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Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth Toilet Review

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Shopping for a new toilet isn’t the most glamorous thing, but sometimes it’s necessary. And trying to find the right toilet for you and your family is often a thankless job. Because whether you’re replacing a broken toilet or upgrading, you’re going to spend some time sitting on the purchase you made. But if you are looking for one of the best water saving toilets around, this Niagara Stealth 77001WHCO1 is one of the best picks you can make.

Product Overview

The first thing you notice about this toilet is that it has an elongated bowl. Elongated bowls are more comfortable than the standard round bowls simply because of how our bodies are designed. Additionally, because this toilet adheres to the ADA recommendations, the seat height is great for adults.

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth

  • Bowl Shape: Elongated
  • Flush Type: Gravity
  • Gallons Per Flush: 0.8
  • Why we like it: It is easy to install and since it is a two-piece toilet shipping will be much more affordable—although the bowl and the tank may arrive separately.

The seat is about 18-inches high from the floor as opposed to 15-inches for a standard toilet. You might not think that three inches makes a lot of difference when it comes to sitting down on the loo, but it really does. It’s easier to sit down and it is easier to get up as well. That makes this toilet extra great if you need a little extra help getting up and down.

Because this is a Niagara Stealth toilet, it’s also got a really low volume flush. It only uses 0.8 gallons per flush, which is about half of what a regular toilet uses. So if you’re concerned about wasting fresh water or just want to save a few bucks off of your water bill, this is one of the best water saving toilets around.

What are the Benefits of a Low-Flow Toilet?

● This low-flow toilet is going to save you a lot of water even if you flush every time you use it.
● According to the EPA, you can save up to $110 per year by using a low-flow toilet.
● Low flow toilets last a long time. In most cases, they will last up to 30 years because of how they work.
● They add to the resale value of your home. Environmentally conscious homeowners love when they see a low-flow toilet in a property they’re thinking about. And they don’t mind spending a little bit extra for it.

In some cases, if you are remodeling, installing a low flow toilet can get you a tax rebate from your state. In certain cases, you can even get a federal tax deduction as part of an overall energy savings program package.

How Do Low-Flow Gravity Toilets Work?

When you look at this toilet and realize that it uses less than a gallon to carry away everything, you probably wonder how the heck it does it. Well, with this toilet, it uses gravity to help. When you press the button, water drops out of the tank reservoir and clears out whatever is in the bowl.

It might seem crazy that less than a gallon of water can clean the bowl, but it is also the design of the bowl that helps. Even though the top of the bowl is elongated so that you can sit down more comfortably, the bottom has a more tapered shape that allows for a more efficient removal of the stuff you leave in there. Rather than the exit of the bowl being at the back of the toilet, the drain is more towards the center. You can probably imagine how this makes it easier for stuff to be removed.

Another significant feature of the low-flow gravity flush is that the valve that releases the water is larger. So instead of a long trickle of water, you get a large volume of water that comes out in a flood, which washes more effectively.

All of these combine to give you a toilet that works just as well as the toilet you’re used to, but one that only uses less than a gallon of water.


● This is an amazing low-flow toilet that uses 0.8 gallons per flush.
● The ADA-compliant seat is nearly 18-inches off the ground, making sitting and getting up easier for every adult and mobility challenged person.
● Gravity assisted flushing ensures that there’s plenty of power to whisk away waste


● The taller seat may make using this toilet more difficult for children
● People who aren’t used to how a low-flow toilet works may flush more than once, negating the benefits


If you’re looking for a low-flow toilet that performs like a champ and looks good, this Niagara Stealth toilet is a great choice. The comfortable height for adults and the elderly is a great feature and the elongated bowl makes sitting more comfortable as well. This unit even has a soft close feature so you don’t accidentally slam the lid in the middle of the night and wake up everyone in the house. If, however, you aren’t convinced, here are some more toilet ratings that may better suit your needs.

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