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Convenient Height 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet Review

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If you've ever perused a list of comfort height toilet reviews, you've probably come across this toilet. It's claim to fame is the 20 inch height- that's just the height from the floor to the rim of the bowl, the seat adds another inch.

That makes this a great toilet for the elderly, because it's much easier to sit down on and stand up from. This is true for any tall toilet, but 20 inches is a good bit taller than most comfort height toilets.

Product Overview

In fact, the ADA only requires a height of 17 to 19 inches, and most manufacturers stop at 17. It's not just a matter of convenience either, a taller toilet minimizes the risk of falls. The Convenient Height has a dual flush system, as well, to help you save water.

The average toilet uses five gallons per flush. The Convenient Height toilet uses 1.28 gallons per full flush, and .9 gallons on the light flush. It's easy to imagine how much money and water you'll save with this toilet.

Convenient Height Toilet

  • 20 inch toilet bowl
  • Slow-close seat
  • Dual flush valve 1.28 GP
  • Why we like it: The flush valve creates a powerful siphon, which means minimal sticking on the bowl itself and a clean flush every time. 

Toilet Features

The dual flush system can save you over 25,000 gallons of water each year. That's more money in your pocket each month. In some states, this is enough to earn you a Water Saver rebate. Convenient Height has also made sure that this toilet is compliant with the standards set by the California Energy Commission, so homeowners in California can rest assured that this toilet is an option for them.

At 21 inches tall at the seat, this is actually the tallest toilet made in the US. You won't find any other toilet at this height, since most ADA compliant toilets are a full four inches shorter, and standard toilets are six inches shorter.

There are 8 inches of clearance from the surface of the water in the bowl to the rim of the bowl. That extra space minimizes back splash and keeps everything nice and clean.

The people at Convenient Height have almost over-engineered this toilet. The base has been stabilized and structurally reinforced, and the bowl has been designed with high load bearing capacity in mind.

Everything but the seat is made of high-quality porcelain, and even the sides and back are perfectly finished and glazed.

The plastic seat is a lightweight, slow closing seat paired with a slow closing lid. You can swap the seat out for a heavy-duty version if you think you'll need it.

Some people may also be able to get a tax deduction for buying this toilet; if you're buying it to alleviate a medical condition, it counts as a medical expense for home improvement.

This toilet isn't just for the elderly or mobility impaired, though. Young and healthy people will benefit too, especially if they're tall. In fact, this is a great toilet for taller people, since they often experience the same trouble with low toilets that the elderly do.


● Height (Floor to bowl rim)- 20 Inches
● Height (Floor to seat)- 21 Inches
● Height (overall)- 36 Inches
● Width- 15 Inches
● Depth- 27 Inches


● Tallest toilet in the United States
● 21 Inch height is taller than all other ADA compliant toilets
● Dual flush system saves thousands of gallons of water every year
● Made in the United States
● Structurally reinforced
● Bowl engineered for high load capacity
● Stabilized base
● Slow closing lid
● Possible tax deduction
● 8 Inches of clearance from water surface to bowl rim
● Great for seniors, mobility impaired, or tall people


● Massive size. It would be too big for a smaller bathroom
● More expensive than most toilets


While it can be a bit pricey, this is a great toilet. The dual flush system is incredibly efficient and will save you thousands of gallons of water every year. That's good for the environment and just as good for your wallet.
With a deep bowl providing eight inches of clearance from the surface of the water, you won't have problems with back splashing, and you'll find it easy to keep the toilet clean.

The lightweight, slow closing seat prevents accidents, as well. A heavy-duty seat is available for those who might need it. The biggest selling point, though, is the height. The seat is 21 inches off the ground, and no other toilet comes close to that height.

This is great for anyone who has trouble sitting down or standing up from a standard toilet. You've got a lot less distance to travel if you buy this one. The only real downsides are the price- it fluctuates, but it is definitely more expensive than a standard toilet- and the size. Even though the size is its biggest selling point, it can also be a problem. In a smaller bathroom, this toilet would be unreasonably large. For most people though, it's a great choice.

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