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Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet Review

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Among the portable toilets on the market, you may be looking for one in between the wide range of possibilities. Some prefer a portable toilet packed with features, while others look for the most simplistic option. Alternatively, there are the options that fall right in the middle like this portable toilet. If you want a portable toilet that is simplistic but also includes some added features, this is a reliable option.

Product Overview

The Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet is an excellent alternative to the most simplistic options of toilets. It offers some added benefits that make sense to some people but doesn’t go overboard on features.

This portable toilet sits at 14.5 inches tall with a 15.5 inches diameter. It keeps its simplicity by staying away from automatic flushing but stays away from pure minimalism by offering features such as a fresh water tank and a waste water tank. This self-contained toilet is perfect for camping, boating, RVing, and other outdoor recreation.

The toilet is made up of a few parts, including a toilet seat, a lid, a fresh water tank, and a waste water tank. Each tank is one piece and made of high-density polyethylene. These tanks are leak-proof and make it easy to use the bathroom off-the-grid while keeping odors nonexistent.

The toilet features a bellow-type flush system. To operate the fresh water flush, push on the accordion-style flushing button to physically push water into the toilet bowl. The water flushes the waste down into the waste water tank and seals back up for a no-smell experience.

When you read RV toilet reviews, this portable toilet works as a great alternative and backup plan for when your RV toilet is unusable. You may need this as a backup toilet or as your main bathroom in the wild. The features make this simplistic style viable for anyone.

Simplistic with added features

Simplicity is what you might want when it comes to portable toilets. It can be a burden to haul around a heavy multi-featured toilet when you can use something like this compact alternative. For those who enjoy minimalistic approaches to on-the-go bathroom usage, this gives you the added benefit of two water tanks.

The 3.2-gallon fresh water tank provides a viable amount of water to flush down enough waste for many uses. The 5-gallon waste holding tank is more than enough for many uses by multiple people.

How to use this portable toilet

Using this toilet is straightforward. For those who are brand new to using portable toilets, here’s how to set up, use, empty, and clean the Century 6210:


Fill the waste holding tank with chemicals or cleaner as well as your choice of deodorizer. Fill the fresh water tank with water and attach the two tanks using the side clips. Test the bellow flush by pushing on the flushing mechanism.


To use this toilet, open the lid and go to the bathroom as you usually would. When you are finished, press down on the accordion-style bellow flush to flush water and waste into the holding tank. You may need to flush more than once to push all the waste into the bottom tank.


To empty the holding tank, unclip the holding tank from the rest of the unit. You can empty the tank into a household toilet, or an approved waste water station.


To clean your holding tank, you can use third-party products in the forms of tabs or liquid that clean waste and debris from the holding tank. Rinse it out with water for continued use.


Simplistic - Although this toilet comes with a fresh water and waste water tank, it remains simplistic and compact.
No batteries required - The bellow flush doesn’t require batteries or additional electricity for power.
Mechanical flush - The bellow flush system is purely mechanical.
Backup toilet use - Use this as a backup toilet for when you need it most.
● No smell - The waste holding tank seals shut after every flush and provides an odor-free environment.


● For minimalists, this toilet is more difficult to clean than other compact portable toilets. Some enjoy a bag system in which they tie up and throw away a bag of waste after use. This toilet requires dumping a whole tank either in a household toilet or approved waste removal dumping station.


Some want pure minimalism while others want as many features as they can find. For those of us that fall in the middle, this is the perfect alternative to each extreme. You have a compact, minimal design that can be moved from place to place with ease. You also have the added features of a waste holding tank and a mechanical flushing system that allows for an odor-free toilet and simple flushing solution. If these are the features you care about, the Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet is the perfect choice.

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