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Toto Toilet Reviews – (Complete Guide)

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Toto products are proven quality toilets at a price that is competitive. Toto toilets also come with some great features, quality material, and are built to last. Toto toilets have become some of the most popular toilets to choose from in recent years. In our list of Toto toilet reviews we have listed some of these popular toilets and compared them to help you find the perfect Toto toilet for your needs.

Best Toto Toilets Reviews

1. Toto Ultramax II

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II Toilet

  • High efficiency 1.28 gallons per flush
  • TOTO Tornado Flush system
  • CEFIONTECT glaze
  • Why we like it: The toilet is an elongated one-piece model finished with SanaGloss, Toto’s favorite option to make their products shine even after years of use.

First on the list is the popular Ultramax II, successor to the original Ultramax—which is still selling record numbers. There are many improvements in this version, as the main focus was on making this a more efficient version of the original Ultramax. They achieved that goal by creating a 1.28 GPF WaterSense-approved system that will save you loads of money per year on the water bill. Seating has also been made more comfortable; thanks to the universal height technology which allows all ages and sizes to feel like they are sitting in a regular chair while on the toilet. Available colors are bone, colonial white, cotton, cotton white and Sedona beige.

Toto offers a cotton white two-pack so that you can save by getting two Ultramax II’s at the same time. It is a great deal for buyers that want to set up more than one bathroom. The toilet is an elongated one-piece model finished with SanaGloss, Toto’s favorite option to make their products shine even after years of use. It has all of these features, and even incorporates a quieter flush than the original model. This is one of Toto’s best, so go for the Ultramax II if you need a toilet that is great on water usage.

2. Toto Ultramax

TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Toilet

  • Wide 3-Inch fast flush valve
  • Bowl Rim Height 14-5/8-inch
  • Totos SoftClose seat
  • Why we like it: As king of the Ultramax line, this high-profile toilet combines the power of commercial-grade flushing with a very quiet flushing motion.

The original Ultramax, one of the more famous models from the Toto brand. It comes in colors of cotton white, Sedona beige, colonial white and bone. Toto went all out providing an assortment of colors for this model, showing that they can create an attractive design to go along with their one-of-a-kind features. Customization options continue to pour out of this model with the available sizes of elongated, round and size 3.

This is one of the few companies to offer size 3, so don’t expect it to stay in stock long. As king of the Ultramax line, this high-profile toilet combines the power of commercial-grade flushing with a very quiet flushing motion. Flushing waste is a quiet operation that won’t wake guests in thin-walled environments. Not only is the trapway designed heavily with durability in mind, the 3-inch flush valve is also. Rounding out this great package is the strong but efficient 1.6 GPF, making it considerably stronger than its predecessor, the Ultramax II. Buyers that want more power have often commented that the Ultramax series was the best for them, and they are very happy with the purchase.

3. Toto Drake

Toto CST744SG Drake

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake

  • High-profile two-piece elongated
  • G-Max 1.6 GPF flushing system
  • Siphon jet and a large trapway
  • Why we like it: This fast and quiet flushing motion will leave you breathless, since you don’t have to worry about anything coming back up. 

One of the more under-appreciated models from Toto’s lineup is the medium-priced Drake, a two-piece toilet with a very powerful flush. Rolling with the contemporary styling, it sticks to old-school toilet traditions by being a 2-tank system in an industry pushing out 1-tank systems. The ceramic is perfected with the SanaGloss finish, which is, by leaps and bounds, better than its competitors in terms of gloss and smoothness. Each flush will leave your bowl looking clean and crisp, with no streaks or extra waste.

Toto uses the same 3-inch flush valve found in all their top-of-the-line toilets so that flushing not only gets waste out fully on the first push of the lever, it also gets it down faster than the competition. This fast and quiet flushing motion will leave you breathless, since you don’t have to worry about anything coming back up. Drake is a beast, coming in at 103 pounds and measuring 28×19.5×28.5 inches. It is a good healthy size and will be comfortable for most individuals that want to make it their main toilet. Drake proves that two-piece systems are still in style and worth the look for interested users.

4. Toto Washlet with Integrated Toilet

Toto MS970CEMFG#01

  • Dual-Max flushing system
  • Remote control operation
  • 1.28 Gallon Flush or 0.9 Gallon Flush
  • Why we like it: A dual max flushing system lets the toilet choose between a water-saving 0.9 gallon flush and a more powerful 1.28 gallon flush. 

Right on the heels of the Neorest, this high-priced product can be considered 2nd or 3rd best on the list. But that isn’t an insult, as this is one of the best toilets available right now. There are two colors available: cotton and Sedona beige; and they both pop in the right bathrooms. A dual max flushing system lets the toilet choose between a water-saving 0.9 gallon flush and a more powerful 1.28 gallon flush. It is easily one of the most water-efficient toilets you can get, and narrowly beats the Neorest in this area. Included with the toilet are front and rear warm water washing, along with adjustable temperature and pressure controls.

It is a full-featured toilet that gives the customer their money’s worth without cheapening out on the more expensive parts of the toilet. This is why it also includes a remote control with illuminated touchpad and 2-user memory. Both the toilet seat and flushing mechanism function on auto, but that can be overridden by the user. This is a tankless model as well, but it includes an automatic air deodorizer and warm air dryer. Buyers really get a lot to play with in this toilet, so if they are having trouble with the price of the Neorest, then this makes a good 2nd or 3rd option.

5. Toto Supreme

TOTO MS863113#03 Supreme

  • Power Gravity Flushing System
  • Elegant low profile one piece toilet
  • Size: Round
  • Why we like it: The big feature with this toilet is the power gravity flush, a strong fast-flushing system that pulls waste down and refills faster than any other toilet on the list.

As one of the higher-priced toilets on the list, this toilet is available in both elongated and round sizes. The usual assortment of colors from the brand—including cotton white, Sedona beige, colonial white and bone—is available. The big feature with this toilet is the power gravity flush, a strong fast-flushing system that pulls waste down and refills faster than any other toilet on the list. With all of this power, there is barely any noise during the process, and it is incredibly quiet compared to toilets of the same type.

Even with the power of the flushing mechanism, the real hero is the 3-inch flush valve, which is 125% larger than standard 2-inch valves. No clogs will occur in this system, and it can take an incredible amount of waste down at one time. The trapway on this unit is fully formed as well, and is wider than most models in Toto’s own lineup. At 93 pounds, this is a deceptively wide toilet and it has dimensions of 28x17x24. With some of Toto’s best technology wrapped into this product, it is a favorite of customers and of this list.

6. Toto Eco Soiree

TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree

  • Double Cyclone Flushing system
  • Chrome trip lever
  • 1.28Gpf/4.8Lpf
  • Why we like it: Buyers will fall in love with the double-cyclone flushing system, which is one of the most powerful Toto has to offer on the list.

The Eco Soiree is a very interesting high-priced toilet with a lot of great potential in a variety of areas. The first is the area of colors; customers have the choice of colonial white, Sedona beige, cotton white and bone. These are all Toto trademark colors, and they have a very distinct quality about them. Buyers will fall in love with the double-cyclone flushing system, which is one of the most powerful Toto has to offer on the list.

The double-cyclone flushing system is a beast and is set off by the chrome trip-lever, a great compliment to the decorative one-piece skirted design of the Eco Soiree. There are some really good curves that have caught the eye of interested buyers on this toilet, and it is all due to the amount of time the team put into making it look unique from the other available one-piece toilets. A SoftClose seat is included with the purchase. Buyers should bear in mind that this toilet is available only in elongated size. With a product like Eco Soiree on the list, consumers are sure to get a lot of great features to brag about to their friends.

Toto Toilets Buying Guide

Toto is a wildly popular Japanese company that got so big and innovative that it branched out worldwide. Toto were founded in 1917, and currently stand as the biggest toilet manufacturer; even compared to big companies like Kohler toilets, whose toilet division pales in comparison to the size of Toto. The headquarters of the company is in Kitakyusha, Japan; and they invented and patented the washlet. There are several plants worldwide, so if you order from the company it will be a speedy delivery to wherever you are. With the introduction of the washlet (built-in bidet), U.S. customers have shown interest even though bidets are not considered huge stateside.

In essence, many can say that the interest in bidets was singlehandedly ignited by Toto, and the company is singlehandedly keeping the interest alive with some of its products. Toto is known for doing a lot of interesting things with their toilets that other brands refuse to try or are afraid to. This includes adding extra comfort features like nightlights, remote controls and even seat heaters to make the bathroom experience more tolerable. These sometimes quirky additions to their toilets have been met with massive sales, making the company a driving force in the industry. With a lot of showrooms around the world, they are not shy about marketing their products. More likely than not, you will find features in a Toto toilet that have not even been introduced to a competitor’s line.

Toto Product Best Features

Let’s start with the size of the company; having the biggest supplier of toilets at your disposal when needing to call in a warranty is very helpful. Buyers can expect their calls, emails and chats to be replied smoothly and fast without any issues. Toto has one of the best customer support teams in the industry, and their warranties are 1 or 5 years, depending on the product and part. There isn’t a lot of jargon attached to their warranty sheets and so it is easy to read for all customers. 

Because of the great parts used in the first place, warranty usage is low enough that if something does go wrong, customers won’t get the runaround or have to wait for very long. For the skilled DIY resident, working on these toilets will be a breeze, even if the unit is one of their newer electronic types.

The large selection of models by the company means that there is something for everyone. They have a long list of models that they often make newer versions of, so that customers who upgrade their toilets every few years have the option of staying within the same series. Their notable series are Aimes, Aquaia, Carlyle, Carolina, Carusoe, Clayton, Connelly, Dartmouth, Drake, Entrada, Guinevere, Legato, Lloyd, Maris, Neorest, Nexus, Promenade, Rowan, Soiree, Supreme, Ultimate, Ultramax, Vespin, Washlet, Whitney and Willingham. It is the longest list of models for a toilet company in the world, and many of them already have a version II out in the series. Most notable on that list is Neorest which has 4 in its series, namely the 550, 550H, 700H and 750H. This is their most expensive series, and the one they are most famous for. However, in the entire lineup, customers will have a choice of old-school two-piece toilets or new-school one-piece toilets. It’s a varied mix that will keep you busy for hours at a time.

Water Usage

In terms of water usage in Toto toilets, the company is very green and does a good job of balancing out the powerful 1.6 GPF toilets with the better options that suck up a lot less at 0.9 GPF. Whether they include the option with a dual-flush toilet or just let you choose from their extensive lineup, Toto doesn’t play favorites when it comes to flushing power. The fun thing about their 1.28 GPF models is that they are comparable in power to 1.6 GPF models in other brands. This is due to the double-cyclone system that uses both natural power and mechanical power to give any toilet a powerful flushing action. With less chance of the toilet clogging or something coming back up, buyers are attracted to the water-efficient toilets as much as they are to the powerful ones.


Ever heard of a washlet? The originator of this cool little concept is none other than Toto. A washlet is like a mini bidet that is built into the toilet and allows you to further improve your hygiene without having a completely spate bidet. These full-featured toilets even allow you to choose between oscillating or pulsating warm water modes. Some of the advanced toilets on Toto’s list even have built-in dryers to complete the process. This is a feature that can only be found in its mature state on Toto brand models, as any other models attempting to imitate it are getting nowhere near the quality. Once you get used to using washlet features, you’ll never want to go back to a regular toilet. These models are usually in the higher-priced range though, so be prepared to spend a little extra for the luxury of owning one.

Smart Models

A remote control for the toilet seems a bit ludicrous; but on the higher-end automatic models, it is perfect. Whether it is a small handheld controller or a mini tablet-like interface like the THU9018, the functions are easily labeled so that the remote works with you rather than against you. Washlet functions include rear and front cleansing, with varying degrees of pressure and water types. There’s even a rinse cycle to go along with the pulsating and oscillating functions. On models that include a dryer, the one-touch button to dry after using the washlet is a real timesaver. You can do everything you need to do automatically or with the help of the remote control. Users are not forced into using features they aren’t too sure about, so they can always take their time and ease into the many features of the toilet.

Interesting Things About Toto Company

The founder of the company is Kazuchika Oura, who first named the company Toyo Toki K.K. Rich in Japanese culture and history, Toto takes its porcelain toilets a notch above the competition’s quality. Their lineup is so varied and fresh because they try to give customers something special each time, rather than depending on 3-4 flagship products.

 The idea of a washlet was created in 1980, and it has since then matured into the high-end models in Toto’s lineup. There are a lot of copycats in the market, but unfortunately these versions of the washlet leave a lot to be desired. Take great care when purchasing generic washlets, as it is best to just avoid them altogether.

The company made its Toto U.S.A. debut in 1989, after a successful expansion in several close regions. This marks the time that they really took off and became a worldwide phenomenon. The biggest launch for the company was in 1993, when the Neorest toilet was introduced. Although it didn’t do too well in America, it was a huge hit in Japan, and it became the company’s best product. Although American customers are just now coming around to how great the Neorest line is, other companies have since tried to copy the idea, due to the frenzy that surrounded the demand of the toilet. By 2006, over 20 million washlets had been shipped, furthering the dominance of the Toto brand worldwide. Toto is not only a brand leader, but a great example of companies that are top in their industry. In 2010 they introduced the Neorest Hybrid Series that only uses 4.8L per flush. It also served as a proof of concept, as the company announced that they wanted to establish it as a global standard.

Toto Toilets Comparison Chart

ToiletPriceWater ConsumptionCertificationDimensionShapeFinishRating
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II$$$1.28 GPF WaterSense 35 x 33 x 23 inches ElongatedChrome 8/10
TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax$$$1.6 GPFN/A28 x 17 x 28 inches ElongatedN/A8/10
TOTO CST744SG#01 DrakeN/A1.6 GPFN/A28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches ElongatedChrome8/10
TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree$$$1.28 GPF WaterSense 28.1 x 14 x 27.8 inches ElongatedCotton White 8/10
TOTO MS980CMG#01 Neorest 550N/A1 GPF WaterSense 26.5 x 15.3 x 21.4 inches ElongatedCotton White 7/10
TOTO MS864114#01 SupremeN/A1.6 GPFN/A28 x 17 x 24 inches Round Cotton White 8/10


There is a big gap between a company like Toto and the second best, and it is the clear leader in the field. Its innovative approach to toilets is what got it so far in the industry, and it continues to surprise customers and other companies with its bold new creations. There is nothing quite like a Toto toilet, so when you buy from them you’re getting the best deal possible.

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