toilet. While it doesn’t flush like a traditional toilet, it is similar to most residential toilets so, if you decide to use one of these in your home, it shouldn’t take to long to adapt.

  • Split-Systems

The split system composting toilet has become really popular over the years. Not only does it simplify your life and make using a composting toilet much easier, but it also is much more affordable than some of the other high-tech residential type composting toilets

This type of composting toilet, like its name suggests, is split into two different areas—the pedestal and the tank. The pedestal is the toilet area where you sit and the tank is located underneath the pedestal and houses the waste. These are great for home use and typically separate the liquid from the waste, although there are some that still employ the “bucket” type system (which we will discuss later on). Either way, these are more similar to a residential toilet as well and are easy to use. Just keep track of the tank because you will need to dump it in your compost bin as it fills up—an you don’t want to wait until it is too full.

A composting RV toiletis designed for RV use, but some are actually portable enough to also use on camping trips or road trips (although the latter would fall under multi-functional portable toilets. RV toilets can be similar to traditional toilets or they can be bucket toilets—but most often they fall somewhere in between and are most like the split system composting toilet.

Typically, an RV has the black tank that holds your waste and that you have to empty out in specified locations. However, if use a composting toilet in your RV you will eliminate the need for use of this tank, will no longer need any chemicals, and won’t have to flush anymore!

These toilets will typically have the seating area and a tank below. Some may have a separate container for liquids and solids, while others may employ the bucket type system. Regardless of which one you use, these are easy to keep clean—just keep some water and vinegar solution nearby and spray it when necessary, or every time it is used if you prefer. The best part about these is that the you can save the compost material to take home or easily dispose of it anywhere your state and local areas allow. So, no more emptying out the black tank or dealing with any plumbing issues with this one!

Portable composting toilets are really easy to setup and use—in fact, they are actually the easiest to use since they are so simplistic and minimalistic. Many people, and actual users, often refer to them as “bucket toilets” but nowadays they are more than just that.

  • “Bucket” composting toilet

The bucket toilet system can be, as the name suggests, a simple bucket—or it can be a bucket placed under a pedestal and built in area. So, you can still have a toilet bowl to sit on as well as keep the bucket out of sight.

While the bucket system is pretty easy to use, it does take some time to get used to it if you have never (or rarely) used it before.

First and foremost, the bucket toilet will require special composting bags. While there are some pretty generic options when it comes to these, but if you purchase a whole system you may need to stick to the bags made for that specific toilet. And, of course, like all compost toilets, you will need to use a composting medium to set up your toilet and cover up your waste as you go.

Brand Recognition

Here we will go over some of the most well-know brands in the composting toilet world. While these are not the only options you have, they cover some of the best composters featured in our list of composting toilet reviews. Take a look to learn more about these brands!

  • Sanitation Equipment Limited

The Sanitation Equipment limited brand has been around since 1949—so for over half a century now! While you may have never heard of the brand, they actually offer some great composting portable toilets, so whether you are looking for something for your RV or for your regular camping, you are sure to find something with this company.

If you are big on clean—especially if you specifically want a portable composting toilet that you won’t use often and will want to sterilize after getting back, you will be happy to hear that this company also makes their own cleaning products or you to use. There parts are also easy t0 find and buy, so you won’t have any issues fixing standard things that may arise—and they also sell special toilet paper, designed for use with composting or portable toilets.

Overall, if you are looking for a brand you can trust, this is a great one to consider!

  • Thetford

Thetford is one of the more important brands on our list of composting toilets because they offer so much more than just composting toilets—they also make traditional toilets, cleaning products, kitchen items, and much more—and they truly have some of the best dry composting toilet selections out there.

While they have dipped their toes in multiple niches, their small composting toilet is one of the overall best picks on our list. Their curve model offers great features while still being small enough to take almost anywhere you go. It is a great option for camping trips and on top of that will help you reduce your carbon footprint. It is really easy to use, durable, and one of the company’s best products overall.

  • Camco

Like Thetford, Camco offers more than just toilets—and definitely more than just composting toilets. However, they mostly make things for RV users as well as cover marine, hardware, antifreeze, cleaning, camping, and towing categories (to name a few). Right now, they only sell one composting toilet, which is rugged and really popular among users who have bought it.

The Camco no flush toilet is designed to be really durable and handle years of abuse—given how good it is, we are sure the brand will come out with improved models in years to come!

  • Sun-Mar

Now, Sun-Mar is one of the best brands on our list when it comes to composting toilets. They have invested a lot of time and money to make the best composting toilets and they have really found their niche in this market. Not only do they make great dry toilets, but they also have tons of information available for users of composting toilets to refer to if they have any questions.

Customers who have purchased one of this brand’s composting toilets love how much help this company provide and how much information they provide on the toilets they produce. If you have any questions the company has loads of media programs and outlets to refer to, no matter what brand composting toilet model you decide to go with.

  • Nature’s Head

Nature’s Head is even more popular then the Sun-Mar brand when it comes to composting toilets! Their dry toilet selections have the most features to choose from and cover almost all of your needs. They focus on ease of use, so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck with something overly complicated.

The company also offers a 5-year warranty, which is the most extensive warranty plan when compared to other brands. This length of this warranty really shoes how much this company stands behind their product and how durable their toilets are designed to be. They offer tons of options when it comes to finding something for smaller spaces, so if you know you have a space constraint, then this is a great brand to take a look at.

Pros and Cons of using a composting toilet

Like everything in life, there is both good and bad to everything. No matter how awesome a composting toilet is, it is important to be aware of all of their Pros and Cons before making your final decision and purchase.

  • PROS
    • First and foremost, composting toilets are extremely portable. They are lightweight, easy to use, and you can take them away.
    • Secondly, compost toilets are available for all types of uses. Nowadays there are loads of residential options that you can use in your home or tiny home, options for your RV, and of course portable selections. No matter what your needs are, a composting toilet is so much more than a bucket toilet nowadays.
    • Composting toilets are also really easy to keep up. Not only are they great for the environment and a great eco-friendly option, but they are also really easy to use. As long as you have the right composting medium and keep up with maintenance, you will have something that will remain odor free and be easy to use.
    • Next, cleaning a composting toilet is super easy.
    • Lastly, the best part about composting toilets is that they are really durable and come at a great price.
  • CONS
    • Not all types of composting toilets will work for you. If you want to install more than one unit you will want to go with the appropriate toilet because choosing the wrong one can be costly. Make sure to take your space, needs, and use into consideration.
    • One main problem user will run into is dealing with temperature regulation. Overexposure to heat or freezing conditions can mess with how it functions and prove to be costly over time.
    • Another important thing to remember is that you need to use the right type of dissolving toilet paper to get the most out of your system. While some can handle any type or brand, most may get clogged or damaged if you use the wrong one.

Best Composting Toilets Comparison Chart

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty$$WhiteN/A16.5 x 14.5 x 16.2 inches11.6 pounds 8/10
Porta Potti Curve$$GreyN/A18 x 18 x 16 inches 10 pounds 9/10
Camco 41541$$GreyN/A14 x 16 x 15.5 inches 10.8 pounds 9/10
Thetford 92853N/AGreyN/A17.5 x 17 x 16 inches 10.55 pounds 9/10
Nature's Head$$$GreyN/A19.8 x 20.8 x 20.5 inches 28.2 pounds 9/10
Sun-Mar ExcelN/AWhiteN/A36 x 36 x 28 inches 90 pounds 7/10


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best composting toilets—we made sure to cover everything each one had to offer (both good and bad) in each compost review featured on our page. If you didn’t check out our full buying guide, we encourage you to go back and take a look because it has a lot of information that will help you on your search for the best composter type toilet.

Remember to keep your needs in mind when making your final decision—there are literally options out there for all types of needs so don’t worry about not finding the right one. It is better to take your time and ensure that you are getting something that will give you what you want in a composting toilet and allow you to use it for as long you want or need to.

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