Last Updated : November 20, 2020

Ove Decors Smart Toilet Review

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Smart devices are growing in popularity thanks to their potential to simplify your life and make your home feel more modern. Smart toilets, in particular, are becoming more widespread, as they can also help you save water and eliminate the need for toilet paper. For an especially luxurious experience with the added benefit of modest water use, the Ove Decors Smart Toilet is a great high end smart toilet.

Product overview

With its heated seat, warm water bidet, and remote control, this toilet will add a whole new level of luxury to your home. The bidet and air-drying function let you feel fresh and clean without any toilet paper at all. If you haven’t yet tried a bidet, you may be surprised by how much you love it.


  • Requires power outlet
  • Warm water and air wash
  • Water consumption of 4.8 lpf (1.28 gpf)
  • Why we like it: This toilet is incredibly eco-friendly—it has a 1.28 GPF and pretty much ensures that you rarely have to use any toilet paper ever again.

The built-in memory system of this model saves your preferences for the perfectly customized experience every time you go. You can decide how much water pressure, heat, and jet intensity you want. All this can be controlled with the press of a button on the included remote control.

This futuristic toilet also comes with LED lighting - no more stumbling in the dark as you get up for nighttime bathroom trips. All these features are powered by your home’s electricity, so you can just plug the toilet into the wall instead of having to worry about a battery.

The tank uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, which is far less than EPA-recommended limits. Choosing a water-efficient toilet like this one is a great way to reduce your home’s environmental impact and save money on water bills.

Modernize your home in more ways than one

Smart devices are evidence of a growing trend to use technology to streamline everyday life. Like other smart products that make our lives easier and more comfortable, smart toilets such as this one are futuristic and stylish, looking great in a modern bathroom design. It can also help make your home more efficient and eco-friendly.

Standard toilets can use up to five gallons of water with each flush. At only 1.28 gallons per flush, this toilet lets you lower your household water consumption to a fraction of its previous level.

Here are some of the advantages of this water-saving smart toilet:

● You will save money on your monthly utility bills - up to $200 per year!
● Water is a limited resource, so reducing usage makes your house more eco-friendly.
● The bidet and air-drying feature eliminate the need for toilet paper, further saving money and resources.
● The smart controls include an energy-saving mode to minimize electricity consumption between uses.

If you are interested in minimizing your household’s impact and saving money on utilities and paper products over time, a smart toilet such as this one is the way to go.

Toilet features

The sleek, single-piece design of this toilet will modernize the look of just about any bathroom. Keeping a time-tested and popular element of conventional toilets, it has a glossy white finish.

Many of the innovative features are designed with comfort in mind. Here are some of the reasons you will love this toilet more than any you’ve ever had:

● The seat is heated - no more cold ceramic on your skin
● Water for the bidet is temperature-controlled
● A massage wash feature provides extra pampering
● An air-drying jet takes care of excess water

All of these features are optional and adjustable, so you have maximum control over your bathroom experience.

As mentioned earlier, this toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. It also flushes automatically so you don’t even have to remember to press a button.

The tank has a standard 12” rough-in, simplifying the process of replacing standard toilets.

Overall, this toilet is designed to make your bathroom more luxurious than it has ever been, all while saving water, toilet paper, and time.


This model has an elongated bowl and comfortable seat height. It measures:

● 23-⅚” tall
● 16-⅚” wide
● 31-⅓” from the wall to the front of the bowl
● 16″ bowl height


● No more toilet paper - Eliminating the need for toilet paper saves money and protects sensitive septic tanks.
● Designed for the most comfort possible - You can control the temperature of the seat, the bidet, and the air-drying mechanism.
● Low water use - At only 1.28 gallons per flush, it’s especially water-efficient and eco-friendly.
Plugs into the wall - You won’t ever have to replace a battery.


Complicated installation – The installation process can be a bit confusing, so you may be better off hiring a professional instead of attempting to install the toilet yourself.
● Customer service - Some people have had issues with receiving replacement parts and getting help with installation.


For the most luxurious bathroom possible, the Ove Decors Smart Toilet gives you maximum control to customize your experience and save water in the process.

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